Surat an-Naba

Secrets of The Heart 

1-7 , 8-9, 10-13


Surat an-Naba, verses 8-9

By Mawlana Shaykh Kabbani


We arrived to verse seven and explained it “ and the mountains as pegs”. With this session we will continue “and have we not created you in pairs?”

They were disputing with the Holy Prophet. Allah is asking, “Why are they disputing on the great news” meaning the Resurrection. And Allah showed why they saw it so great, and Allah then gives examples, saying “did we not stretch the earth flat that they can live on, and stabilized by means of mountains?”

Now He says, “Did we not create you in pairs?” Allah swt is telling them, “everything I created is a great news.

  • Have we not create you in pairs?” {Secrets of Fusion}

  • This means, “Everything I made in this life balances the other.

  • Everything you imagine, if this is black, that is white – that is a pair.

  • Everything must be balanced in pairs. If we have evil, we have good, that is a pair.

  • Allah is the Best Creator, he is the creator and the best judge. He created everything with wisdom and balance. We created you in pairs, men and women.

  • Man without woman cannot live, woman without man cannot live.

  • That is in the human race. In animals female and male. Without female male does not live, and vice. We find trees that mate when the wind blows they mate, or are pollinated, fertilized, within itself, having male and female within itself. And it does not bring fruit, we say it is a wild tree. What do they do to it if does not produce. They graft the branch of another on it. Why – to make them pairs, to join them.

  • That joining with each other, brings that secret of life. Without joining, it is against, it is different from the standard way of life. And that is why the

  • creation of Sayyidina `Isa (as) is a miracle and

  • the creation of Sayyidina Adam is a miracle.

  • Anyone else was created by means of pairs.

Look at moon and sun. If there were no sun, no light and if there were no moon, there would be no hisab, no means of counting the months. It shows the beginning of the month and its end. Two things are shining in the sky – the moon and the sky, completing each other.

Human beings, without spiritual balance to the physical body you cannot live. It is a union between two different elements, the body and the spirit/soul. Everything Allah is giving us, He is saying “I created in pairs.”

Like rich and poor. Like health and disease. Like knowledge an ignorance. Strength and weakness. Male and female. Tall and short. With his wisdom Allah has made everything in pairs.

Even the atom – you have the electron negative, and the proton positive and they are equal, balancing each other in the atom. 6 electrons, 6 protons. 100 neg. 100 pos.

So it must be that everything is in pairs.

He gave you mind and he gave you heart.  Mind and body for dunya and heart for Akhira.

Allah is saying “Is not that creation in pairs enough of a sign for you to understand My greatness?” I made everything male and female.

If you think a little bit, a tiny bit, about how Allah designed male and female, in his power of kun fayakoon. How they come together to bring generations. That mechanism is beyond imagination.

They speak of scientific discovery, what scientific discovery? Stem cells. What they invented the dynamite? They are using what is there. Can they bring a non-living stem cell and give it life. They are using what exists. And they are still using it and they have to plant it and place it where it is necessary in order to grow (the womb).

They say about the moon, that there is no living species on the moon. Why? Because it is too cold .no one can live on the moon, no one live on mars. Who told them? Who told them no one can live on the moon. If they cannot see, then they are stupid. Who told them there is no one inside the moon? How do we know there is not life inside the moon? Why do we have to believe them.

Look at DNA . Can they see it with their eyes? It might be Allah put something on the moon living thing, that they cannot see.

Now they are making experiments, now they find that one DNA  can take the information of 1 million books. And that DNA  is a complete plan of your entire lifetime. from the time of your creation in your mother’s womb until you die. How much you will earth, speak, walk work. Every action you will ever do in your life is written there. Like a blueprint.

They say if the temp. too low you die. Whey you dies? How are they preserving these stem cells and embryos? At –30 C. why then Allah will not create creation on the moon an they are living. They pull it out of the freezer and fertilize the egg,  and it comes living. Who gave them that knowledge. They say Allah cannot do it but they can do it

If they cannot see the stem cell wit their eyes, and hey say in the moon or in mars on mars there is no life? They cannot see what is between their hands, yet they want to say there is nothing on mars or the moon.

Ok Allah created in pairs. Let them create from nothing a living thing. Let them sit an blow and say we create man & woman. Still they are working with what Allah gave them. They cannot go beyond.  If Allah opened for them some discoveries, it is only what He gave them. Not that they can create a human being – Allah will destroy them.

“And made your sleep for rest.”

  • – We gave you that. As the body needs rest, so does the spirit need rest. Allah gave the body and the whole system to rest.

  • Allah gave you to need that power to relax yourself.

  • If that is necessary for the body, what do you think is necessary for the spirit. Everything in balances. Rich poor, healthy sick, good evil. Everything in pairs. Therefore if there is relax for the body, there is relaxing for the spirit.  Relaxing for the body is to go like in death.

Allah said, “an made your sleep for rest.” And according to the Prophet” when you sleep Allah takes the soul from the body,you become like a dead person.

  • So what I the rest of the soul. Allah said to make the soul rest, one must sleep on ablution. Pray two rak`ats and sleep.

  • When you sleep your soul will go out.

  • If no wudu should stays between heaven and earth. For non-believer stays in darkness. For believer on wudu it will go and prostrate under the throne, and it will be blessed to swim in the ocean of dhikrullah.

  • Allah will bless it and bestow his grace o n it. In full submission and prostration.

That is why sleep is important. The soul is there in full `ibadat. It will be written for you full `ibada. If not on wudu you don’t know where your soul will go.

That is why Allah is saying made the sleep for rest.

That dead person is like a  sleeping person.

  • When in deep sleep you feel nothing around your.

  • So take an example from what Allah gave at night. If Allah does not send back your should, then you are finished, you stay there.

When you are ready to sleep, you say, “o Rabbi I am going between your hands, if you send it back I am happy and if not,…” remember there is akhira. If Allah prevents you from going to your body, your cars are gone, your wealth is gone, your wife is gone to someone else, after you, your stocks are gone, … so do for your akhira as if you are dying tomorrow. Or else you will be lost.

“We have made your sleep for rest”. Subata

  • is a complete disconnection from any action that you do in dunya.

  • And it is coming from as-sabti, means something cut. Disconnected, maqtu`.

  • You cannot do anything, prohibited. You are under orders of Allah, relaxing.

  • That is why sabt, the six days of the week, which the Jews call the Sabbath it is the day in which there is no work. Wa ja`alna nawmakum subatan.”

At that time you are disconnected, cannot do any work. You are between the hands of Allah swt.

Why is it called subata, or Sabbath for the Jews.

  • Allah create heavens and earth from Sunday to Friday and on Saturday everything was completed, nothing was done.

  • Allah created everything in six days and Allah knows what they are those six days.

  • He created everything in six days, that big bang, “kun fayakoon.”  It was created in its place.

They say there was a big bang, . They say a big bang an explosion of enormous proportion, took place at “zero moment” Zero is still a number. You say zero dollar means you don’t have a dollar but it is still describing something. You say zero dollar but it is a figure showing nonexistence of something.

So what was before zero and how did it happen form no-zero to zero. What happened in that time frame?

From zero to big-bang it blew up. If you bring a bomb and you throw it and it explodes, what happens? Everything shatters. This shattering when that big bang happened, it shattered in a vacuum. When something happens in a vacuum, as when they go to the moon or go in a space shuttle. When you see them go up, they float, they fly. Whey – no gravity. So there is no gravity.

When that big bang happened in a vacuum where there is no gravity, so everything was spreading. But we don’t see it spreading, it stopped. The sun is in its place, the moon is in its place, the stars are fixed. So why did it stop?

Like an atomic reaction – does it stop? It is going to go with it full force forward. The only thing to stop is another counter force. It has to be exactly equal at the right moment and in the right time and right strength or it will stop every particle that was shattered in that big bang. The probability to happen that way is so low that no one can imagine it. To stop the power of that big bang at the right time, right environment, to coincide with the force that came from before – that to happen is impossible.

Who stopped that? Who made it to stop. The exact equal force at the right time and the right environment stopped everything.

[everything is moving but in one direction. In an explosion, the movement is apart, with  every particle going in a random direction. Allah stopped the sun and its entire solar system in its relative framework relative to the galaxy and the galaxies relative to each other, in a symmetrical system.]

[tajrii li-mustaqarrin laha– that means it will continue in it motion, until the judgment day, when it reaches its end. Or it means it goes during the day until it reaches sunset.]

As soon as Allah said, “Kaf” from ‘kun’,

  • then when He said, “Nun” of the rest of the word, it stopped the expansion.

  • Probability of that happening is impossible to calculate.

  • Even if you go up to the ten to power of ten million zeroes it will never happen. 10 to the 100 zeroes above the 10. there is no way to describe it in any math or scientific language.

  • What do you think of that opposite force to come for each star in each galaxy.

  • They say 3 billion galaxies. They say in each galaxy 300 billion stars.

For each one there was an opposing force to go bring it to rest.

He mentioned that word subata, wa ja`lna….

  • To say something maqtu`. I created creation on Sunday and ended on friday.

  • That is the time for the nun to connect to the ‘kaf’. “Amruhu bayn al-kaf wal-nun. When that order took place it took six days.

  • In that six days these start and galaxies were created. And that is not all of creation. What about heavens. Those you cannot see and it is related to akhira. That all occurred in six days.

That means on that day, the nun connected with ‘kaf’,

  • on the day of sabt, which is called in Arabic sabt, the seventh day.

  • Sunday, as it is said, Allah created skies and earth from Sunday up to Saturday, and it took six days for nun to reach ‘kaf’ and then it stopped.

What is that greatness of Allah swt.

When that big bang supposedly occurred, those particles were hurled outward without anything to stop them. Billions or more of particles, billions of what Allah wanted to create, planets, etc. in a vacuum. And there is no force of gravity to stop them as it is far overcoming than the force of gravity. The force at the innermost part of the big bang is a different force, the most force is at the big bang’s center. Those at the outer part move outward, and those inside the center will be boosted much faster with different forces. That means every particle star, etc. encountered force of different direction and power. That means to stop all these particles it needs an equal counter force.

And if one of them is still moving, then everything will begin to crash about and just like a pool table, then everything is in disaster. They fear that a big asteroid hit the earth and cause complete destruction.

And if everything moving about in different random directions, what countered each of these particles to come to a rest subata. What can you imagine that countered that power. Was there another big bang countering the power. Or was it the  hand of Allah’s qudra, his infinite power, stopping every particle. He does not need to use hand to stop them, His power is in “kun fayakoon”. So according to their theory what caused these planets and things to stop. What kind of electrical and magnetic force stopping them. What is moving these planets and objects in the vacuum and balancing them, in the middle. When Allah says, “kun fayakoon” another time, then all collapses. At that time he says, “liman al-mulki al-yawm” and it belongs to Allah. Then He crushes everything. AS soon as he Pulls away these forces everything collapses. That is such that no matter what theories according to probability never can this be done.

They speak of science. If you take a small piece of dynamite and put in the bushes and explode it, and it shatters, can you put any force to stop each shattered piece of glass in the air. Allah stopped it in the air, in a vacuum and stopped it in a way that there is no gravity, and stopped them so they are rotating around their axis and stopped some sot they are rotating around another planet or sun and stopped some so they are rotating in ways we don’t know about. And they are crowing jumping up and down about some tiny discoveries they made.

That sleep that Allah made is like a kind of death. That death is a temporary death, that you will come back to life. Allah is showing that as I bring you back to life from your sleep, \i can bring you back to life from the full death. That one is sleeping in his bed , you look at him you don’t know if he is alive or not. You have to check is he breathing or not, is his heart pumping or not? Just as I bring you back from sleep in the morning I can bring you to life in the resurrection. What is that secret that when you sleep you are not conscious, I take it away and you lose all awareness and I put it back and you are awake another time.

Awliya-Ullah, they have been freed by Allah at any time they have reached that state, in their life, “muutu qabl an-tamut.” Because he controlled his ego, made his ego to die. Awliya, inheritors of sahaba, died before their death, means their spirits are freed from the cage of the body. They do this and they are able to say, “read this awrad, and you will be safe, read the quran and you will be ok.” They see what is ahead of the mureed in order to warn them, give them a hint, in order to protect them.

  • Wa ja`alna nawmakum subata.” Rest - what rest. He created creation in 6 days and then stopped. There is a hint here, that if you do your worship, and follow the path of Sayyidina Muhammad, then you will reach a resting situation,

  • a peaceful situation in which you see no hardship.

  • I will make you swim in the ocean of restfulness, and relaxation. At that time you will be granted eternal love, eternal majestic blessings.

  • You will be blessed and dressed from my lights and my divine names and attributes (beautiful). At that time you will say to anything,

  • O ya Rabbi, please do this, help this one, cure this one and Allah will accept your dua and cure that one.

  • That is why the Companions would go to the Prophet and ask him for dua. Because Prophet’s dua never rejected. After Prophet, the Sahaba’s dua never rejected. After the Sahaba, dua of awliya never rejected.

O Allah grant us eternal knowledge, love and beauty, the way to all that.