3 Lights of Creation



Rajabun Shahrullah, Shaban shahr an-Nabi and Ramadan opening shahr al-ummah.


The Secret of the three Recitations of Surah Ya-Seen [36] and Allah granting us the secret of life, wa laqad karamna bani Adam (as).


The Divine heart wants to be known. The favor of Rajab is to be free from intercession of anything in creation. That is, no creation has yet manifested in the ocean of creation. No angel and no creation will bring that reward to us. That is from the secret of the Divine heart that is moving in Rajab and from the creation of that light which is moving in Rajab. We recite the first Surah Ya-Seen for the reality of that heart and recite the first of three Surat al-Ikhlas, which is from that divine heart. This is the inclination of the Divine to create creation.


Once that will is begun the divine act of the manifestation of creation occurs.


Next Ya-Seen is for shahr Shaban.

Rajab is the light of La ilaha ila-Allah

& Muhammadan RasulAllah is for Shaban.


He is ash-Shafi.

The secret of Shaban is related to the secret of Prophet [s]. If not for Muhammadan RasulAllah that ocean would not have manifested. The second Ikhlas in our awrad is related to that Creation of The Unique Light of Existence or Ahadiyya [Uniqueness]. That light is the originating source of all light and is unique because it comes from the Divine Presence. Any other color on that spectrum of light is from it.


The Samadiyya [Self Sustaining] is the light directly from the Divine Presence. You cannot feed it nor give it sustenance and therefore it is being received directly from the Divine Presence.


The light of Shaban is manifesting from the light of the Prophet [s].

When you write the Kalima, the importance of nisf Shaban is the mid point which is called the "qaaba qawsayni aw adna". Two Bow lengths or nearer. The point where the two points intersect is the spiritual new year and that is where our light is coming into existence. Whatever is dressed upon that light is coming onto that point and is dressed at that specific point of time. Only Allah bestows or dresses that light and it is the originating source of your light. At that point He decides what sustenance your soul will receive for that year.




By the month of Ramadan that light is born. It is the ninth lunar month.

The importance of nine and the manifestation appears in that month. Ramadan is the month in which our light is born. Like the Gestation of a Child in the Womb [Rhem] That manifestation from the light of Prophet [s] is born and its sustenance is decreed and given existence.





The 3 hearts:

  • 1 - Divine Heart that no one can reach and is the originating source of fire, love and intuition. It is the originating spark and that divine heart is found only in the heat of the second heart.
  • 2 -The Heart of Sayyidina Muhammad (s). The quloob al-Muhammadiyya and the heart of creation. This is the Container of all power in this known universe

Wa laqad karamna bani Adam (as).

The reason we study the heart is not for the cosmos but is based on the heart is the presence of The Divine.

  • 3 – Adam’s (as) Heart. You are the only creation given that heart as it is a reflection of the Prophetic heart and only through this heart can you reach to  Allah’s gift. Open that heart, go forward into it and reflect. That is the heart of Sayyidina Muhammad (s). You do not point to any direction or focus on anything except that one heart. You point your telescope towards that direction so that your Kabah is your heart. When you are coming for this purpose and freeing Mecca by destroying the 360 idols, you are now copying the Prophet’s marifah and He will take you to Divine Presence.


The Holy Prophet’s example for us: 

  1. Live in Mecca, i.e.. "Your Hearts Desires"
  2. Must leave Mecca, i.e.. "Your Hearts Desires"
  3. Move Towards Medina Al Munawira " City of LIGHTS"
  4. Major Battles to Save you from Hellfire and then you may return to Mecca
  5. Mecca "The Heart is now filled with Divine Love" and you destroy the idols. You make your heart and body a Masjid, or place of worship. It is completely pure and purified for your Lord and free from filth and idols.


You have 360 idols, one on each point of your body. Each point of the 360 Lataifs/ Chakras has an evilness sitting there, guarding and preventing it from submitting to the Divine Presence. Through the focus on the Shaykh and with the meditation and spiritual practices it becomes much easier to follow the Holy Prophet’s example.


Then the three last big idols must be removed.  These are the Three Jammarat [Stoning of Devils on Hajj] and are the same process in your spiritual pursuit. As you try to open your heart, by Muraqabah, the Shaykh is taking away all the evilness on the Lataif / chakras and making them to submit to the Divine Presence. As we practice more and more in his way, it is his light and guidance which can remove these idols.


To achieve this we must be in Muraqabah of the Shaykh.

We must Open the lock upon the ears,

Open the lock on the heart,

and remove the veil on our eyes.


That is why the Arabic letter Sheen is for Arsh [ Divine Throne] has three dots on it; they are three locks. The purpose of the spiritual practices is to unlock the three locks on the hearts reaching towards the Divine heart through the Prophetic heart. These lights are moving from Rajab to Shaban to Ramadan.


This is the importance of the awrad that we recite. The awrad of Sayyidina Ali [as] for completion of the Quran is the Naqshbandiyya wird. That is the fulfillment of reading the Quran with all its secrets. Intention to recite the awrad on the intention of the Shaykhs.


Three Surat al-Ikhlas has to do with that reality.

The secret of number 3. We have 1 and then we have 2 which is reflection of 1.

2 + 1 is three.

Three – from which everything is born. Light of Allah, Light of Prophet, and Light of Creation.



One is Ahad or Unique Oneness.

One is Wahid Oneness.

One is The Essence and Wahid is the reflection of the Ahad.

One – Allah.

Creation is from the other “one” which is Wahid.

From the one and two the rest of creation is born.


Everything then is born from three. 3+1=4, …3+6=9


Secret of The soul & light is in the understanding of  3.

3 + 1 =  4 form is given. The four elements that make up the form.
3 + 2 =  5

five senses, which you use to find your lord, hearing, seeing, touching,

smelling and tasting.

3 + 3 =  6 you are a reflection of the divine soul so 6, al-Wadud. This creation is born from love. HabibAllah, from Allah’s love (ishk), comes Muhammad (s) from his Love (ishk) comes all creation
3 + 4=  7 The guide, the calipha (al-Hadi), gives birth to the importance of seven. Seven holy openings, seven levels of the atom. 2 ears, 2 eyes, 2 nostrils a one mouth. Soul and Form are Created and a Guide is Born. The Honor of our creation and importance of the viceroy. These 3 orifices take in air and the other 4 openings are the two ears and 2 eyes, the hearing and seeing aspect of creation.
3 + 5=  8 The Soul with the secret of life is Ever Living (al-Hayat), eternal Circle of Life. When we are born we die and when we die we are born into a new reality. Each Ending is the Birth of a New Reality.  Contradictory reality. Allah is infinite and creation is an eternal cycle. Ya Da’im Ya Da’im is describing the eternal journey. We are always asking to have a good journey.


3 + 6=  9 3 + 6 [wadud] The Soul that opens the Secret of Divine Love and opens the power of 9 which is the highest authority. 9 is the Sultan, the king, Abdullah. Perfect submission is due to the secret of the number 9, so the Heart of the Quran, Surah 36 Ya-Seen, is seen in the mirror

Anytime we recite 11 times Surat al-Ikhlas, it relates to that secret of the mirror of Creation; Allah’s Essence reflecting to Muhammad [s], the Abd.


3  for the power of Three Holy Lights.

Seven relates to Hadi or perfection of the soul and perfection of our form.

Then this perfect creation becomes a guide for all of creation.

When we recite seven times Surat al-Inshirah it is for the 7 holy openings.

That is, the opening of the 7 holy openings of the face and the 7 levels of the heart.

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