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The 7 Points of the Head

that Open the 9 Points of the Body

Building Up Your Energy

& Trying to Keep It  

Part 1 Core Meditation                                                        Defending Against bad Energy

Muraqabah/ Sufi Meditation Series Building Energy  

Start The Spiritual Healing                                          7 Points That Open 9 Points PDF file

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Shaykh al-Kamel

The Complete Guide

Example of Complete Perfection


Look to Him to see
your example
"When God wants to manifest Himself, He looks at His creation. His first attention goes to human beings because they resemble him. Those who resemble Him the most among them, are the saints; hence the Prophet said of them: 'They remind you of The Divine.'
"We also pity you because human beings are unwilling to open themselves to attract the angelic power by which they reach the state of heavenly knowledge that is their inheritance. That makes us appear in your human form in varying shapes and degrees of light, in different places and to different ages of human life, to remind you that you have been honored with an angelic power and a divine likeness.
Keep the likeness! Use the angelic power! It shall elevate you to that luminous station without which God said:
'Verily, those for whom God did not appoint light, they will never inherit light!' (24:40) and He said: 'Light upon light!' (24:35)
declaring that the light of the heart's vision must be connected with the light of angelic power, ensuring success and guidance to all human beings. That light shall then appear over the entire human realm like a rising sun and a rising moon over all of creation, without ever setting. The light of this power, at that time, will make every individual like a moon, that is, a heavenly body that will reflect the original light for the rest of creation. By this light, this world will be preserved, the love of nature will rule the earth, and everyone will live in peace and love, swimming in the ocean of angelic beauty and harmony."  Images By SALIM of Burton
7 0 0 7
7 Eternal Attributes that Dress
7 Noble Openings on the Crown of Creation
are the Gateway to the 9 Sacred Points
The Crown of Creation is the Holy Head
The Seeker must safeguard this grant from The Divine.
2-Ears in which to Hear with,
2-Eyes in which to See with,
2-Nostils in which to Breath with,
1-Mouth/Tongue in which to Taste/Speak with.
These are 7-blessed openings on Human creation.
many recitation are in numbers of 7 for this reason.
5-Sense of Hearing, Seeing, Touch, Smell Taste
If Guarded These Points are the opening for all your spiritual energies.
If harmed these will be the source of all miseries.
Images are Ugly to Show The Extent of Harm that is being done to this
Noble Creation .
  Point of Energy on the Crown  
Eyes are the window to the Soul



Ears Door to the Soul
Nose is the Breath of Mercy
Mouth is Tongue of Truth.
Crown of the Head.
Taken from the Teaching of Shaykh Hisham Al-Kabbani-
Soft when new born, this is a source of great emanations Light and Energy from the Divine . Safeguarding  this Point to protect against Negative energies trying to draw that energy away from you.
Protection For this Point
  • Ablution and Head cover or cap.
  • Also during sleep try to sleep with a cap..
  • Long hair takes away from men's spiritual energy .
  • For women Long hair increases energy.
Holy Quran The Heights 7:179. Many are the Jinn's and men we have made for Hell: They have hearts wherewith they understand not, eyes wherewith they see not, and ears wherewith they hear not. They are like cattle,- nay more misguided: for they are heedless (of warning).
Ears, The Door to the Soul
1-Ears: Door to the Soul
Harmful Effects
  • Approach your Lord from the Door.
  • Hearing is The First order.
  • We Heard the Message and we accept.
  • This is the Divine Doorway to the Soul. -Evilness knows this, so what is so prevalent now.
  • Horrible sounds that are being Pumped into the ears and Blocking the Doorway to the Soul. Everyone has a walkman like pouring cement on the doorway.
  • Attempting to Darken and Harm that reality.
2-Ears: Door to Soul
Protection for Ears
  • Approach The Divine by the Door not the window.
  • Protection for this Opening is to Listen to your inner voice or conscious is most important first step towards inner realities is to hear your angelic beings assisting you.
  • Hear only Quran or Salawat. Holy Recitation or Praising of the Prophets of The Divine. Melodies that remind you of Love and tranquility.
  • Love & Holy Recitations are Rocket fuel for the soul.
Eyes, The Window to the Soul
3-Eyes: Window to the Soul
Harmful Effects
  • Eyes are Desire for Dunya or Materialism.
  • Have you heard the expression your eyes are "Hungry".
  • The Divine showing us thru our technology.
  • If you allow your computer to endlessly capture images especially negative ones. Your hard drive will "crash."
  • Your Heart is already crashing with endless negative, horror,  violence pornographic or vulgar images.
  • All images are saved and difficult to purge. "Forgetting Images is very difficult"
4-Eyes: Window to the Soul
Protection for
  • To "take away Dunya" or Materialism One Must
  • "Close the Eyes often" and Meditate.
  • Protection of This Opening is to Reduce the intake of harmful images.
  • See only Good, read holy scriptures those are images to remember.
  • Close your Eyes to the Material World and Ask for the Divine to Open Eyes of The Heart.
Nostrils: The Divine Breath
Nafas Rahma
5-6- Nostrils: Divine Gift of Life in the Breath

"The most important mission for the seeker in this Order is to safeguard his breath, and he who cannot safeguard his breath, it would be said of him, 'he lost himself.'"

Shah Naqshband (q) said, "This Order is built on breath. So it is a must for everyone to safeguard his breath in the time of his inhalation and exhalation and further, to safeguard his breath in the interval between the inhalation and exhalation."

Don't be heedless the Gift of Life is "24ooo breaths in each day".
Our lives on earth are One breath away.
All the planning in the world won't change when it is our last breath. Praise the Divine Life which  is in Each Breath. Hu Allah Inhale and Hu Exhale.
Evilness wishes to fill this channel with cigarettes or drugs to come against this
Divine Gift of Breath.
The Mouth & Tongue of Truth
7-Mouth /Tongue: Mawlana Bistami: He said, "For thirty years, when I wanted to remember Allah and do dhikr I used to wash my tongue and my mouth for His glorification."
The Tongue of Truth, The Holy Passage of Sustence and Power for The Human Beings.
That is  why The Divine Orders "the Fasting",
  • it  is the Highest action one can do with highest reward from the Divine.
  • When you Decide to really fast :
  • Purifying  all Hearing,
  • Seeing ,
  • Breathing,
  • Touching
  • All Your "5" Senses you are Submitting to Your Lord, Then Your "5" Levels of the Heart will be also submitting to the Divine.
  • He will open for your from the "Tongue of Truth".
Holy Quran Maryam 19:50. And We bestowed of Our Mercy on them, and We granted them lofty honour on the tongue of truth. 
The Divines Highest Gift is the Gift of  Wisdom. The one who has the power to revive the dead. The Dead Souls, that are in need of Heavenly realities.
Holy Quran 2:269. He granteth wisdom to whom He pleaseth; and he to whom wisdom is granted receiveth indeed a benefit overflowing; but none will grasp the Message but men of understanding.
Protection for The Mouth & Tongue
Safeguarding the Mouth:
  • This is a Holy Opening , this is where the tongue testifies to the Lords Oneness.
  • The Tongue of Truth and power of speech.
  • - Eating only Divinely Prescribed Foods
  • -Abstaining from forbidden Beverages and Foods.
  • -Speaking Good words -Truthfulness
  • -Reduce Anger
  • -Keeping Tongue moist in Dhikrullah or essential remembrance.
  • Secret of  SIWAK Tooth stick is the grounding wood for taking negative energies out of the mouth.
  • Because he said Wa in min shayyin illa yusabhih bihamidiwa laakin laa tafqahoona tasbihahum …
  • It means Everything is existing in it's Praise-even a rock is praising - it has Atomic Energy.
Harmful Effects
The Mouth is the Canal for Energy and Sustence for the maintenance of your being, as soon as you eat 32 teeth are crunching down on the food filled with energies.
  • Then that energy is divided amongst 16 teeth take the good energy.
  • 16 teeth take the bad energy.
  • That energy is then disbursed into the body mainly sent to the Heart. and the stomach.
  • Garbage Foods forbidden beverages, and bad words cursing yelling shouting anger are Poisons in the mouth and then sent to all the body.
  • Leading cause of Heart Disease and all illnesses of the Intestines.
  • The Prophets Prayer for Siwak in Mouth " O My Lord Protect My Heart from Bad Character, Anger and Associating anything with you." This was the Prayer when He use Tooth Stick. Showing that to much  Badness Enters is from the Mouth.
The Process of Submission will return Humans to the Image of  The Divine. It is the image of Honor Love Respect and Chivalry.
That Energy is Directed to the crown of the head ,
It is Safeguarded with a "Cover" .
The Shaykhs head cover stresses the importance of covering the Top and the Triangle Taj or Hat under the Turban Cloth is pointing to the Heavens showing that Islam-Iman-leads to Ihsan. Religion plus Faith = Moral Excellence
You can imagine an energy connection  into the spiritual heart of the universe from your crown Lataif/ Chakra while intending that you be aligned with the highest soul purpose while staying well connected to the physical plane.
Imagine Energy from above all focusing to One point, on the top the Turban and like a condensed Laser light entering the Crown Lataif or Chakra.
You are contained within your self and connected to Earth and the physical and to spiritual source  at the same time in a harmonious balance with the universe .
Focusing Energy from Heavens to Crown of Head. Turban Cloth is the Burial shroud of the seeker to remind him that this life is temporary and that the hereafter is the permanent Eternal abode.
Hair on Head: For Men Hair on the head diminishes spiritual power and increases vanity and pride as in the Jungle where male Animals adorn themselves to attract females. Humanity is not like Animals, the Divine role for Men is to serve The Divine Kingdom . The nobility of a man is in the Crown upon His Head.
Beard: This is the Spiritual Power of Heavenly Men. Angles will flock to the Beard and anoint those hairs with angelic powers.
The Secrets of the Mouth.
Is Safeguarded with SIWAK {tooth Stick}
The Mouth is the a Holy Opening for Sustenance, Breathing, Speaking.
The Prophets teaching that controlling the opening of the mouth is of highest concern and can earn tremendous reward or eternal doom.
The Food we eat is filled with energy ,radio waves electromagnetic radiation what ever is in the atmosphere and emitting from creation is absorbed in the food we eat , air we breath.
This energy collects in the mouth and will try to be absorbed by the teeth and then sent into the body where it will go to the heart and into the blood and then to the stomach area. If this energy is Bad or overwhelming negative energy then Physical and Spiritual Sickness occur.
Enmity destroys teeth,  Bad energies  Darken and weaken the heart and poison the body.
The SIWAK is a grounding  stick that will draw out negative energy from the mouth.
If Negative energy is in the mouth, ones words are like fire, when positive energy in the mouth like sweetness that people make take benefit from.
The Prophets Prayer was " O My Lord Clean my Heart from bad thoughts and action and Anger" when we use the Siwak which is made from the root of certain trees. Later we will find that the highest reward from the Divine is the "Fast". The Divine is showing us that This Mouth The Testifies to His Oneness and the Tongue that Sings His Praise is a tremendous opening safeguard it for the Highest opening of the Heart is Based on its preservation.
The Power of the Ring and Safeguarding it.
The Blessed Ring is Worn on the RIGHT hand , second finger near pinky.
The Purpose of the ring is a protection against Enmity, which is a very powerful negative force. Unfortunately Human creation does not understand the gift of energy or what we call life that was given to us. This Atomic energy is always flowing when we feel good others in our ocean of energy will feel good.
Be with the Righteous for they are the best of company because they will Enlighten you.
But if someone is negative they will send out the negativity to people. causing many sicknesses.
The Prophet Muhammad {s} taught that the use of the Ring on the Right Hand {Because of the Right are Ashab al Yamin people of the Right are Blessed, takes away Enmity. Preferable rings and Amber or Turquoise.  For Men silver or Steel base with no gold. {Left Hand is used for Cleaning and for Restroom and unclean.}
  • AMBER- an electromagnetic gem. It opens the solar plexus Lataif Chakra and can aid in enhancing and balancing moods, obtaining mental clarity, and confidence. It can also be used to purify or detoxify.}
  • TURQUOISE- general healer, multi-purpose, relieves many negative emotions, increases psychic connections, divination, communication, creativity, serenity, uplifting, sooths and calms. }
The Cane and Safeguarding your Energy. It is Your Grounding Mechanism.
Take from Heavens and send Negative to the Earth.
Two feet and One cane like modern day electrical prong. This was the way of all Divine Messengers. "Grounding"
By Now we are seeing that The Divine Presence sent messengers to teach scriptures, laws, morals but most of all how to reach perfection to return to the Angelic state in which we where created.
“You are undoubtedly familiar with electrical grounding energy and its properties, through your experience with sunshine. It is a warming, expansive kind of energy, which can make you feel open, contented, and encompassed or held.
On the other hand, too much electrical energy coming in can make you feel lightheaded, disoriented, burned out ("fried"), or jumpy and irritable. Too much (or not enough) heavenly  energy may make you crave sugar.
Too much (or not enough) earth energy may announce itself through cravings for salt.
The Eternal Struggle Between Energy of the Heavens & Energy of the Earth.
How To Balance and Safeguard oneself.
This symbol expresses a continuous flow of "Qudra" or Power in a circular direction as it generates the two opposing forces of positive and negative, darkness and light, heaven and earth, man and woman. { Binary Active 1, Passive 0}
These forces interact to balance each other's excesses and to bring into existence the physical and metaphysical realms.
 The yin and yang represent all the opposite principles one finds in the universe.
  • Under yang { Active or 1}are the principles of maleness, the sun, creation, heat, light, Heaven, dominance, and so on, and
  • under yin { Passive 0}are the principles of femaleness, the moon, completion, cold, darkness, material forms, submission, and so on.
  • Each of these opposites produce the other:
Grounding in the elemental self
“Your body is a transformer of energy.
You bring in electrical energy from the cosmos 
You bring in magnetic energy from the earth,  and your body mixes and uses these two energies, generally within the areas of the Naval Button and Heart.
The lower part of the body is the entryway for a lot of the magnetic energy. That is what you might consider to be "earth grounding" energy. And the top of your head and back of the neck is the usual doorway for the electrical or "sky grounding" energy.
“In you earth and Heavens meet and mingle. It is your nature to blend these two as fuel for your life here on the planet.
That is why you have a Physicality that Requires Earthly Energy . You also have a Soul that requires Heavenly Energy.
“Earth energy is also something we are sure you know well. It is heavy and solid. It is slow, stately and reassuring. If you lie on the ground for a while, feeling the solidity of earth, the support of the ground beneath you, the heaviness of being a physical creature, that is magnetic energy.
Too much of it can make you feel confused, lazy, logy, or sleepy.
Heavenly Emanation Raining down upon you
Earthly Energies coming thru the contact with the earth. These forces are clashing within the Abdomen. The Prophet {s} warn us that all sickness starts from the stomach.  {Male & Female}
Above  we covered Protection for the Head, Mouth Hands, and grounding aspect of the Cane in Sufi Healing. All of this is now Showing how to Bring energy into your being , how to preserve that energy and how to release negative unwanted energy.
Big Secret Within the Womb of a women is called the "Rahm" RaHaMeem" the mercy and secret of creation is a gift of the Divine. Without this we would not be born and the cycle of life would not continue. Protecting that Point Meditating on it and cover it with clothing is essential in its safeguarding.
Evilness wishes to expose that point and pull from the secret of life from women. They feed on that energy that they don't have.
Keep connected with someone more Pious than our selves. This is the Foundation of our way  Do the Core Meditation Step 1
Sufi Meditation Muraqabah Rabita Shareef Taffakur Next Protection Against Evilness
Step 1 Secrets of Fusion with Your Divine Reality
Understanding Unity with guide to develop Energy and destroy Bad Habits and sinful Character. Destroy negative shell around us.
Step 2 Power of The Hands   
Details on how to energize hands with Divine Names & Prophetic Names . Power of Washing and Rubbing. Releasing energy
Step 3 Secrets of 7 Points , 9 Points & Spiritual Healing   
Where does the Energy come from and where is it distributed around the body. Learning How to Ignite the 7 Points ( 2 more points for all 9 Points) Then 5 point of the heart. There are over 360 points on humans.
Step 4 Opening the 7 Points of the Head a Gateway to the 9 Points of the Body:
 What are the main Chakras or Lataif of energy on the body ,  its protection and understanding harmful action. Power of The Sunnah
Step 5 Protection Against Evilness:
Defending Yourself Against Evilness , In His Dress is the Dress of Power.
Fana in the Shaykh is the Only way to have the Power of RasulAllah Dressing You.

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