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The Legacy of Sultan al Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Al-Haqqani

His Deputies Mawlana Shaykh Hisham al-Qabbani


Sufi Meditation Booklets with Illustrations


Dalail ul Khairat transliteration

The secret of Your soul is in the recitation of Complete Dalailul Khairat .

Naqshbandi Book of Devotions

Wazifa English Transliteration and Arabic :

Naqshbandia Secrets:

Naqshbandi Tafsir of Holy Quran

Tafsir of Surah Ikhlas Secrets of Qul Hu Allahu Ahad secrets of The soul Ahadiyya and Samadiyya


Keys to the Unseen Knowledge of Letters and Numbers

Ilm Huroof Secrets Muqataat and Secrets of Numbers

  • Abjad Table PDF File
  • "Alif" , 1
  • "BA", 2 ,Binary codes BAhr Qudra Key to Paradise is the BismiAllah,
  • "Dal","4" Circle of Life DNA are 4 Nitrogen's or Lights Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Abu Bakr, Omar, Uthman and Ali.
  • "Haa" Hidayat, HU secrets of 7007 Allah essence dresses the Khalifa Kabir Hadi
  • "WAW","6" Love Fire and Love birth of everything
  • "Za" ,  11, 7, Zam Zam Zhat or the essence
  • "Ha"  "8" Ha Meem HAMD Ha Meem Dal -Hayat-All Life, Meem- Muheet  All encompassing , Dal- Daiem Eternal
  • "Toin", "9" The King is "9" return to the Divine presence and complete Submission
  • "YA" "10", Ya-Seen, Knowledge Ya becomes Ya plus Alif. only way to Allah is thru Muhammad. Whose heart is YaSeen
  • "Kaf"  "11" Kawthar, Kafi sufficient plus Nun or Noor is Kun Divine Order.
  • "Lam" "12" Mulk or Kingdom represents completion
  • "MeeM" "13" "40" The Key to all Understanding of Muhammadan Reality Ahad Ahmd - Meem is Ocean of Creation
  • "Nun" "14" Noor from the womb RHm comes Noor after 9 months RHMN - Alrhmn Rahman.
  • "Seen" "15" YaSeen Secret of the Soul, Full moon of perfection
  • "Qaf"  Power of 19 , and Holy Quran, QDR- Qadir, QLM- Qalam QDM- Qadam, Allah directing His Power of Quran to Rasul.
  • "JEEM" "3"
  • Names of Allah Dressing Names of Sayedena Muhammad (s)


Levels of The Heart Unlocking the Lataifs / Chakras and

Understanding of Qudra or Energy

Secrets of The Heart Lataif

Chakras Downloads:

Lataif of the Secret "Sir" PDF

Bahasa Language Files Indonesian Malay:

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