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Secrets of Healing & The Holy Face of Sultan Al-Awliya

Secrets of Seeking Refuge in the All Mighty

Self Indulgence come against Hawa

Qutub al-MutaSarif, Manners for The King

Secrets of Numbers, Hungry for Realities

Magnetism, Companionship in Meditation

Perfection in the Mirror of the Prophets[s]

Perfecting the Self, Understanding Testing

Muharram Realities, Secrets of  Number '9' Sacrifice, Knowledge is Power


Secrets of Love Opening the Mystic Heart

Ilm Huroof , Heavenly Binary Code

 Secrets of Ilm Huroof  Numbers and Letters Part 1

Sleepers of the Cave Open the Heart


Ilm Huroof , Heavenly Binary Code

Secrets of Ilm Huroof Numbers and Letters Part 2 What does the letters Alif Lam Lam Ha open to in the knowledge of letters.

Approach Prophet [s] with Love

Secrets of Whirling and Hadrah

Secrets Of Whirling and Hadrah Part 1

Introduction into the secrets of the sama / whirling , Importance of the earth sun and the moon. We must whirl around the light which is the Divine presence upon the Heart of a Lover.

Satan Blocking Us from the Arsh/ Throne

Secrets of Whirling and Hadrah Secrets Of Whirling and Hadrah Part 2

actual how to whirl and why

Secrets of Light and Being a Star

Finding The Shaykh For You  Understanding tariqat life, how to know if Mawlana is the shaykh for you. Greatness of RasulAllah.

Upward Star and Lower Star


Building Your Energy-  14 min -  . Understanding Energy Heavenly energy raining upon the being and Material World electromagnetic field moving up the legs and the clash within the belly.

A Star and The Secret of Guidance

Levels of Heart- 44 min - 5 Senses and Levels of Heart- Qalb and secret of yellow and the sun it is the light and center of our universe. Sir / secret and the soul and the color red, blood, war and opening of Faith etc......

Like an Atom we must give off electrons to make Bonds

Star of David-  37 min -  Enneagram The star is a source of light and the Divine is intending that we reach for Enlightenment . To become a star , we are of the two triangles one up for heavenly and one down for our material desires

24 min -

Realties of the Name TAHA [s] and secrets of the holy Title RasulAllah. The Purified Guide and Messenger of Allah.

Learning to use Energy- Learning to Bring in energy connect with Heavenly support and repel negative energy.



Yin and Yang Heavenly and Earthly Clash This is the Heavenly Energy that comes down to Earth and begins our battle on earth between good and bad. The yin and Yang.. 


Support of Saints- 8 min - How to get the Madad or Support of the Saints of the Naqshbandi Order. Thru them connecting to the Prophetic Power Stations and opening reality of La Hawla wala Quwwat ilah billahi alee atheem.


Understanding We Are Light- 17 min - We are from the kingdom of Light First-then our physicality was created.


Rabita Opening 7 Points of Head-  - 17 min - ... connection and submitting the 7 points of the holy head-2 Ears for hearing, 2 Eyes for seeing, 2 Nostrils Holy Breath, One Tongue the Words of Truth


Qalb, Sir, Sir Sirr-  - 16 min - ... opening of Levels of The Heart / Chakras Qalb and secrets of the color yellow and the sun. Under the authority of Prophet Adam-


Haqq is Hay and Qayyum- - 9 min - Breaking down the reality of Haqq Ha, Qaf . Ha is al Hay the Ever living, Qaf is for QAYYUM The Self Sustaining


Opening Intro to Meditation- -                                                       



Secret of Red and we are Stars-  - 9 min -.. Red Colors and Why is Mahdi associated with color red. The sir sir secret of secret , opening secrets of the soul, reality of faith and life. Under the authority of Prophet Noah-


Energy Attacking Body- - 24 min - Root of all sickness is in the stomach, energy moving up the feet from the earth clashing with the Energy raining upon the body from the heavens... 

 Understanding the real Enneagram, this is the Naqshbandi reality