Secrets of the Power of 9
"The King", 
a Doorway into the Unseen.
The ninth stage is to return to your Cave, as Allah mentioned in Surat al-Kahf, "When ye turn away from them and the things they worship other than Allah, betake yourself to the Cave: your Lord will shower His mercies on you..." [18:16].


"The Cave is the Divine Presence. Here one utters the cherished prayer of the Prophet : 'O God, You are my destination and Your Pleasure is what I seek.' The heart, as it cycles between the cessation and restoration of its pumping, is existing at the level of the Essence of the Divine Presence. Because that Divine Essence is the source of all created being, that heart will be at one with every minutest creation in this universe. The heart which has reached the secrets of the nine points will be able to see everything, hear everything, know everything, taste everything, sense everything, 'Until He will be the ears with which he hears, the eyes with which he sees, the tongue with which he speaks, the hand with which he grasps, and the feet with which he walks. He will be Lordly, he only need say to a thing Be! and it will be.'"

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Graphing The Names of Allah and Rasul Allah
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Entry way to the Divine Before the Bismillah
{Holy Quran 18.60 Behold, Moses said to his attendant,
"I will not give up until I reach the junction of the two seas
or (until) I spend years and years in travel."}
12 Constellations , 12 tribes, 12 veils, represents completion, Khatim Nabieen Seal of Messengers and Completion of the Kingdom.




RasulAllah Names


Surah Quran

12 Veils of Light

Islamic Months





9th Surah Tauba Enter the Cave 9:40

Veil of Power 12,000 x reciting Subhana Rabbil-’ala (Glory be to my Lord, the Lofty).




Rasul Rahma

Al-Fattah 18

The Opener

Kahf 18th
People of Cave Allah will Shower His Mercy

Veil of Grandeur 11,000 x saying, Subhanal ’Alim al-Hakim (Glory be to my Lord, the All-Knowing, the Wise).



Kingdom Opening

Laylat Qadir

Isra Miraj


27. Mudathir

(the Covered One)


Al-Basir 27
The Seer of All

AnNaml Ant 27th   

Sayedena Solomon Kingdom control of Heavens and earth powers Mulk Power of BismiAllah

Veil of Kindness, 10,000 x saying Subhana man huwa da’im, la yaqta (Glory to Him who is perpetual, who never ends).

RabyAwal- Birth of Nabi Muhammad (s)


Heart of Quran


36. Muhyi

(the Reviver)

Al-'Ali 36 The Highest

YaSeen 36th
Arrived at The Heart of Quran Secret of Rasul

Veil of Mercy, 9,000 x , saying: Subhana-rafi’-al-`ala (Glory be to the Elevated, the High).

Raby al Thanny



45. Shahir
(the Famous)


Al-Wasi' 45
The All-Comprehending

Jassiyah 45th

45.13 And hath made of service unto you{ Muhammadan Kingdom) whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth; it is all from Him. Lo! herein verily are portents for a people who reflect.

Veil of Bliss, 8,000 x saying, Subhana man huwa qa’imun la yanam. (Glory to Him who is ever existent, who sleeps not).

Jumaada al-Awwal-



54. Siraj
( the Lamp)


Al-Matin 54 The Forceful One

Qamar 54

54.11 Then opened We the gates of heaven with pouring water { Safina t Nejat}

54.55 Firmly established in the favour of a Mighty King.

Veil of Munificence; 7,000 x praising, Subhana-man huwal-ghaniyu la yafqaru (Glory be to Him who is rich, who never grows indigent).

Jumaada al-Thanny-

63 age of Rasul mirror of 36


63. Hafiy
(the Welcoming)


Al-Qayyum 63 The Self-Existing One

Munafiquun 63
Only way Thru Rasul

63.8 They say: Surely, if we return to Al-Madinah the mightier will soon drive out the weaker; when might belongeth to Allah and to His messenger and to the believers; but the hypocrites know not.

Veil of Rank. 6,000 x saying: Subhana man huwal Khaliq-an-Nur (Glory to Him who is the Creator, the Light).

Rajab- Allah Month to Raise Seclusions, Isra wal Miraj


8 72. Makin
(the Firm)

Al-Mu'akhkhir 72 The Delayer

Jinn 72
72.26 (He is) the Knower of the Unseen, and He revealeth unto none His secret, 72.27 Save unto every messenger whom He hath chosen, and then He maketh a guard to go before him and a guard behind him

Veil of Guidance 5,000 x praising saying, Subhana man lam yazil wa la yazal. (Glory to Him whose existence does not cease, who does not vanish).

Shaban- Rasuls Month - Nisfa Shaban, Imam Mahdi {as}, Spiritual New Year.



81. Dhu Fadl

(the Possessor of Grace)

Al-Muntaqim 81 The Avenger

Takwir 81
81.7 And when
souls are reunited

81.19 That this is in truth the word of an honoured messenger

81.20 Mighty, established in the presence of the Lord of the Throne

81.27 This is naught else than a reminder unto all creation

Veil of Prophethood 4,000 x “Subhana man taqarrab bil-qudrati wal-baqa.” (Glory to Him who draws nigh to His Omnipotence and Immortality).

Ramadan- Laylait Qadir-Fasting-

9th Veil




90. Ni'matullah
(the Blessings of Allah)

Al-Mani' 90
The Preventer of Harm

Balad 90
Madinatul Ilm
90.11 But he hath not attempted the Ascent

90.13 (It is) to free a slave

90.18 Their place will be on the right hand

Veil of Eminence, 3,000 x saying, “Subhana dhil-’arshi ‘amma yasifun.” (Glory be to the Owner of the Throne, above all else attributed to Him).



Divine Mirror


11 99.Mustafa
(Chosen One)
As-Sabur 99 The Patient One
ZilZalaha 99
Qiyama Die before Death
99.1 When Earth is shaken with her (final) earthquake
Veil of Light. 2,000 x praying, “Subhana dhil-Mulk wal-Malakut.” (Glory to the Lord over the heavenly and earthly Kingdoms). Dhul Qiddah- Holy
Divine Mirror King of Heavens King of Forms



Qaf -100



108. Abu at-Taiyeb
(Good Father Fragrant one)



Jabbar 9th

Kawthar 108

The Pond of Rasul to Dress The Nation For Paradise

108.1 Lo! We have given thee Abundance


Veil of Intercession, 1,000 x saying “Subhana-rabbil-’azhim” (Glory to my Lord, the Sublime). Sajdah for Magnificence and Munificence Dhul- Hajj - Marifat Shifa- of Rasul 
He is Veil between Creator and Creation . return to your Lord.

Al-Haqq= Ha=8 + Qaf=100= "108"   1+0+8=9

The Messenger of Allah Born on the 3 Month The Veil of Rahma, He is a Mercy to all Creation. 12th Day because 12 is the Completion The Hajj to your Lord and the Grand Intercessor to the Creator



Al-Haqq= Ha=8 + Qaf=100= "108"   1+0+8=9