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Arc of The Covenant is the Human Heart Unlock the Vision of the Heart
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29 Muqattaat Science of Letters and numbers Fawatih Unlock The Secrets of Muqattaat in Hadiths of the Importance of Letters & Numbers


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In The Science of  the Self

Dhul Hajj

In The Way of The Sultan "9"


108 H-8 Qaf -100 Haqq

108. Abu at-Taiyeb
(Good Father Fragrant one)

Jabbar 9th

Kawthar 108

The Pond of Rasul to Dress The Nation For Paradise

108.1 Lo! We have given thee Abundance

Veil of Intercession, 1,000 x saying Subhana-rabbil-’azhim (Glory to my Lord, the Sublime). Sajdah for Magnificence and Munificence

Dhul- Hajj - Marifat Shifa- of Rasul 
He is Veil between Creator and Creation . return to your Lord.


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