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Artiyail Arina段l Harquaeel Angel Habib
Meeting Isma`il u Angel Quroos Angel Mikha段l Prophet {Isa} Jesus
Angel Qasim Provision Azra段l Joseph Tasbih of Yusuf
Prophet Da置d Angel Soha段l Tasbih of the Tyrants Angel Malik
Angel  Salsa段l The Fourth Heaven Prophets Idris The Tasbih of the Prophet Nuh was this
Angel Kalqa段l The Fifth Heaven Prophets Isma段l, Ishaq, Ya智ub, Lut and Harun Samkha段l
The Sixth Heaven Prophet Musa Angel is Afra段l Angel Israfil
Angel Israfil Prophet Abraham Angel Ramadan  

Artiya-il Healing For:

Sadness, grief, depression

The Angel of Consolation

10:62, 64: "Lo! verily the friends of God are those on whom fear cometh not, nor do they grieve... Theirs are good tidings in the life of the world and in the Hereafter."

The angel of consolation follows the angel of tears. When the angel of tears touches someone's heart with his wing, that person begins to weep.

  • One of the great saints, named `Urwa, grew very old and began to pray that God take Him back to Him and place Him among His beloved ones.

  • One day, as he was making such a prayer by the graveside of St. John the Baptist in Damascus, he saw a very handsome young man coming to him, dressed in green and covered with blazing light.

  • The young man smiled at `Urwa and said: "O my father, may God bless you!

  • What prayer are you making?" Urwa told him: "O my son, may God have mercy on you! I am asking for a good end and a quick return to God for a goodly meeting with the loved ones.

  • Who are you, my dear son?" He said: "I am the mercy of your Lord sent to console human beings. My name is Artiya-il and I am an angel.

  • I was created to wipe away the sadness and pain from the breast of those beloved to God." Then the angel disappeared, and `Urwa's sadness was gone with him.

  • One day, the disciples of another great saint went among a certain tribe in Central Asia and weeks passed without them coming back.

  • Their master was meditating one day with a heavy heart, worried that something might have happened to them.

  • A green bird of Paradise came to his window and began to chant with a voice which wiped clean his heart from all sadness:

  • "I am Artiya'il, I am the destroyer of sadness! I am the bringer of good news to the hearts of children and men and women young and old. I bring you news of your beloved ones." Later, the master said: "I knew Artiya'il would come, but I had to despair first!"

Artiya'il is the angel who allows people to return to their normal lives and free themselves from the pangs of depression and anxiety.

  • These diseases of the soul are great tests which God sends to human beings to remind them that they should not run after material things and forget their angelic inheritance.

  • Angels always remember God. If they stopped they would instantly cease to exist.

  • Similarly, human beings need to remember the Creator of all that surrounds them in order to live happily in those surroundings.

  • God ordered the angels to serve those who remember Him and fight those who forget Him.

  • This is not to punish them but to help them and correct them. Babies and children cry when they are given bitter medicine.

  • Grown-ups know their need for the angelic energies of goodness and beauty, and if they choose to ignore such a need, they are reminded of it through the medicine of depression. The latter is the effect of the "shock to the system" of those who forget God, the Creator of goodness and beauty.

The characteristic of an angelic nature is to be able to feed and sleep on the remembrance of God, whereas brute beasts are unable to feed on other than fodder or sleep without giving up their conscience.

  • When human beings do this over a long period of time rust builds up on the heart.

  • Depression settles in and melancholy finds a permanent home.

  • That is why the Prophet said: "Everything has a polish, and the polish of hearts is the remembrance of God."

Depression is a sickness of heart and soul made possible only through heedlessness.

  • A vigilant heart keeps belief and hope and trust posted at its gate as so many guardian angels.

  • It never allows the darkness of depression and doubt to enter.

  • Human hearts are a precious treasure.

  • Many thieves lurk in the surrounding shadows looking to rob and plunder it.

  • However, when the owner of the treasure is a friend of God, the treasure is well guarded.

  • Its guardians are fed and paid with the currency of faith and remembrance.

  • If there is no faith, there are no guardians; if no remembrance, no salary.

  • Without guardians the palace doors lay open to what is unwanted. Thieves will never go to an empty house. That is why the Holy Koran insists that: "We verily did honor all the children of Adam" [17:70]. The explanation of that honor is the treasure which God deposited into the hearts of human beings.

Angels teach those among human beings who are able to connect with them never to be cheated and robbed of the angelic light of their hearts.

Arina段l Heaven from copper and has named it Zaytun

The Third Heaven


典he Lord Almighty created this Heaven from copper and has named it Zaytun. The name of its guardian angel is Arina段l. Its gate is of white pearls and it has a lock of light. When Jibra段l knocked upon the gate, the guardian angel called from within, 糎ho is it requesting entry? Jibra段l answered, 選t is I, Jibra段l. 羨nd who is this with you? asked the keeper of the gate. 選t is Muhammad {s}, replied Jibra段l. Again he asked, 践as he been given prophethood? 塑es, he has, answered Jibra段l. 践as he received summons and invitation? 塑es, he has, replied Jibra段l. Then Arina段l opened the gates, saying, 糎elcome to you, how pleasing a guest! I entered this Heaven and I beheld Arina段l to be a great and majestic angel.

滴e had at his command three hundred thousand angels who engaged in this Tasbih:



Subhanal-mujibi liman da誕hu.

(Praise be to the Giver of all things, the generous Bestower,

Praise to the Opener of All Ways, the All-Knowing,

Praise to Him who answers all prayers.)


的 greeted this angel and he responded with full reverence and gave me news of many and varied blessings and gifts that were to come to me. After that, I went on and came upon a large group of angels ranged in rows and all in the position of Sajda. While bowing thus, they were engaged in this Tasbih:


Subhana-lladhi la mafarra wa la malja誕 minhu illa ilayhi,


(Praised be the Almighty Creator,

Praise be to Him from whom there is no escape and no refuge but in Him; Praised be the Highest of All.)

笛ibra段l then said to me, 禅hey are perpetually engaged in this form of worship. Pray that the Lord grant that also to your nation. Then I prayed to the Lord and He granted to my nation the Sajdah in their prayer. This is the reason why the Sajdah in our prayer is doubled: when I came and saluted them, they raised their heads from their Sajdah to receive my salute, then they again bowed down. Therefore, my nation was obliged to perform the Sajdah  twice in their prayer.

Harquaeel. God has created this Angel to show the greatness of the Throne

The Angels of the Throne

39:75: "And thou (O Muhammad) seest the angels thronging round the Throne, hymning the praises of their Lord. And they are judged aright. And it is said: Praise be to God, the Lord of the Worlds!"

69:17: "And the angels will be on the sides thereof, and eight will uphold the throne of their Lord that day, above them."


  • God has created the divine Throne with light from His light.

  • The greatness of the Throne is such that, besides it, all the seven heavens and the seven earths are like a tiny mustard-seed in the midst of a great desert.

  • When God wanted to show the greatness of the Throne, He created an angel by the name of Harquaeel.

  • This angel has eighteen thousand wings. Delighting in his many wings, this angel was taken by the desire to appraise the size of the divine Throne.

  • God said to that angel: "O Harquaeel, I know that you have an ambition to see the greatness of My divine Throne, so I am granting you another eighteen thousand wings, and allowing you to fly with all your might roundabout My divine Throne.

Harquaeel deployed his wings and flew for three thousand light-years until he grew tired, even though angels do not get tired, and had to rest. Again, the divine command came, saying to him: "Harquaeel, fly on!" A second time, the angel deployed his wings and flew on for another three thousand light-years. Again, he grew tired and had to stop. A third time the command came to him to fly more. And a third time he deployed his wings. He flew on another three thousand light-years until he stopped again, dazed by the great distance which not even his wings allowed him to encompass.

Harquaeel spoke to His Lord:

    - "O my Lord and Creator, tell me how many times now I have circled Your Throne?" The Lord of heavens and earth and all creation answered: "O Harquaeel! you have been flying for nine thousand light-years, but you have not reached even one pillar of the base of the Throne!" Harquaeel felt shame and repented of his desire to measure the greatness of his Lord's creation and to know the extent of His secrets. God then spoke to him and said: "O Harquaeel! if I had ordered you to fly incessantly up until the Day of resurrection, you would still not be able to reach the knowledge of the first pillar of the divine Throne. No-one can know the unknowable except by My favor and My grant."


God has created eight angels to carry the divine Throne. These angels are immensely powerful and awesome.

  • Each has a sevenfold aspect: one face in front, one face in back, one face on the right, one face on the left, one face facing up, one face facing down, and one face at the centerpoint or heart connecting all six faces.

  • This face is the most radiant and powerful. It is the receptacle and source of angelic energy.

  • These seven faces correspond to the seven heavens and the seven earths. { 7 Levels of The Heart}

  • In the court of the Almighty, these angels have been granted immense honor.

  • They are from among the very first angels to be created.

  • The first of the eight angels has a human form

    • and is constantly praying on behalf of the human race, saying:

    • "O Lord! give ample provision to mankind, and look upon them with kindness and favor."

  • The second angel is shaped like a lion, and his prayer is: "O Lord! give their provision to each animal from among the beasts of prey."

  • The third angel is shaped like an ox and he intercedes on behalf of domestic animals and the pasturing beasts. He prays that their provision never be lacking and that they might be at ease.

  • The fourth angel has the form of an eagle and he prays for the benefit of the birds and all winged creatures.

  • The fifth angel is shaped like the sun and his light shines upon the planet earth.

    • He prays for the benefit of the human race, animals, and nature, so that they may enjoy the energy that he is sending.

  • The sixth angel is shaped like a tree whose leaves represent everything which God has created. He prays for all these leaves that they flourish by receiving the nectar of God's praise.

  • The seventh angel has the shape of a constellation. He is the source and the center of all the others. He turns to God and receives His light.

God placed the greatness of the divine Throne on the shoulders of these angels.

  • Their heads are underneath the Throne and their feet reach below the seven earths.

  • Although angels never tire, the burden of the Throne of the Almighty became too heavy for them.

  • They were too weak to bear it. God then inspired them to praise Him in a certain way: "Glory to You, our Lord, and utmost praise! May Your Name be blessed, and Your Might, and Your Power! There is no god other than You." Then the Throne grew light on their shoulders.

  • God has commanded the entire host of angels in the heavens to come forward daily and give their praise to the Throne-bearers.

  • They perform their task of praise in two shifts: one group salutes them in the morning, the other in the evening.

  • God has ordered them to ask forgiveness on behalf of mankind. Their tears are like rivers. From every drop God creates still more angels to praise Him and to ask forgiveness for human beings until the Day of Judgment.

The angels of the Throne always bow their heads. They cannot raise up their eyes lest the light that comes from the Throne annihilate them. When the angel Harqaeel saw the greatness of the Throne and of its carriers, he recited:

    Can any sustain the Almighty?
    A servant may carry body and soul.
    But to carry God's Throne --
    Who can grasp its Reality,
    Its vastness? What eye sees the whole?
    On no other way does eye see and word comprehend
    Except when God says:
    "Above His Throne exists Mercy without end."
    Eight are its pillars,
    Known by non but their Lord.
    Muhammad stands first in order by right,
    Then Ridwan, Malik, Adam columned and bright
    Stand arrayed in rank by his side.

    Over Gabriel, Michael, and Israfil
    Does Abraham preside:

    Eight veiled in darkness
    Envision the sight:
    How the pillars stand hid
    In the might of their height.

Angel Habib 展eeps for the Sinners and Prays for Mercy Upon Them"

Meeting Isma`il  

The Holy Muhammad {s} resumes his narrative:

  • 展hen I entered this heavenly realm, I encountered Isma段l in his impressive aspect, seated upon a throne of light. One hundred thousand angels surrounded him, standing in front, in back, to his right and to his left. Each of these angels had another hundred thousand soldiers at his command.

Isma段l and all those with him engaged in this Tasbih:



Subhana man laysa ka-mithlihi shay段n.

(Praise be to the Highest King; Glory to the High, the Mighty; Glory to Him who is unlike any other.)

  • I then saluted him and he returned my greetings and honored me. After this I beheld another group of angels, who stood in pious reverence in Qiyam, (the standing position of ritual prayer). They all were engaged in this Tasbih:

Subbuhun quddus Rabbuna wa Rabb-al-mala段kati wa-r-ruh

(Praised be He with exalted praise, He who is holier than holy, our Lord and the Lord of the angels.)

  • I beheld a number of angels created from wind and water. The angel appointed as their head and overseer was called Ra誕d (which means thunder). He is responsible for the clouds and the rains.

The Tasbih they were engaged in was this:

Subhana dhil-mulk wal-malakuti

(Praise be to Him in whose Hand lies the entire creation and its dominion.)

  • Habib 擢rom this angel痴 voice issued the sounds of thunder and lightning.

  • In the heavenly sphere there remained not one empty space, angels were cramped even into the smallest corner, prostrating themselves and praising the Lord with manifold praises.

  • But tears were streaming down this angel痴 face, and as he wept, he recited this glorification (Tasbih):

Ya man allafa bayna-th-thalji wa-n-nar, allif bayna qulubi 訴badikal-mu知inin.

(Oh Thou who hast joined the snow and the fire, unite Thou also the hearts of Thy believing servants.)

  • 的 turned to Jibra段l and asked, 糎ho is this angel and wherefore does he weep? Jibra段l u explained, He is an angel, Habib by name. He weeps for the sins of thy nation and prays for mercy and forgiveness on them.

Angel Quroos The Rooster This angel who has the form of a rooster descends to the earthly skies when it is night, and this is his Tasbih

Rooster痴 call 典he Holy Muhammad {s} makes clear to us these pearls of spiritual wisdom when he says, 禅here are three things that Allah Almighty loves and is pleased with: the voice of him who recites the Holy Quran; the sound of the rooster痴 call; the voice of him who prays for forgiveness in the time before the dawn.樗

To continue with the Holy Prophet's {s} narrative:

典his angel who has the form of a rooster descends to the earthly skies when it is night, and this is his Tasbih:



La ilaha ill但llah-al-hayy-al-qayyum.

(Glory to the All-Holy King,

Glory to the Great and Exalted God,

There is no God but Allah, the Ever-Living, Eternally Abiding.)

Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim, La ilaha ill但llah, Muhammadan Rasulullah.

Kullu shay段n halikun illa wajhahu, al-Wahid ul-Qahhar.

(In the Name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the All-Compassionate. There is no God but Allah; Muhammad is Allah痴 Messenger. All must perish save His Divine Countenance, He who is One, the All-Vanquishing.)

鄭t every prayer time, this angel would raise his head and repeat the glorification:

Bismillahil-疎zhim wa bi-hamdihi

(In the Name of Allah, the Mighty and in Praise of Him.)

滴is Tasbih was thus:

Subhanaka, ma a築hama sha地uka.

(Praise be to Thee, how great is Thy Glory!)

Angel Mikha段l

的 entered and beheld the guardian angel of this Heaven, Mikha段l.

There were two hundred thousand angels at his service, each one of whom had another two hundred thousand helpers to assist him. I greeted him and he returned my greetings with reverence. He gave me the joyous news of the many honors and blessings the Almighty was to bestow on me.

典hey were engaged in this Tasbih:

Subhana-llahi kullama sabbaha-llaha musabbihun,

wal-hamdu lillahi kullama hamid-allaha hamidun

wa la ilaha illAllahu kullama hallala-llaha muhallilun

wallahu akbaru kullama kabbara-llaha mukabbirun.

(Glory be to Allah whenever the glorifier glorifies Him;

And praised be He whenever the praiser praises Him;

There is no God but He each time this Tahlil is recited;

And Allah is Greatest each time this Takbir is affirmed.)


They remained always in this position and recited this Tasbih:

Subhanal-warithul-wasi置-lladhi yudrikul-absar;

Subhana-lladhi la tudrikuhul-absar;



(Praised be He, the Heir Universal who sees, the All-Discerning;

Praised be He whom our eyes cannot perceive;

Praised be the Majestic, the All-Knowing.)

撤assing on, we reached the angel Mikha段l who was seated upon a tremendous throne. In front of him was a great set of scales. Each scale of the balance was so great that it might have contained all the heavens and earths. A great many scrolls of paper were stacked in front of him. I went up to him and gave him my Salams. He received my greetings and rose to greet me in return. Then he made this supplication on my behalf: 閃ay Allah increase your powers of sanctity and your bliss, to which I replied, 羨min! He then gave me these joyous tidings, 鮮o nation has ever before received such goodness and munificence as the blessings with which your nation will be favored. Therefore their scales weigh heavier than those of all other nations. Happy is the man who follows you with love, and woe upon the man who turns against you and rebels.

典here were so many angels surrounding Mikha段l that Allah alone can know their number. They all spoke to me and said, We are all subservient to your command, and we constantly recite Salawat upon you.


From twenty-five thousand years before the creation of Adam until this very moment, there has been one particular angel responsible for the delivery of every single drop of rain or snow. For all the growing plants and fruits and crops, there is an angel assigned to every single one of them, and he performs his duty perfectly. Having performed his duty once, he does not repeat his chore again until the Day of Judgment. From this you can gauge the immense number of angels that are created.

典he Tasbih of these angels is this:

Subhana Rabbi kulli mu知inin wa kafirin,

Subhana man tada置 min haybatihi ma fi butunihal-hawamil.

(Glory be to the Lord of every believer and every infidel;

Glory to Him, from awe of whom pregnant women bring forth what is in their wombs.)

典he glorification of the angel Mikha段l is this:


(Glory be to the Highest Lord.)


According to one narration he r is to have said: 的f a person perseveres along his life in reciting this Tasbih, 全ubhana Rabbil-羨la, when his time to die has come, the angel Mikha段l will send the Angel of Mercy to him with a gift. He who is visited in his grave by the Angel of Mercy is made safe from the punishment of the grave.

On account of this vision, the Holy Muhammad {s} included this Tasbih in his Sunna, since Muslims recite this phrase in every Sajda, so that they may ultimately reach to this felicity.

The Holy Muhammad {s} then continued:

After this we reached a luminous green sea where there was a multitude of angels - Allah Almighty alone knows their number and their Tasbih was this:




(Glory be to the Mighty, the All-Powerful;

Glory to the Most Generous of the Generous,

Glory to the Glorious, the Illustrious.)

的 then asked, 糎hat sea is this? and Jibra段l told me, The name of this sea is Bahr-al-Akhdar, the Green Sea. Then Jibra段l recited the Adhan and Iqama, and I led the angels and inhabitants of the sixth Heaven in a prayer of two Rak誕ts. Then we rose up to the Seventh Heaven.

Prophet {Isa} Jesus and John {Yahya}

Prophet Jesus And John They are related to each other, being cousins. I saluted them and they received my Salams with reverence and greeted me, saying, 糎elcome to you, oh righteous Prophet, our righteous brother! Then they gave me tidings of the many Gifts of Grace the Highest and Holiest Lord had in store for me.

典he Tasbih of 選sa Jesus {as} was this:




(Praised be to the All-Compassionate, the All-bounteous;

Praised be the Eternal, Never-Ending;

Praised be He who creates from nothing, then causes to die

and returns to its previous state.)


鄭fter we had passed them, I saw a very great angel who had seventy thousand heads, and on every head there were seventy thousand faces. Every face had seventy thousand mouths and in every mouth there were seventy thousand tongues. Each tongue spoke a different language, which bore no resemblance to the next.

摘ach tongue glorified the Lord as follows:



Subhanallahi wa bi-hamdihi;

Subhanallahil-azhim wa bi-hamdihi,


(Praise be to the Creator, the Glorious;

Praise be to the All-Powerful, All-Knowing;

Praise be to Allah and glorified be He;

Praise be to Allah the Magnificent and glorified be He,

I beseech Allah for forgiveness.)

Angel Qasim

This is the angel who is charged with the distribution of provisions

The Angel of Provision

展ho is this? I asked Jibra段l u, who told me, 禅his is the angel who is charged with the distribution of provisions, and his name is Qasim.

  • He distributes to every single one his daily provision, no one receives more or less than his apportioned lot.樗

According to one narration, he is to have said, 的f a person finds himself in straightened circumstances and in the morning prayer (Fajr) recites one-hundred times the last line of the Tasbih of this angel between the Sunna and the Fard Rak誕ts, then Allah will supply him plentifully and make his provision bounteous. This is the line of this Tasbih:

Subhana-llahi wa bi-hamdihi,

Subhana-llahil-azhim wa bi-hamdihi

wa istaghfirullah.

(Praise be to Allah and glorified be He;

Praise be to Allah the Magnificent and glorified be He,

I beseech Allah for forgiveness.)

Azra段l Angel of Death, his name is Azra段l

Angel of Death, his name is Azra段l

鄭fter passing by this angel, I beheld an even greater, even more wondrous angel who was seated upon a throne of light. He was silent and of morose aspect.

  • The throne he was seated upon had four corners and each corner was supported by seven hundred thousand pillars of gold and of silver.

  • Around him were grouped such multitudes of angels, only the Omnipotent Owner of Might and Bounty, Allah Almighty alone knows their number.

  • To his right angels were ranged row upon row, seventy thousand in all, dazzling in their light.

  • All of them were clad in green and they gave off a lovely scent. Their words, too, were sweet, and their beauty was so great that it was impossible to gaze at them.

To the left were another seventy thousand angels, ranged row upon row.

  • Their aspect was of terrible and sinister portent, their faces were black as night and their speech was rude.

  • Their clothing was ugly and the smells they emitted were noxious. When they began reciting their Tasbih, tongues of fire erupted from their mouths.

  • They held before them fiery clubs and blades, and their eyes were so cruel, no one could stand to look at them for long.

典he angel seated upon the throne was covered with eyes from head to foot, which sparkled as Mars and Venus in the sky.

He also had shimmering wings and in his hand he held sheet of paper, while before him there was a tablet.

  • He gazed incessantly at that tablet and not once lifted his gaze from it. There was also before him a tree, and only Allah can know the number of its leaves.

  • Upon each leaf was written the name of a certain person.

  • Then there stood before him a type of vessel.

  • At times he reached in it with his right hand and drew something out of it, handing it to the luminous and gentle angels to his right.

  • At times he reached for something with his left hand and gave it to the pitch-black angels standing by his left side.

  • As I looked at those dark angels, fear fell upon my heart and I began to tremble. I was seized by a weakness and prostration, and I asked Jibra段l, 糎ho is this? Jibra段l replied,

  • 禅his is the Angel of Death, his name is Azra段l. There is no one who can bear to look at him. It is he who ends all delights, and cuts off from all community. He then went up to him and said, 前h Azra段l, this visitor here is the Prophet of the Last Times , he is the Beloved of Allah, the Lord of Mercy. Speak thou to him!

填pon these words, Azra段l lifted his head and he smiled.

  • Jibra段l approached him and saluted him. I also went up to him and proferred my Salams.

  • He received my greetings and showed me great honor.

  • Then he spoke, 糎elcome to you, oh Muhammad {s}! Allah has created no creature more honored than you, and to no nation has He given greater honor than to your nation. I am gentler and more compassionate towards your nation than to any nation that went before them. In response to these words, I said to Azra段l, 塑ou have gladdened my heart, oh Azra段l, and cleared my mind of fear. Yet there remains one matter on my mind, for I have seen your state to be one of gloom and grief and I wonder wherefore.

鄭zra段l explained to me, 前h Rasulullah {S}, since the time the Lord Almighty has appointed me to my post, I have been living in fear of not being able to discharge my duty and of not being able to fulfill my responsibility. That is why I appear gloomy and depressed. Then I asked him about the vessel he had before him, and he said, 禅hat is the entire world; everything from east to west, from one end of the world to the other is contained in this dish. I dispose of it at will.

鄭gain I asked him, 糎hat is this tablet you are looking at? and he said to me,

  • This is the Lauh al-Mahfuzh, the Preserved Tablet, on which is inscribed the doom of those who are to die within the year. The angels write them down and hand the list to me. That is the Tablet. 羨nd what is this page?

  • I asked. 前n this page is written the exact hour of time when these souls are to be taken away.鋳 And what is this tree? I asked. He said, 選t is the tree of the lives of those living in the world.

  • When a man is born, a leaf unfurls upon that tree upon which his name is written.

  • When his time to die approaches, his leaf begins to yellow and wither and his name appears on the Tablet.

  • I give this leaf to the angels, and they take it and mix it in his food so that he eats it.

  • When he has eaten it, by the leave of Allah he falls ill, and when his time is up, his name is erased from the Tablet.

  • I stretch out my hand and seize his soul, whether he be in the east or in the west of this world.

  • If he is among the blessed, I hand him to the angels on my right, for they are the angels of Mercy.

  • But if he is one of the sinners, I hand him to the angels to my left, for they are the angels of Wrath. May Allah preserve us from the doom of the wretched sinners, Amin.

鄭gain I asked, 践ow many of those angels are there? and Azra段l replied, 選 do not know their number, but whenever I seize a person痴 soul, six hundred angels of Mercy and six hundred angels of Wrath are ready to do their duty.

They wait expectantly to see to which group it will belong. These angels do their duty only once, the same angels never come twice, and so it will be until the Day of Judgment. After this, I asked again, 前h Angel of Death, how do you take the soul of every single individual? He replied, 全ince the time I was created, I have never moved from this spot. Seventy thousand angels are there to serve me, and each one of these has another seventy thousand helpers.

展henever I have to seize a person痴 soul, I give my order to them and they go out and bring the person痴 soul up into his throat. After that, I just stretch out my hand and grasp it from there. I said to him, 糎hat I would wish for is that my nation, which is a weak nation, experience death in a mild and gentle manner. He replied, 腺y Allah, the Lord of Might and Majesty who has made you the Seal of the Prophets, He Almighty addresses me seventy times during one day and night, saying to me, 禅ake the souls of those belonging to Muhammad痴 nation with lightness and ease, and judge their deeds kindly. Therefore, I am given to more compassion towards your nation than to any of those who went before them.

鄭fter this, Jibra段l called the Adhan and Iqama and I led the angels and all inhabitants of the second Heaven in a prayer of two Rak誕ts.

Prophet Joseph {as}

Tasbih of Yusuf

的 then passed on, and I saw Yusuf in all his great beauty. Of all existing beauty, Yusuf was given one half. I gave him my Salams and he returned them with dignity and bade me welcome. He informed me of many miracles to come and he prayed for me.

 滴is Tasbih was this:





(Praised be the Most Bounteous of the Bountiful;

Praised be the Greatest of the Great;

Praised be the Peerless, Unique;

Praised be Eternal, Never-Ending.)

Prophet Da置d and his son Suleiman {as}

 I saw Da置d and his son Sulayman. I greeted them both and they returned my Salams with respect. They gave me great good tidings and said, 善ray in this night that you might be given intercession for your nation and that the Lord grant them security. In this way they counseled me.

泥a`ud痴 Tasbih was this:

Subhana khaliqi-n-nur;{7Veil,Rajab}


(Praised be the Creator of Light;

Praised be He who accepts Repentance

and the Bestower of All Good.).

鉄ulayman痴 Tasbih was this:

Subhana malikil-mulk ,


Subhana man ilayhi tasir-al-umur.

(Praise to the Lord of All Dominions,

Praise to the Compeller, the Imposing;

Praised be to whom all Things must return.)

Angel Soha段l

Tasbih of the Tyrants 5

鄭fter I left them, I came to an angel seated upon a throne. This angel had seventy heads and seventy pairs of wings, each pair spanning all the way from the east to the west. All around him I beheld enormous angels, each of which was extremely tall. These angels were punishing a certain group of sinners, beating them with sticks until they fell apart. Then they became whole again and the angels began beating them again. I asked whom this great angel was who I saw seated upon the throne. Jibra段l told me that he was the angel Soha段l and he told me that those I saw being punished were the unjust tyrants and cruel oppressors from among my nation.

In this way they would be punished until the Day of Judgment.

典heir Tasbih was as follows:

Subhana man huwa fauqal-jabbarin;

Subhanal-musalliti fauqal-musallitin;

Subhanal-muntaqimi mim-man asahu.

(Glory to Him who is above all oppressors;

Glory to Him who attacks all attackers;

Glory to Him who takes revenge on whomever disobeys Him.)

鄭fter this, I beheld a Sea of Fire surrounded on its shores by fierce and terrible angels. 糎hat is this? I asked, and Jibra段l explained to me, This sea is the 全ea of Sa智 (Lighting), and these angels here throw down thundering bolts of fire and lightning from the heavens onto the earth. As it written in this Holy Verse of the Quran:

He looses the thunderbolts, and smites with them whomsoever He will.     

Angel Malik This is the Guardian of Jahannam (Hell)

The Guardian Angel of Hell

鄭fter this I beheld a door, which was made all of camphor wood. Its lower groundsill reached down to the lowest level of the earth, while its upper doorsill reached to just below the Divine Throne. This door was a double door, on which was mounted a lock as great as Heaven and earth together. I asked in amazement, 糎hat is this door? and Jibra段l answered me, The name of this door is 腺ab al-Aman, the Door of Safety.


I asked why it was so called and Jibra段l told me, 禅he Lord Almighty created Hell and filled it with various torments. There came a breath out of Hell, and all the creatures on earth and in the heavens appealed to the Lord for help and protection. Then, the Lord of All Majesty created this door between Hell and the rest of all creation, so that all the creatures of the seven heavens and earths will find safety from it. Therefore, the name of this door is the Door of Safety.

的 then asked to see what was behind that door and asked for it to be opened, but Jibra段l u said, 腺ehind this door you will find Hell, is that really what you want to see? 塑es, indeed, I wish to see it, I said. Thereupon a Divine Command was heard, saying, Oh My Beloved, upon a sign of your finger, this door will open.


的 then signaled with my hand and the door opened. I looked beyond it and this is what I saw:

  • a great Minbar of iron, which had six hundred thousand pedestals.

  • Upon it sat a great and terrible angel created from fire.

  • He was busy twisting ropes of fire, making shackles and fetters of fire. His face was awesome and frightful to behold.

  • His hand was powerful and his anger was plain to see.

滴is head was bowed forward and he recited this Tasbih:

Subhana-lladhi la yajuru wa huwal-malik-al-jabbar;

Subhanal-muntaqimu min 疎da段hi,

Subhanal-mu稚i li-man yasha誕,

Subhana man laysa ka-mithlihi shay置n.

(Praised be He who commits not injustice

and He is the Almighty, Omnipotent King;

Glory to Him who triumphs in revenge over His foes,

Praised be He who bestows on whomever He wilt;

Glory to Him who is unlike anything.)


擢lames leapt from his mouth as high as mountains, and from his nose darted flares of fire. This angel was exceedingly angry and full of rage, and his eyes, each one of which was as great as the whole world, blazed with fury. As I beheld this angel in all his awesome aspect, I felt afraid. Were it not for the grace and generous support from the Lord Almighty, I would have perished from fear. I asked Jibra段l, 糎ho is this, the sight of whom makes me tremble? Jibra段l told me, 腺e unafraid, for there is nothing there for you to fear.


This is the Guardian of Jahannam (Hell) and his name is Malik. Allah Almighty has created him from His Wrath and since the day of his creation, he has never smiled yet.


His fury increases with every passing moment. Go up to him now and salute him. Thereupon, I went up and gave him my Salams, but he was so engrossed in what he was doing that he lifted not even his head. Jibra段l passed in front of him and spoke to him, 前h Malik, he who has just given you Salams is the Prophet of Allah, Muhammad {s}.

笛ibra段l thus introduced me, and when he heard my name, this terrible angel rose to his feet and honored me with many compliments and respectful greetings, after which he spoke, saying to me, 前h Muhammad {s}, good tidings to you!

For the Lord has vouchsafed to you many miraculous doings; and He is pleased with you: He has forbidden your body to the fires of Hell. From love and respect for you, He has also forbidden the fires to touch those who follow you. He has ordered me to treat the disobedient from among your nation with mildness and restraint.

Other Guardians of Hell

Apart from Malik, there are eighteen other guardians of Hell, nineteen in all.

Each one of these angels of Hell commands a division of demons (Zabaniya) whose number is known to Allah alone. It is related that Allah described these angels to His Muhammad {s} in the revelation of the verse:


When the Holy Muhammad {s} received this revelation, concerning the nineteen guardians of Hell, he became distressed on account of his nation, and pleaded for them to be spared.

  • The Lord then addressed him, saying, 的 have included in this Book (the Holy Quran) nineteen letters for your nation, oh Muhammad {s};

  • if your nation persists in constant recital and application of the words (comprising those letters), I will make them safe from the nineteen Guardians of Hell and their army of assistant demons.

  • 展hat is this word of nineteen letters? asked Muhammad {s}. 的t is the phrase: Bismillahi-r-rahmani-r-rahim, spoke the Lord.

May the Lord Almighty spare us all and reprieve us on the Day of Judgment from the punishment of Hell for the sake of His Beloved Prophet Abul-Qasim Muhammad {s}! Amin.

The Holy Muhammad {s} continued:

典he Guardian of Hell closed the hole to Hell and Jibra段l called the Adhan for prayer. I led the prayer as Imam and all the angels and inhabitants of the third Heaven prayed two Rak誕ts behind me. After this we proceeded to the Fourth Heaven.

Angel  Salsa段l Fourth Heaven is created of raw silver

The Fourth Heaven

The Seal of Prophethood r narrates, regarding his journey to the Fourth Heaven:

典he Fourth Heaven is created of raw silver or, according to a different narration, from white pearl. The name of this Heaven is Zahir.

Its gate was of Light and the lock to the gate was of Light and written upon it were the words, 銑a ilaha illAllah, Muhammadan Rasulullah.

The angel guarding the gate to this Heaven was the angel Salsa段l.

After we had knocked on the gate and had answered the same questions as before, we were admitted and the gates were opened to us. I beheld the angel in charge, Salsa段l. He was responsible for all that happened here. Under his command were four hundred thousand angels, and each one of these angels commanded another four hundred thousand angelic lieutenants.

典hese angels praised the Lord in the following words:

Subhana khaliq-iz-zulumati wa-n-nur,

Subhana khaliq-ish-shamsi wal-qamar-il-munir,


(Praise be to the Creator of darkness and light,

Praise be to the Creator of the sun and the shining moon;

Praise be to the Highest of the High.)

鄭mong these angels I noticed a special group; some of them stood in Qiyam, some were prostrated in Sajda, their gaze unswerving from the place of their prostration, so rapt were they in devotion. Another party of those in Sajda were so entranced that they remained gazing at their noses.

The Tasbih of these three groups of angels was this: 


Subbuhun quddus, Rabbun-ar-Rahman-ar-Rahim illadhi la ilaha illa huwa.

(Glorified be our Lord, the All-Holy, the All-Compassionate,

The All-Merciful, besides whom there is no other god.)


的 then asked Jibra段l, 的s this their form of worship? Jibra段l replied, 薦ver since they were created, they have remained in this pose of humility. Make supplication for your nation that they, too, might be given this form of worship. I prayed and asked this for my nation, and my nation, too, was given this attitude of humility during their prayer.

Prophets Idris and Nuh

典hen I met the Prophets Idris and Nuh. I gave them Salams and they replied reverentially, saying, 賎reetings to you, oh righteous brother, oh righteous Prophet of Allah and they gave me glad tidings of many good things to come.

This was the Tasbih of Idris: 



Subhana qabzil-jabbarin,

Subhana-lladhi 疎la fa la yablughu 爽luwwahu ahad.

(Glorified be He who answers those who ask of Him,

Praised be He who constrains the tyrants,

Praised be He whose lofty height none can reach but He.)

The Tasbih of the Prophet Nuh was this  





(Glory be to God, the Living and Gentle,

Glory to God, the True and Munificent,

Glory to God, the Powerful and Wise.)


Mansions of Maryam, Buhayyid and Asiya  

典hereafter, I saw Maryam, the mother of 選sa, and the mother of Musa, Buhayyid, and the wife of Fir awn, Asiya may Allah be well pleased with them.

They all came to greet me. Maryam, the mother of 選sa, had seventy thousand mansions, all made of white pearls. The mother of Musa had seventy thousand mansions all made of green emeralds. Finally, Asiya had seventy thousand mansions made of red corals.


鄭fter this, I came to a great sea, the water of which was white with snow. 糎hat sea is this? I asked. Jibra段l told me, 禅his sea is called the 全ea of Snow.

After we had passed by there, we came to the sun.

According to one narration, the size of the sun was one hundred and sixty times the size of the earth. According to Ibn 羨bbas, the sun is as great as a distance of seventy years wayfaring.

After Allah Almighty had created the Sun, He created a boat of pure gold in which He placed a throne of red ruby. This throne stands on three hundred and sixty legs and an angel holds on to each one of them. In this way they place the Sun in this boat and every day three hundred and sixty angels guide {360 Degrees} the sun-boat from east to west, and every night they guide it back from west to east. Then these angels engage in worship and the following day, another three hundred sixty angels come and perform this duty, and so it will go on until the Day of Resurrection. Every group of angels will only perform this duty once.

In the Holy Quran this verse refers to the movement of the sun:

And the sun, it runs to a fixed resting-place; that is the ordaining of the All-Mighty, All-Knowing.                 (Ya Sin, 38)


The learned commentators, may Allah have Mercy on them, have said that the sun comes to rest beneath the Divine Throne. The angels take the sun to its place beneath the Throne every night where it bows and prostrates itself before the Almighty Lord. Thus it will continue until the Day of Judgment is nigh. Then a Divine Command will be heard, 鏑et the Sun stop in the west, and let it rise from there! (A detailed interpretation of this vision is given in the work entitled 羨ra段s-i-Salabi.)

The Prophet痴 r narration continues:

典hereafter, Jibra段l intoned the Adhan and Iqama, and I led all the angels and inhabitants of the fourth Heaven in a prayer of two Rak誕ts. Then we proceeded to ascend to the Fifth Heaven.

Angel Kalqa段l Heaven from red gold and its name is Safiya.

The Fifth Heaven

The Beloved of Allah narrates details of his visit to the Fifth Heaven:

Allah Almighty created this Heaven from red gold and its name is Safiya.

The keeper of the gate is called Kalqa段l.

As before, we requested entry at its gates. After a set exchange of certain questions and answers, the gates opened and we entered. Upon entering, I beheld the guardian of this Heaven seated upon a throne of light. I greeted him, and he returned my Salams with much respectfulness. Five hundred thousand angels are at his service, and each one of these has another five hundred thousand attendants at his disposal. They are constantly engaged in glorification of the Lord, and their Tasbih is this:

Quddusun quddus Rabb-al-arbab,

Subhana Rabbinal-疎lal-疎zham,

Quddusun Rabb-al-malaikati wa-r-ruh

(Holy, Holy, the Lord of All Lords!

Glory to our Lord, the Lofty, the Majestic!

All-Holy the Lord of the angels and the spirit.)


滴aving passed by these angels, I came upon another flock, and Allah alone knows their number. These were seated in an attitude of perfect devotion in the posture of Qa壇a, never raising their gaze from their knees as they recited this Tasbih:

Subhana Dhil-fadhlil-akbar

Subhanal-疎dl illadhi la yajur.

(Praise be to the Possessor of Greatest Grace.

Praise be to the Perfectly Just One who wrongs none.)

的 turned to Jibra段l and asked, 選s that their form of worship? He replied, 塑es, since the day they were created, they have busied themselves with their devotion. Entreat your Lord that He might grant your nation this form of worship as well. I prayed for this and the Qa壇a (kneeling position) was thus included in our ritual prayer.

Prophets Isma段l, Ishaq, Ya智ub, Lut and Harun

Prophets Isma段l, Ishaq, Ya智ub, Lut and Harun  

展e passed on and met the Prophets Isma段l, Ishaq, Ya智ub, Lut and Harun. I gave them my greetings and they replied, 糎elcome to you, oh righteous son, our upright brother and truthful Prophet! They greeted me with full honors and gave good tidings of great good things to be.

典heir glorification was the following:

Subhana man la yasiful-wasifuna 疎zhmatahu wa muntahahu

Subhana man hada誕t lahu-r-riqab wa dhallat lahu-s-sifaq.

(Glory to Him before the Extremity of whose Majesty all attempts

at description must pale,

Glory to Him before whom princes bow their heads and the

brazen are humbled).

滴aving passed by, we came to a sea the expanse of which is known to Allah Almighty alone, none but He can say aught about it. I asked, 糎hat is this sea? Jibra段l answered, 禅his sea is called the Bahru-n-Niqam, the Sea of Vengeance. From here descended the waters of the flood of Nuh.

展e passed on and Jibra段l called the Adhan and the Iqama, and I led all the inhabitants and angels of the fifth Heaven in a prayer of two Rak誕ts. After this we ascended to the Sixth Heaven.

 Angel Samkha段l this Heaven from a yellow gem and has called it Khalisa.

The Sixth Heaven 

鄭llah Almighty has created this Heaven from a yellow gem and has called it Khalisa. Its guardian is Samkha段l. We came to its gates and requested their opening; the customary question and answering took place and the gates opened for us. As we entered, I beheld the angel Samkha段l.


He had six hundred thousand angels at his command, and each of these had another six hundred thousand helpers under him. All were engaged in glorification of the Lord, chanting these words:

Subhanal-Karim, subhana-n-Nur-al-mubin,

Subhana-lladhi huwa ilahu man fi-s-samawati wa ilahu man fil-ard.

(Glory be to the Munificent, Glory to the Unmistakable Light,

Glory to Him who is God of all that is in the heavens and on the earth.)

I greeted the angel Samkha段l and he returned my greetings with full appreciation and ceremony. Then he made this supplication: 閃ay the Almighty bless your good works, your works of sanctity and the light within your heart! to which I rejoined, 羨min!

Prophet Musa

典hen we passed on until we came upon a group of angels who are called the Cherubim (Karubiyun). Only Allah knows their number. Their chief is a great angel who is given seventy thousand angels in attendance. Each of these helpers had another seventy thousand angels to serve him. With loud voices, they are continuously chanting Tasbih and Tahlil. Passing by them, I met my brother, the Prophet Musa. I greeted him and he rose in response and kissed me between the eyes. Then he spoke and said, 善raise be to Allah who has sent you and shown you to me. The Lord has given me tidings of the great miracles about to be performed. Tonight, you are to be honored by meeting and conversing with the Lord of the Universe. However, do not forget your weak nation. Whatever bliss you are granted, also seek it for your nation. Should anything be made obligatory on them, ask for it to be reduced to a minimum.

典he glorification of Musa was this:

Subhanal-Hadi man yasha置.

Subhanal-Mudillu man yasha置;


(Glory be to Him who leads to righteousness whomsoever He will;

Glory to Him who leads astray whom He will;

Glory to the All-Forgiving, the All-Merciful.)

Angel is Afra段l

7th Heaven is Ghariba 

The Seventh Heaven

Our beloved Prophet continued the narration of his visit to the Seventh Heaven:

鄭llah Almighty has it created from Light. Its name is Ghariba and the name of its guardian angel is Afra段l.

Jibra段l requested entry at the keeper of the gates as he had done before, and after a succession of questions and answers, the gates swung open and we were admitted. I beheld Afra段l and the seven hundred thousand angels under his command. Each one of these had in turn seven hundred thousand helpers, and their glorification was this:

Subhana-lladhi sataha-s-samawati wa rafa誕ha,

Subhana-lladhi basatal-arda wa farashaha,

Subhana-lladhi atla誕l-kawakiba wa azharaha,

Subhana-lladhi arsal-jibala wa haya檀a.

(Glory be to Him who has fashioned the skies as a roof and raised them aloft;

Glory to Him who has flattened the earth and fitted it accordingly;

Glory to Him who brought forth the stars and made them to be adornments;

Glory to Him who has set up the mountains and fixed them in their places.)

的 greeted Afra段l and he received my greetings with pleasure. He gave me glad tidings of many spiritual gifts of grace and much reward for accepted good works.

鄭bove the gate to this Heaven were written these words:

  • La ilaha ill-Allah, Muhammad-ur-Rasulullah, wa Abu Bakr as-Siddiq.

  • There I beheld an angel whose head was at a level with the Throne, while his feet were placed firmly on the earth.

  • He was so great that he might have swallowed up all the seven layers of Heaven with one gulp, had Allah Almighty permitted him to do so. The Tasbih of this tremendous angel was this:

Subhanal-muhtajibi bi jalalihi,

Subhanal-musawwiri fil-arhami ma yasha置.

(Glory be to Him who is veiled by His Majesty,

Glory be to Him who forms in the womb whatever He wills.)


典hen I saw an angel with seven hundred thousand heads, and each of these heads bore seven hundred thousand faces. On every single face there were seven hundred thousand mouths, and in every single mouth there were seven hundred thousand tongues and with each tongue he speaks seven hundred thousand different languages. This angel also has seven hundred thousand wings. Every day, this angel plunges seven hundred times into the Ocean of Light, which is in Paradise, and each time he comes up out of the water, he shakes himself. From every drop of light that flies off him, the Almighty creates an angel, which glorifies the Lord as follows:

Subhanaka ma 疎zhama sha地uka,

Subhanaka ma 誕zhama makanuka,

Subhanaka sayyidi ma arhamaka bi khalqika.

(Be Thou glorified, how immense is Thy dignity!

Glory be to Thee, how high is Thy station!

Glory to Thee, my Lord, how great Thy Mercy on Thine creation!)

Angel Israfil

鄭fter passing by this one, I beheld another angel, seated upon a throne. His head was beneath the Divine Throne, and his feet reached to the bottom of the earth. He was so great, that he could have swallowed up the world and what is within it in a single gulp. The tip of one of his wings touched the west, whereas the other touched to the east. Seven hundred thousand angels were at his service, and each one of these commanded another seven hundred thousand angels. 糎ho is this? I asked the angel Jibra段l. 禅his is Israfil, he told me. I went up to him and gave him Salams and he received them well and gave me great good tidings. His Tasbih was this:


Subhanal-muhtajibi 疎n khalqihi,

Subhana Rabbina wa ta誕la.

(Glory be to Him, the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing,

Glory be to Him who is veiled from His Creation,

Glorified and exalted be He, our Lord Almighty.)

Prophet Abraham

鄭fter this, I came upon a person all drowned in Light. He was seated upon a throne in an attitude of awesome dignity, and before him was a multitude of little children. I asked Jibra段l who was this person of such light, majesty and awe, and who were all the children with him.

The angel answered me, This is your great grandfather Ibrahim.


He loves you and the entire nation that believes in you. He once prayed to the Lord of the Worlds that he might be of service to your nation, and the Lord heard his supplication. He gave him all these little children who are the little boys and girls from your nation who die before reaching adulthood. Allah Almighty has entrusted Ibrahim with their upbringing and education. Until the Day of Judgment, he will be instructing them in proper behavior and training their minds in the useful sciences.


After having perfected their schooling, on the Day of Gathering he will lead them forth and bring them to the site of Resurrection. There, before the Lord痴 Holy Presence, he will entreat Him with these words: 前h my Lord, here are the youngsters of the nation of Your Beloved Muhammad Z who died before reaching the age of maturity. According to Your order and command, I have taught and trained them in all useful branches of knowledge, and brought them before Thy Majestic Throne. Thine is all kindness, favor and grace.

鄭t this invocation, the Almighty Lord will reply with the full glory of His Majesty, 前h children, go and enter the Gardens of Paradise.

  • Thereupon, these children will reply, 前h our Lord, by Thy Grace and Thy Munificence, let our parents go with us!

  • The Almighty Lord will again direct His Divine Speech at them, and say,

  • 塑ou have nothing to answer for, go and enter into Paradise forthwith; as for your parents, they are accountable and there are things they have to answer for.

  • Again, these children entreat the Lord, 船uring their lives in the material world, we caused them sorrow through our absence;

  • now, by the vastness of Thine Mercy which floods the universal expanse, let us be the cause of happiness for them.

  • Upon this plea, the All-Merciful and Beneficent Lord accepts the children痴 supplications and addresses them, saying, 賎o then and take from the wine of the spring of Kawthar and give your parents to drink therefrom.

典hereafter, Jibra段l turned to me and said, 賎o ahead and give Salams to Ibrahim. I stepped forth and greeted him, whereupon he honored me and received me well. Then he spoke to me, saying, 糎elcome to you, oh virtuous son and righteous Prophet! Tonight you are to be honored in that you will witness the splendor of the Lord of the Universe, and you will be admitted to behold all manner of sacred displays. As for your nation, it is the last of all nations and it will be a very weak nation, so do not neglect to intercede with your Lord on their behalf.


鄭nd he continued, 前h Muhammad {s}! Give Salams to your nation from me and convey to them my advice: the World (dunya) is of a passing nature and rapid in its decline. In the eyes of the Eternal Lord it is but base and contemptible matter. He attributes to it not even the value of a fly痴 wing. Tell them not to waste their lives in the pursuit of its vain beauties, its pomp and palaces; not to be deceived by its many and varied tastes, by promises of grandeur and large followings. For it is the world to come, which is lasting, and eternal. Therefore, let them busy themselves in following the pure ways of the Shari誕 (Divine Law) by night and by day, and the guidance contained in your Sunna (practice of the Prophet {S}) and thereby gain the good pleasure of the Almighty Lord. The Gardens of Paradise are vast, so let them plant there many, many trees.

的 asked him then, 践ow does one plant a tree in the Jannah? He replied, Through the recital of this Tasbih:

Subhanallahi wal-hamdu-lillahi

wa la ilaha ill-Allahu wallahu akbar,

wa la hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil-aliyyil-azhim.{ Salatul Tasbih}

(Glory be to Allah and Praise;

None is worthy of worship but Allah alone, and Allah is Most Great!

There is no Might and no Power save with Allah, the Exalted, Majestic.)

Tell them to recite this Du誕 (prayer), for each time they recite it, a tree is planted in Paradise.

典hen Jibra段l called the Adhan to prayer and made Iqama; I then led the angels and inhabitants of the seventh Heaven in a prayer of two Rak誕ts, then we ascended to the Bayt-al-Ma知ur.

Angel Ramadan the Blessed

This angel engaged in exaltation of the Lord, placing one hand upon his head and one hand behind his back. The beauty of his voice was such that it caused a commotion at the Divine Throne itself. I asked Jibra段l to tell me who that angel was and he said, 禅he Lord Almighty created this angel two thousand years before He created Adam. I then asked where he had been all this time and where was his place of dwelling. Jibra段l replied, 選n Paradise there is a place to the right of the Divine Throne, that is the abode of this angel. From there he was brought here.

Ramadan, the Blessed 

的 went up to him and greeted him and he rose in answer to my Salams. Then he spread his wings, and all the heavens and the Earth were covered by their expanse. He then kissed my face and said, 賎ood tidings to you, and to your nation!

  • The Lord Almighty has decreed that your nation might have a singularly blessed month so that He might forgive them their sins.

  • This holy month is the month of Ramadan and it is meant as a gift for you and your nation.

  • For its sake your nation will find forgiveness. I have been sent here this very night to announce to you this great gladness.

Sayedena Gabriel

Angel Ijabirun

Rihu Sibha

Angel Kitam

Kiram Qatebeen

Angel of Revelation and Anointing More to Come.....