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7 Levels

Lataif /Chakra of The Heart:

Unveiling of

the Heart


Lataif / Chakra

Lataif / Chakra


Knowledge Prophet Adam {s} Righteousness Belief Hearing




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Tafsir Surah Shams "91" Secrets of the sun and Quran and Light of Sayedena Ahmad [s] Star Formation Awliya, E=MC2 , Realities of Oceans of Power, Night of Power and Energy/Angels= Mass/Body x Two Lights of Soul Glory of the Sun & Power to See Human Bodies 6 Powers of The Heart :the six powers are of the heart are:
- The Reality of Attraction (Haqiqatu ’l-jadhbah)
- The Reality of Down pouring (Haqiqatu ’l-fayd)
- The Reality of Focusing (Haqiqatu ’t-tawajjuh)
- The Reality of Intercession (Haqiqatu ’t-tawassul)
- The Reality of Guidance (Haqiqatu ’l-irshad)
- The Reality of Scrolling (Haqiqatu ’t-tayy)


Lataif / Chakra


Vision Iron and Guidance Prophet Noah {s} Martyrs, Witnesses Building Faith

Lataif Sir-

Secrets of Iron  

The understanding of iron is a secret and a key to spiritual development, particularly at this time. For dunya, the world as it is, iron is the bedrock of technology and industry. Without physical mastery over iron, none would have been able to assert his will. In essence, iron equals power.

Lataif / Chakra

Secret of the Secret/ Sir-Sir/

Prophet Moses {s} and Abraham {s} Witnessing The Truth Spiritual Perfection Touch Truthful Servants Prepare for Pilgrimage to Your Lord

Sir Sir

Spiritual Hajj It is known that physical worship is an imitation of what is real, and the Hajj is no exception. The reality of worship is completely different for one who has attained a higher level of understanding and sincerity compared to the common individual, .. Nabi Musa(s) and The Mountain Towards the Understanding of the Glory of Nur-Ahmad Secrets of Zam Zam 7 Springs of Knowledge & Emanations


Lataif / Chakra


Prophet Jesus {s} Revive the Dead Souls Smell Perfection of the Soul Crack thru Physicality Qiyama Resurrection Day


Opening Power of 9 Points Teachings on 9 Points  

Tafsir Surah Naas Khafa Secrets of Insan Kamel Opening the 5 Points of The Heart and 6 Points of the Divine Courtyard 56 is Huu 5 different heavenly angelic powers

Lataif / Chakra

Ahkfa- Most Hidden

Prophet Muhammad {s} Secrets of ABD"ALLAH / Servanthood Taste Hijr Mahjur Barzakh

"These Five Stations are the center of the Nine Points,

which represent the locus of Revelation and Inspiration of the Divine Presence in the heart of the human being. These Nine Points are located on the chest of each person and they represent nine different hidden states in every human being. Every state is connected to a saint, who has the authority to control that point. "If the seeker in the Naqshbandi Way is able to unveil and to make spiritual contact with the authorized master controlling these points, he may be given knowledge of and power to use these nine points. Lataif / Chakra



Ahkfa Secrets Towards the Understanding of "ABD"ALLAH Two Oceans that don't merge Hijr Mahjur NEW  Realities of String Theory and Divine Threads of Love Dark Matter / Falaq of Space The Web and The Spider and Secrets of the Enneagram Tafsir Surah Falaq Ahkfa Secrets of Annilation and Protection Against Black Magic Muhamma What are the secrets of the Holy name of Mahi, Muhamma, Muhaamid The Flag of Praise. Levels of the Heart PDF