Secrets of Ablution/Wudu and Power in the Hands

First Step: understanding wudu and the importance of the hands

By Shaykh Hisham al-Kabbani


Allah (swt) showed us what is right and what is wrong. And what is right is very well explained by Prophet (s), and what is wrong is very well explained by Prophet (s). And what benefits us, Prophet was the first to explain it. Wa ma arsalnaaka illa rahmatan lil `alameen. Whatever benefits us, he was responsible to deliver, or else he will be asked why he hid it.


Allah (swt) trusted the Prophet with whatever He created, and whatever He created was released through the Prophet’s message. So through Allah’s message, Prophet (a) was able to reach every person, both in his time and after his time. He was the first one who taught Sahaba (r) the use of energy and what is available of different powers around us in this world.


There are many ways that the Prophet has shown us to heal, one of which is described in the Hadith of the blind man who asked the Prophet to restore his sight.

The Prophet taught him the dua to recite, but he didn’t say to him, “Go and read this dua.”


 He (s) said to that blind man, “The first step is to go to the ablution area and make ablution.” It means ablution is the opening for the cure of every sickness. If you don’t have ablution, your effort to cure that disease will be minimal.


  Wherever you are reaching, high levels of struggling against the ego and preventing the desires of the ego, using that power when you contradict the ego, building the power more and more, when the negative energy goes away from you, the positive energy increases.


 But with ablution that will be thousands and thousand times more powerful than what it used to be. So Prophet (s) said, “Go and make ablution.”


The first level of wudu

When you make wudu, other than niyyat  [intention] what is first action? It is washing the hands up to wrist, and in between the fingers. When you are washing the hands, it means the first movement you are doing is using the hands, so the first level of energy is in the hands.


That is why you see people who are attempting to learn from and adopt Islamic ways, especially the people of India and China who believe in Bhuddism, first they use their hands as a method to release energy from their body, because they collect energy through their body like a dish, or a parabola.


They collect these energies and release them through their hands. The body acts as a collector of energy. Through their different movements of very stressful exercises throughout their body, they begin to acquire that kind of energy and concentrate it and release it through their hands. To heal sick people. Everything that they use in healing has an effect using energy.


The best example of this is laser surgery, which, through modern technology, uses laser light to cure eye disease and even blindness. They don’t use equipment anymore, only lasers.


So the blind man, when he asked the Prophet (s), the Prophet gave him a hint that through the release of energy, that blindness will go. Fourteen hundred years ago the Prophet healed blindness through energy. So what do we learn from this? Make ablution, and clean yourself.


This is why he (s) said, “The weapon that protects you from the enemy is ablution.”

Wudu can release energy and burn it by releasing it through the hands. The blind man learned that and used it, which we will discuss later.


The actions of wudu

That man went through many different actions and was cured instantly of blindness. Therefore, when you take ablution:


Wash your hands and then rub them;

Turn the right over the left and the left over the right. You cannot begin with left over right; you must begin with right over left; then,

Clean between the fingers and intersect the fingers of one hand with the fingers of the other hand, coming like this, with the right thumb on the left and the left thumb on the right.


They use this in the Buddhist methods of healing without knowing the Islamic secret. They release this energy to the afflicted areas of the body. First, you are using ten fingers. Ten (10) is the power of computer energy, one and zero. That energy that Allah taught computer programmers is being channeled to computers through hands, and you are seeing all the miraculous power of computers.


So if the computer has that great power, that energy can also be channeled to heal. They use it without knowing why; they don’t know the Islamic aspect, which is the one and zero. That is why you see if you open your hands and draw a line (connecting the fingertips) you form a circle. It is 20 cm. around.


So the hand represents the body, and as you open the body to form a circle, the entire body is in the hand, just as they teach in reflexology. Through different points in the body you can heal. The higher level through reflexology is not to touch; in that case, the hands act as a receiver of positive energy, and when the hands are extended like a satellite dish (as they teach in Islamic healing), without thinking or imagining, but posing your body as a complete circle, energy emanating from the cosmos is transmitted to you and your body receives it, pulling it through your body and concentrating it through the heart. This is a 15-minute meditative technique that we will discuss later.


Symbolically, this is how the whole body is a circle and the hand is a circle. The body acquires that energy, receiving it from the left hand and right hand, and channeling it throughout the body.


So when you begin washing the hands and rubbing to activate them, that is sign of one and zero, and you are actually activating the codes Allah has given us through the hands. This is why we begin to rub right over left and left over right. If you stand in a mirror, you see in your reflection the left is right and the right is left. If you stand with your arms spread, you see the opposite. If you are looking from the other side, the left becomes right and right becomes left. That is because we are an image of the reality.


In Heaven the left is the right and the right is the left.  This means the right must submit to the left, because in the `alam al-arwaah, the right is left and the left is right. Here in dunya is the opposite: the right is left, while in akhira the left is right! Here in dunya, when we make tawaaf of Ka’aba Shareef we move anti-clockwise, not clockwise, which is the mirror image of clockwise in akhira, where we move left to right: clockwise.


To activate that power, Allah is telling us, “I am activating your powers from the 99 Beautiful Names and Attributes that I stamped in your hands.”


Rubbing produces fire from two sticks. Rubbing produces energy. By rubbing the hands during wudu, the water prevents the energy from going out; it freezes it. That is why the Silah al-mumin al-wudu (The weapon of the believer is ablution.) As soon as you rub, that creates energy and by rubbing under water that keeps the energy in the body to be released later. When we rub our hands we are preparing energy to keep it and to save for use against the enemy.


When we want to heal we don’t use water.

Using water during wudu, we are collecting and storing energy. In healing, we rub with no water and open the hand to release that energy. How is that code activated? If you look at your right hand on it is the Arabic number 18 and on the

left hand is the Arabic number 81. 18 plus 81 represents the 99 Names of Allah, each number consisting of one (1) and eight (8). One plus eight (18), and eight plus one (81) together make 99. Add 99 together (18 = 1+8 and 8+1 = 81) and you get 9.


This explains the meaning of the nine points of the self, which represent the nine awliya responsible for the self. These nine points are used in the Enneagram; a teaching from Central Asia, from Naqshbandi people, which I once explained. They use this in a linear way, but in fact it is a circle. If you talk to (----), I taught her how to use that. They have nine bullet points that consist of the whole system, the whole body.


When you rub the fingers you activate the 99 Beautiful Names of Allah, which in turn activate the nine points that are on your body. By example we could say when the nine points are activated, the receiver is now on, energy goes in, it begins to receive, and it is digitized and released as a picture and a sound, much like we are seeing today with digital technology.


Similarly, the hands are circles, and when we rub them and open them they begin to act as circles over each other, taking whatever energy they receive and managing it. That is why in martial arts they use the hands, but they don’t know why it is energy; they don’t know about the 99 Names and Attributes and how they are protected through the Names. They don’t know, but nevertheless, Allah gives to whomever He pleases. He lets them use those powers; they know there is a power there but don’t know why. They make quick moves and use that to defend themselves and protect others and to defeat the enemy.


When Prophet (s) healed Sayyidina `Ali’s eye, he opened for him that Reality. That is why through that energy he has in his hands, he was able to carry the world to his knees, because that energy was carrying the world to his knees.


So when you are activating the 8 and 1 and 1 and 8 (which are the 99 Names), in numerology nine is equal to zero and you don’t add this number, for it doesn’t exist anymore. It means submission, complete submission, when you activate that energy you are under that energy’s submission, submitting to that Heavenly energy that is coming.


Becoming a conduit for Allah’s cosmic healing energies

You are no longer seeing yourself acting but that energy is acting, you become zero. Like going in a plane or train or car; they each submit to the person driving them. You submit to the energy coming and you release it out. Your body becomes like a receiver and a reflector. TV receivers only act as receiver that reflects the image. It is not them doing the job; it is the Heavenly energy doing the job.


That shows us how far we can go with these numbers when we activate them together – the 18 and the 81 ‑ and the significance of the 18 and the 81. We will leave that to another session.


Why is it 18 and why is it 81? This is significant, and I don’t know even what will come. That is an introduction to these different techniques that they are trying to adopt without knowing its background, and how they can affect more through their healing.


So after rubbing the hands and expediting the release of energy, you still end up on 19. (Here is 18 and here is 81. Add them and you get 99. Add 9 and 9, you get 18. Add the 1 and 8, you get 9. So you activated the 9.)


When you rub and activate the nine, now you pass the water (if you check, those who know how to make wudu, not everyone knows to intersect the fingers), then you are activating the 10. The 10 and the nine, comes to 19. And recently they found that every ayat in the Holy Qur’an is on 19. And that 19, wa yahmilu arsh arrahmani yawmadhin thamaaniyya. “…and eight will, that Day, bear the Throne of thy Lord above them. (69:17) And those holding Hellfire are 19.


Hell is energy, so that is the power of energy. You are activating the negative energy to heal the negative energy. You need poison to heal poison – that is why they give antibiotics.  That 19 is the number of angels responsible for Hellfire. So you use that negative energy that comes from them. If you multiply by negative you get positive. You heal sickness by fire that comes from Hellfire.


When that energy is released, it completely breaks down the poison in the system. That is how you activate the 19 together. The 8, which relates to the 8 here, the 1 and 8 and the 8 and the 1.


When Allah’s Throne comes on Judgment Day, eight angels are carrying it. It means they are carrying the 1; the 8 is carrying the 1. Allah reveals that in our hands. You are also activating the good energy when you release it. After you destroy the negative energies with negative energy, you want to dress them with the 8 and the 1 (the good, Heavenly energy). That is why the ill people then feel strong and that they are cured.


When you activate that Heavenly energy by rubbing the hands, you are activating the number nine; that is complete submission. Now you are letting your body submit to the cosmic energy that you receive, which is fiery energy.


When you activate with the 10 you are activating the energy. That negative energy is not bad because it is the power of the negative one, and you defeat the enemy by using tools of that enemy. An example of this is the energy from Sun, which is a fire energy but at the same time it is healing and useful. You use negative to heal negative, to destroy it completely. In this way, you leave them with nothing (clean), and then activate the 8 and the 1.


Insha`Allah we will continue with more on healing soon.

Bi hurmat al-habib bi hurmat al-Fatiha.