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Secrets Behind

The Secrets

Of The Naqshbandi

Sufi Way




The Secret Book of Hu, the Perfection of the Holy Face

The Secrets of The Keys to Paradise Unlocking The Bismala

The Black Robes and More Secrets of Whirling. We Come From Allah and To Him we shall Return

Secrets of The Pen /Qalam and The Nobile Scribes  unlocking realities of the Shaykhs

Realities of Prophets Rabbaniun Prophet Ismail, Joseph and The secrets of Sacrifice The 12th  Month and Hajj


Realities of Sufi Whirlingsecrets of the sama and Atoms. Reality of Love 

 Shams-s Tabriz 3 States of Matter Naqshbandi secrets of whirling

Opening of the 9 Points and the Secrets of the Enneagram

by Mawlana Daghestani (Q) opening of the heart, going to the Divine presence and Sultan Dhikr Enneagram spider web and the spider

Secrets of BismiAllah  The Key to all Realities MHMM 4 Rivers of Paradise.

11 Principle of the Naqshbandi Sufi Way


Tafsir of Surah Fatiha secrets of BASMALA

ďand the complete knowledge of the Holy Qurían is contained in the Fatiha. And all the knowledge in Fatiha is contained within the Basmala (Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Raheem).


Miracles of Mawlana Shah Naqshbandi

Muhammad Reality Naqshbandi Secrets

Secrets of Our Sustenance

and The Three Test of Hadrat Khidr [as] and Prophet Moses [as] Sink the ship , Take away the evil boy and Safe guard the treasure


6 Powers of The Heart

:the six powers are of the heart are: -

The Reality of Attraction (Haqiqatu íl-jadhbah)
- The Reality of Down pouring (Haqiqatu íl-fayd)
- The Reality of Focusing (Haqiqatu ít-tawajjuh)
- The Reality of Intercession (Haqiqatu ít-tawassul)
- The Reality of Guidance (Haqiqatu íl-irshad)
- The Reality of Scrolling (Haqiqatu ít-tayy)


Kabah is the Heart of The Believer

secrets of heart and the Cave of Thaur Realities of Sayedena Abu Bakr [r] and Sayedena Ali [as]


What are Naqshbandi Murshids

Genuine Murshids are of four levels:

Murshid Tabarruk: Guides mainly for receiving baraka and usually accomplishes that goal by giving you an awrad and daily practices. 

Murshid Tazkiyya: Guides who lift you up by taking away your bad actions and desires.

Murshid Tasfiyya: Guides who get rid of all your desires for dunya.

Murshid Tarbiyya: The highest in rank who will build you up with discipline and take you to your station in the Divine Presence.


The Secrets of the Three Lights of Creation

Rajabun Shahrullah, Shaban shahr an-Nabi and Ramadan opening shahr al-ummah. The Secret of the three Recitations of Surah Ya-Seen [36] and Allah granting us the secret of life, wa laqad karamna bani Adam (as).


Secrets of The Circle and Realties of Hajj and The Womb

the symbol of a circle and birth in the womb are all the inner realities of the Pilgrimage


Dua Blind Man Hajjat Muhammad Reality Naqshbandi Secrets


Your Heavenly Name Muhammad Reality Naqshbandi Secrets


What Are Qutubs

Muhammad Reality Naqshbandi Secrets


Ahkfa Secrets Towards the Understanding of "ABD"ALLAH Two Oceans that don't merge Hijr Mahjur


Secrets of Salat / Prayer

Sufi Yoga -is union of the individual soul with the ultimate Reality. It is also the method by which this union is achieved. Secrets of AHMAD [s


Realities of String Theory

and Divine Threads of Love Dark Matter / Falaq of Space The Web and The Spider and Secrets of the Enneagram


Tafsir Naba 31-37 Secrets of the Heart   

At that time you will be given Qawa`iba atraaba. In the spiritual meaning it means Lataif.
You can ascend from one layer to another of Lataif, those points in the chest. That is why many spiritual people and ascetics used these Lataif to ascend or they were opened to them. These seven levels.


The Birth of Prophet Muhammad (s) is the Birth of Creation.

The Secrets of 3rd Month and the 12th Day.


Tafsir Surah Naas Khafa Secrets of Insan Kamel Secrets of 3 "Presences" Rabb, Malik,  Ilahi, or Spiritual Presences, Where Does Waswaas Enters The Body, Opening the 5 Points of The Heart and 6 Points of the Divine Courtyard 56 is Huu 5 different heavenly angelic powers


Nabi Musa(s) and The Mountain

Towards the Understanding of the Glory or Nur-Ahmad. Muhammad Reality Naqshbandi Secrets

Tafsir Surah Falaq Ahkfa Secrets of Annilation and Protection Against Black Magic

The Secrets behind the Naqshbandi Taweez

and the Divine Kingdom. What is importance of 66 and Haqq.


The 5 Levels of Knowledge Secrets of the Heart ,

Secrets of Shari at (Law), Tariqat (Spiritual Way), Marifah {gnosis}, Haqiqat (Reality) And Azimah( Might & Glory)


Laylat Qadir Realities Star Formation Awliya, E=MC2 ,

Formation of a star is the Process of Spiritual Enlightment Shed your Mass to become Energy. Muhammad Reality Naqshbandi Secrets

Tafsir Surah Naba Naqshbandi Secrets

Verses 10-13 Secrets of 6 powers of heart , 7 layers that Allah will open to the servant


Opening the 7 Points of the Head a Gateway to the 9 Points of the Body

What is 7007 , 7 essence that dress mankind are the main Chakras or Lataif of energy on the body ,  it's protection and understanding harmful actions. Power of The Sunnah



Secrets of Adam same as Atom  

Part 2 when we breakdown our illusion all that is let is our Atomic state and our reality in the Oceans of Power.


Tafsir Surah Naba Naqshbandi Secrets

Verses 1-7


Secrets of 7 Points Head Opening to the  9 Points & Spiritual Healing   

Where does the Energy come from and where is it distributed around the body. Learning How to Ignite the 7 Points ( 2 more points for all 9 Points) Then 5 point of the heart. There are over 360 points on humans.


What are Jinns and Spirits   what are they created from


Secrets of "7" Nun and Nitrogen of DNA

Understanding The Divine Government and Lordship Rabbani Don't think the title Servant of Allah is so easy to obtain.

From Atom / Adam to You  Part 1We are but an Atom /Adam in the Oceans of Power The Dot under the Ba. Muhammad Reality Naqshbandi Secrets

10 Steps to Mureedia Leaving Evilness growing to Sainthood Migration from evilness to sainthood

7 Springs of Knowledge & Emanations Muhammad Reality Naqshbandi Secrets


Computers You and Self Realization:

Mankind invented computers with the intention to replicate himself. The Divine allowed this so we might grow to understand our selves and our relationship to the Heavenly Kingdom. Muhammad Reality Naqshbandi Secrets


 What is Magam al Mahmoud The return to the Divine Kingdom, The King is Sayedena Mahmoud .Muhammad Reality Naqshbandi Secrets