Naqshbandi Teachings of The 9 Lataif / Points &
Realties of The Enneagram
From the Teachings of Shaykh Abdullah Daghestani [Q]
Naqshbandi Sufi Way Guidebook
From the teachings of Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani
The Golden Chain
Shaykh Sharafuddin (q) asked Shaykh `Abdullah (q) to host their guest. Shaykh `Abdullah recounted the events of the meeting to several of his murids many years later. As soon as they met, Shaykh `Abdullah said, "You are interested in the knowledge of the Nine Points. We can speak on it in the morning after Fajr prayer. Now you eat something and rest." At Fajr time Shaykh `Abdullah called Gurdjieff to come and pray with him. As soon as the prayer finished, the Shaykh began to recite Surat Ya Sin from the Holy Qur'an. As he finished reading, Gurdjieff approached him and asked if he could speak of what he had just experienced. Gurdjieff said:
A Meeting With Gurdjieff
Through your spiritual power I was able to ascend to the knowledge of the power of the Nine Points. Then a voice, addressing me as `Abd an-Nur, said: 'This light and knowledge have been granted to you from the Divine Presence of Allah to bring peace to your heart. However, you must not use the power of this knowledge.' The voice bid me farewell with the salutation of Peace and the vision ended as you were finishing the recitation from the Qur'an." The Enneagram image above Holds the Secret  of The 9 Points , 9 States of Humanity, 9 Sultan al Awliya Shaykh `Abdullah replied, "Surat Ya Sin was called 'the Heart of the Qur'an' by the Holy Prophet   and the knowledge of these Nine Points was opened to you through it.
EnneagramThe vision was by the blessings of the verse:   'Peace! a Word (of salutation) from a Lord Most Merciful' [36:58]. "Each of the Nine Points is represented by one of nine Saints who are at the Highest Level in the Divine Presence.
They are the keys to the untold powers within man, but there is no permission to use these keys. This is a secret that in general will not be opened until the Last Days when the Mahdi (as) appears and Jesus (as) returns. "This meeting of ours has been blessed. Keep it as a secret in your heart and don't speak of it in this life. `Abd an-Nur, for that is your name with us, you are free to stay or go as your responsibilities allow. You are always welcome with us. You have attained safety in the Divine Presence. May Allah bless you and strengthen you in your work."

Shaykh Abdullah
with murids
in Damascus.
Shaykh Nazim
is to the right of
Grandshaykh and
Shaykh Hussein is to
his left.

His States and Discourses After His Second Seclusion At 30 years of age, Shaykh Abdullah was ordered to enter a second long seclusion for five years. During that seclusion, many visions and states were granted to him, which it would be impossible to describe within the span of this book. After he completed this second seclusion, the power of his spiritual attraction increased. He became so renowned that even during his Shaykh's lifetime, people used to come from everywhere to learn from him. Following are some of his discourses: "I do not speak to you about any Station (Maqam), Manifestation (Tajalli), or Rank (Rutbah) without my having already entered that station or position and experienced that Manifestation. I am not like many others, I do not speak separating my sight from my heart, enumerating the Stations (Maqamat) for you without my knowing their Reality (Haqiqat). No! First of all I followed that path and saw what it was. I learned those Realities and Secrets which may be found along it, and I worked my way along it until I obtained the
  • Knowledge of Certainty (`ilm al-yaqin),
  • the Eye of Certainty (`ayn al-yaqin), and
  • the Truth of Certainty (haqq al-yaqin).
  • Only then do I speak to you, giving you a tiny taste of what I have tasted, until I am able to make you reach that station without tiring you and without difficulties.
"There are five stations of the Heart:
  • qalb, sirr, sirr as-sirr, khafa and akhfa.
  • Qalb is the Heart,
  • sirr is the Secret,
  • sirr as-sirr is the Secret of the Secret,
  • khafa is the Hidden, and
  • akhfa the Most Hidden. The secret of this Tariqat is based on these five lata'if (Subtle Things), the Stations of the heart.
"Latifat al-qalb, the stage of the Heart, is under the authority of Sayyidina Adam , because it represents the physical aspect of the heart.
Latifat as-sirr, the station of the Secret, is under Sayyidina Nuh , because it is the Vessel which is saved from the Ocean of Darkness, salvation from the flood of ignorance.
Latifat Sirr as-Sirr, the station of the Secret of the Secret, is under two Prophet s: Ibraham  and Masa , who represent Allah's Divine Presence on Earth. Allah made Ibraham  the symbol of all His Khalifs on this Earth, as mentioned in the verse of the creation of mankind, "I will create a vicegerent on earth." [2:30]. Musa was blessed with hearing and speaking to Allah which are the two essential attributes of knowledge.
"Latifat al-khafa, the Hidden Station, is under Sayyidina Isa { Jesus }. Because of his relationship with Hidden Knowledge, he represents spiritual understanding.
"Latifat al-Akhfa, the Most Hidden Station, is under the Reality of Sayyidina Muhammad , because he was granted a station high above that of all other Prophet s and messengers. He was the one who was raised up, in the Night of Ascension, to the Divine Presence. This is represented by the Kalima (Sacred Phrase), because there is no la ilaha illallah without Muhammadun Rasulullah. "The lights of these stations have been shown to me.
  • The light of the Heart is a yellow hue;
  • the light of the Secret is red;
  • the light of the Secret of the Secret is white;
  • the light of the Hidden Station is green; and
  • the light of the Most Hidden Station is black."
Enneagram"These Five Stations are the center of the Nine Points,
which represent the locus of Revelation and Inspiration of the Divine Presence in the heart of the human being. These Nine Points are located on the chest of each person and they represent nine different hidden states in every human being. Every state is connected to a saint, who has the authority to control that point.
"If the seeker in the Naqshbandi Way is able to unveil and to make spiritual contact with the authorized master controlling these points, he may be given knowledge of and power to use these nine points.
"The conditions related to opening these nine points can only be alluded to obliquely.
  1. The first station involves the power of imprisoning the ego
  2. The key to the second state is Dhikr with la ilaha illallah.
  3. The third state consists in witnessing the engraving of Allah's name on the heart (naqsh).
  4. The fourth state relates to the meaning of that engraving on the heart.
  5. The fifth state is to imprint the engraving with your dhikr.
  6. In the sixth state the heart is made to stop pumping at will and to start pumping at will.
  7. The seventh state is to be aware of the number of times one stops the heart from pumping and the number of times one restores the pumping of the heart.
  8. "In the eighth state one mentions the phrase Muhammadun Rasulullah in every cessation of the heart and every restoration of its pumping.
  9. The ninth stage is to return to your Cave, as Allah mentioned in Surat al-Kahf, "When ye turn away from them and the things they worship other than Allah, betake yourself to the Cave: your Lord will shower His mercies on you..." [18:16]. { 9:40 This the Power of 9 Importance of the King, Return to the King, 12 Veil of Power 9 in Holy Quran Tauba Surah 9 Verse 40 is the Beginning of entrance to the THAWR Cave}
"The Cave is the Divine Presence. Here one utters the cherished prayer of the Prophet : 'O God, You are my destination and Your Pleasure is what I seek.' The heart, as it cycles between the cessation and restoration of its pumping, is existing at the level of the Essence of the Divine Presence. Because that Divine Essence is the source of all created being, that heart will be at one with every minutest creation in this universe. The heart which has reached the secrets of the nine points will be able to see everything, hear everything, know everything, taste everything, sense everything, 'Until He will be the ears with which he hears, the eyes with which he sees, the tongue with which he speaks, the hand with which he grasps, and the feet with which he walks. He will be Lordly, he only need say to a thing Be! and it will be.'" { This is Perfectly Manifested in Sayedena Muhammad {s} Our Eternal Messenger of Allah.}
Why did he go to that cave? The 'Cave of Silence' as it has been called? Indeed, it is the 'Cave of Silent Secrets'. Why was the Prophet ordered by God to go to that cave, which is one day's travel from Makkah, when he had a distance of fifteen days journeying to go?
"29" When the Prophet went into that cave, a spider and a dove came and made a house over the door in order that no one would know what was inside. { The Spider is 29th Surah directing us that the secrets of 29 and the Lam Alif is the seal for the entry into the divine presence | The Dove is the Angelic Realm and Eggs are the story of Creation.} 29 Secretly encoded Surahs .
Knowledge of Letters , Fawatih Letters of Muqatta'at and Secrets of Numbers
This is common knowledge. As for the secret, look to love. When love for someone is pure, God will never forget that person. Before leaving Makkah for Madinah, the Prophet put someone in his bed because the ignorant people came to his door intent on killing him. He put Ali (as) in his bed. There is a secret to that, it means that he made Ali (as) his representative, in his place. He did not put Umar (r) there. He did not put Uthman (r)-none of the Companions, but someone of his own flesh and blood.
The Full Moon has 2 Faces One That Shines on Earth the Other Dark side is Hidden.
The Prophet took with him as company his other mirror-image, Abu Bakr (r), to the cave. He said, "I am the city of knowledge and Ali is the door." {You Must Be Ahl Bayt , Either Pure Blood Line or By Way of Sayedena Saliman Farsi (AS)  in Service to the Rasul The door is something physical, external. When you want to enter the house, how do you enter? Through the door. In order to enter to the Prophet and to come to the knowledge that the Prophet is giving, you have to enter through the door. That door is Ali (r). The Prophet () also said, "Whatever God has poured into my heart, I poured into the heart of Abu Bakr as-Siddiq."3 The Prophet (s) referred again to the secret of Abu Bakr (r) when he said, "Abu Bakr does not surpass you because of fasting or praying more, but because of a secret that took root in his heart." So inside the house, we find Abu Bakr (r) and outside the house, we find Ali (as).
That is why, of the two sources of Sufi knowledge, one came from Abu Bakr (r) and the other from Ali (as). From the time of the different schools of Divine Law, Muslims have agreed that the knowledge of the heart came from these two paths. Justice and laws, on the other hand, came from Hadrat Umar (r). The Prophet's comment about Abu Bakr (r) is the secret of the cave. To represent his body, the Prophet put Ali (as) in his bed prior to his departure from Makkah to Madinah. This means that Ali (as) represented the external. But he took Abu Bakr (r) to the cave for the cave represents what is interior.
Shaykh Sharafuddin Will
"It is known that there are two types of destiny. The first kind of destiny is termed qada'an mucallaq, which means Suspended or Mutable Destiny. It is written on the Lawh al-Mahfoudh (the Preserved Tablet). This will vary according to will and behavior, cause and effect. All saints can change this kind of destiny for their murids, in order to train them and to influence their destiny by changing their actions and behavior. The authority to change the Mutable Destiny is given to the Shaykhs for their murids because they are connected to each other by Divine Will.
"The second type of destiny is contained in Umm al-Kitab, the Mother of the Book, as mentioned in the ayat: yamhullahu ma yasha'u wa yuthbit, wa indahu Umm ul-kitab [13:39] ("Allah blots out or confirms what He pleases: with Him is the Mother of the Book"), and is called qada'an mubram, which means Fixed Destiny. Saints never interfere in that Fixed Destiny, which is in the Hand of the Creator. "Allah gave the authority to change the Fixed Destiny only to the Nine Saints who are at the highest level in the Divine Presence by permission from the Prophet   who is first to take that power from Allah.
They control the Nine Points of human consciousness related to the different stages of the Ascent of an Individual on his path to the Divine Presence. Allah gave these Nine Saints, whose number has not changed from the time of the Prophet   until today, the power to use Sultan adh-dhikr, the Greatest Remembrance.
"Everyone knows that Dhikr is primarily the repetition of la ilaha illallah, and that is what is practiced by all tariqats, including the Naqshbandiyya. But the Sultan adh-dhikr is a completely different type of Dhikr.
"Allah said, Inna nahnu nazzalna-dh-dhikra wa inna lahu la-hafidhun [15:9],
"We have revealed the Dhikr, and we are the
One to protect that Dhikr in you."
The Dhikr mentioned here is the Holy Qur'an. The Dhikr of these nine saints, besides la ilaha illallah, is the Secret of the Holy Qur'an. They recite the Qur'an, not as we recite it reading from beginning to end, but they recite it with all its secrets and inner realities. Because Allah said, wala ratbin wala yabisin illa fee kitabin mubeenin [6:59] "Nor is there anything fresh or dry but is inscribed in a clear Record." None of God's creations in all the created universes has not been mentioned already, with all its secrets, in the Clear Book, the Qur'an.
"The saint reciting the Qur'an in Sultan adh-Dhikr is therefore reciting it with all the secrets of every creation, from beginning to end. Allah gave every letter of the Qur'an, according to the Nine Highest Masters of the Naqshbandi Order [this was the first time the Shaykh ever mentioned this secret], twelve thousand knowledge's.
The Qur'an contains around 600,000 letters, so for every letter, these saints are able to take 12,000 knowledge's!
"Each of these nine saints differs from the other in his level as well. We may see that one of them, for example, was able to recite the Holy Qur'an by the power of Sultan adh-Dhikr, which is to grasp 12,000 meanings on every letter, only once in his life.
Another was able to recite it three times in his life.
The third was able to do it nine times in his life.
Another was able to recite it 99 times in his life.
"This secret differed from one saint to another.
  • Shah Mawlana Naqshband (q) was able to do it 999 times in his life.
  • Our Master Ahmad al-Faruqi was able to recite it 9,999 times in his life.
  • Shaykh Sharafuddin was able to recite it 19,999 times."
  • Here Shaykh `Abdullah stopped. Shaykh Nazim said,
  • "In every breath Grandshaykh `Abdullah Daghestani was exhaling with Sultan adh-Dhikr and inhaling with Sultan adh-Dhikr.
  • He used to complete the secret of Qur'an twice in every breath."
  • Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Inheritor of This Trust

Grandshaykh Abdullah
ad-Daghestani at over age 85.

The Golden Chain