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The understanding of iron is a secret and a key to spiritual development, particularly at this time. For dunya, the world as it is, iron is the bedrock of technology and industry. Without physical mastery over iron, none would have been able to assert his will. In essence, iron equals power. However, it’s proper and full application, use and potential is to be found within spirituality.


Spiritual Power


The 57th Surah of the Holy Qur’an is entitled “Al-Hadid,” Iron. Correspondingly, the 57th name of Prophet (S) is al-Mahdi, signifying the particular relevance of iron to Akhir Zaman, the Last Days.


Mahdi is the Guide, teaching us that Iron is essential for guidance whether physical {Global Positioning Satellites} or Spiritual Furthermore, there is an importance to the understanding of iron for those who are in the line of and seeking to be of service to Sayyidina al-Mahdi (A).


The word Hadid is spelled in Arabic by the letters “H”, “D”, “Y”, “D”, and is comprised of two root words, “Had” and “Yad.” “Had” means “Blade” and “Yad” means “Hand.” Thus, the root of iron translates to “Blade-Hand.” This signifies the importance of iron with regards to spiritual and physical power, and it’s relevance as an instrument to manifest the will of God.


Being a prophetic king, Sayyidina Daud (A), like Sayyidina Suleiman (A), represented the merging of temporal and spiritual power, the application of spiritual authority to mundane reality. Regarding him, the Holy Qur'an states:


“We bestowed grace aforetime on David from Ourselves. O ye mountains! Sing ye back the praises of Allah (SWT) with him, and ye birds as well! And we made the iron soft for him.” – Qur’an As-Saba (34:10)


Sayyidina Zhul-Qarnain (A), another king, used the power of iron to imprison chaos and evil, Yajuj and Majuj (Gog and Magog):


“’Give me pieces of iron’ – ‘til when he had leveled up (the gap) between the cliffs, he said, ‘Blow!’ – ‘til when he had made it a fire, he said, ‘Bring me molten copper to pour thereon.’” – Qur’an Al-Kahf (18:96)


Regarding iron and this subject in general, there is an important hadith of Prophet (S):


Allah’s Messenger (S) said, “When Allah (SWT) created the Earth it began to oscillate, so He created the Mountains, ordered them onto it, and it became steady. The angels marveled at the strength of the Mountains and asked their Lord whether there was anything in His creation stronger than the Mountains, to which he replied that Iron was stronger. They asked if anything in His creation was stronger than Iron, and He replied that Fire was. They asked if anything in His creation was stronger than Fire, and He replied that Water was. They asked if anything in His creation was stronger than Water, and He replied that Wind was.” {States of Matter Solid Liquid Gas}


As an aside, this Hadith specifies the stages of personal progress and spiritual achievement.

  • The Mountains refer to the Awliya, the Saints of God, who through great firmness of faith reach a station that corresponds with that which stabilizes the Earth, i.e. they balance the universe with their positive light and energy. The Mountain is unshakeable, solid and stable, and perfectly describes the rank of the Friends of God and of Prophet (S).

  • Through their further development and evolution, and the application of spiritual power, Awliya then become Iron – absolutely firm and unbreakable.

  • The next stage is Fire, wherein the Saint’s essence burns and is ignited with the flame of Divine Power from the Presence of God, a state that may melt even Iron. Afterwards, the Saint’s being and container becomes Water, a fluid mountain which responds automatically and instantaneously to the will of the Divine, and which may douse even Fire.

  • This corresponds to a state wherein one is completely melted and annihilated in Bahr ul-Qudra, the Ocean of Power wherein all creation swims.

  • Lastly, Awliya may reach the station of Wind, pure Prophetic Essence, subtle, ethereal, completely without mass pure Divine Will.


The common individual is far from these realities and is instead weak, vulnerable and easily breakable. Such is the result of asserting personal will. However, as a spiritual practice under the guidance of one’s Shaykh, one may meditate and imagine himself in these states and filled with their realities depending on his current need.




All of creation maintains coherence via magnetism and magnetic fields, of which iron is the essential element. Significantly, there is no power in the Universe that may create this element other than the immense power and energy of the Sun. It is a heavenly element*, and is so stated by Holy Qur’an.


Thus, to maintain control over oneself and to move towards the human potential, one must acquire control over his magnetic field and the iron in his system. That control must be taken from the reigns of the ego, Shaytan, vain desires and dunya, and handed into the hands of the Divine that a servant may manifest his true capacity.


In summary, magnetism operates in the following manner.

  • One takes an iron rod and coils a wire around it, perhaps hundreds or thousands of times.

  • Modern magnets are coiled at least tens of thousands of times.

  • The more the iron is coiled, the more powerful its resultant magnetic attraction.

  • Then by simply passing electricity to the system, the iron rod becomes magnetized and attracts metal. Similar to Iron in ones blood is charges with energy.


There are many things the spiritual seeker may learn from this physical reality.

  • Specifically, one may gain a valuable understanding of the secret of Haqiqat Jazba, the Reality of Attraction, one of the six powers conferred and realized by the Naqshbandi Murid, one who has totally and completely surrendered his will to that of his Shaykh and Murshid.


Spiritual attraction or magnetism is based in the secret of the Light of the Prophet (S), for it is his Holy Light that is the essence of the unity of creation. When that pure Light is veiled by the density of dunya, veils of separation from reality and the imprisonment and confinement of the soul within the cage of the body is the result. Awliya are they who through having overcome all density by completely abandoning dunya and embracing zuhd, ascetism, shine brilliantly with and as the Light of Prophet (S). Having not been deceived by illusory freedom, their souls have been freed through denial of the body and physicality, which in reality exist only through the insistence and belief of mankind. Because the essence of the Light of Prophet (S) is based in unity, it is naturally attractive, i.e. it seeks unity. Thus, when one is in the presence of a Saint who has completely manifested the Light of Prophet (S), he feels naturally attracted towards him. This is because his soul is seeking unity, and clearly sees and recognizes the ocean from where it came.


It is for this reason that the spiritual practice of Muraqabah, meditation and annihilation in the presence of the Shaykh, is so important for seekers of truth and reality. For during muraqaba, the Murid is but melting in the reality and light of the perfected Shaykh, who manifests completely the Light of Prophet (S). In muraqaba, the Murid is overcoming the barriers of his physicality to return to his source and the essence of his soul, which is the Soul and Light of Prophet (S).

  • Being dressed with the Light of the Shaykh then becomes analogous to wrapping a copper wire around an iron rod. When wrapped thus hundreds, thousands, or even countlessly through perpetual presence, the Murid then harnesses a powerful potential that simply needs to be ignited by the spiritual power of the Shaykh “passing electricity” or permission, ijaza, to the sincere and humble Murid, and so opening for him the reality of the power of attraction for the purpose of guiding lost souls towards their realities and towards unity.

  • The actual physical process described above is particularly relevant with regards to iron because it is iron within the system that binds energy, spiritual light.

  • It is the iron within one’s system that must become purified and perfected through muraqaba and through cleanliness (see below).

  • The state of the iron in one’s system reflects the state of his resultant electromagnetic energy field, or aura.

  • They who have developed a powerful spiritual connection to the Presence of Prophet (S) and their Shaykh will exhibit a brilliant and attractive aura, clearly visible in the spectrum beyond the range of the physical eyes, but within the range of the vision of the heart and soul.


In summary, by being coiled by the light and presence of the Shaykh and Grandshaykhs, of Prophet (S), angels and positive spiritual beings, one becomes powerfully charged and magnetized with divine light and energy, in essence wearing the spiritual jubbah of his lineage, inheriting their specific honors, manifestations and secrets. All of this is related to the iron within one’s system and it is thus critical to physically purify and to keep pure that element within oneself.




The primary vehicle and repository for iron within the human system is the blood, and so it is critical to purify and keep pure the blood.

  • Women have a natural cycle through loss of blood monthly that eliminates negative iron from their system.

  • Because men do not have an automatic system for this process, they tend suffer more so from the effects of iron overload as well as negatively charged iron.

  • By age 40, a man will typically have twice the iron load of a woman, and will consequently experience twice the rate of diabetes, cancer, heart disease and infections.

  • Bacteria, viruses and fungi all utilize iron as a primary growth factor, so lower iron levels in females protect them from infection.

  • Blood loss is a method for controlling stored iron levels, and so full grown men, or women who no longer control iron via monthly blood loss, who regularly donate blood are healthier.

  • It is for this reason that for men, Prophet (S) recommended cupping, blood-letting, “al-hijjama.”

  • The negative and sickly iron within men is deposited at certain points on the back of the shoulder blades, the back of the head, and the coccyx.

  • Prophet (S) and his Companions would carry out cupping at least twice per year, and it has its own Prophetic methodology and interior dimensions.

  • Interestingly, this practice is now returning even to conventional medicine to treat Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, cancer and diabetes.


Suffice it to say that once one spends so much effort purifying and enlightening his system, he must pay equal attention to maintaining and building upon his purity.

  • It is for this reason that seekers and spiritual aspirants pay attention to their food intake, taking great care and precaution to not allow anything negative to enter their system.

  • It becomes pointless to debate regarding Halaal (permitted) and haram (prohibited) for that route but serves to obscure the purpose and intent of the matter, which is to purify oneself to the best of one’s ability.

  • The Sahaba said that they refrained from seven-eighths of what is Halaal out of fear of coming near to what is haram. They did this because they realized the reality of their actions and they were not interested in conforming to the letter of the law, but rather they sought only to arrive at their divine destinations.

  • The Shaykhs of the Naqshbandi order are at least as stringent, sometimes eating almost nothing through the perfection and purification of their selves, and even then saying BismiAllah with each bite so that only light may enter their system. One must become finely attuned to his system and develop an awareness of how all things affect him. Upon realizing the negative effect of a certain action, he must then move towards a higher and more disciplined approach that he may quickly progress towards perfection and freedom.