Secrets of Our Sustenance

3 Tests of Khidr [as] and Moses [as]

all Naqshbandis must go thru


3 TESTS OF KHIDR (AS) Three incidents from the story of Sayyidina Musa/ Moses and Sayyidina Khidr/ Saint George (as) are fundamental Naqshbandi teachings:  Rendering the ship useless, destroying the naughty character of the boy and finally hiding the treasure.  The Shaykh uses them in his teaching and discipline training.

Moses and Saint George

In the first test, Sayyidina Musa and Sayyidina Khidr (as) came across a ship used by a pious man to earn his sustenance. There is an evil sultan who is capturing ships and seizing the sustenance of all virtuous people. So Sayyidina Khidr (as) put a hole in the ship and sank it, to keep it out of harm’s way.

That sultan is Shaytan; king over this dunya, its affairs and its people.
If the people submit to him, they are completely lost.
The objective is to seek refuge with the “real king” from the “false oppressor king” who destroys his subjects. The ship is one’s sustenance, the ability to earn a living, which was not destroyed but was rendered useless. If Sayyidina Khidr (as) had destroyed the ship in this situation, Naqshbandi mureeds would always be in difficulty, never having any sustenance.

Sayyidina Khidr (as) is a Naqshbandi shaykh and our Shaykh is at even higher levels . Khidr (as) represents the Barzakh/ Purgatory, the point between the two lams [
in the name Allah], the barrier to the inter-dimensional realm. Sayyidina Khidr (as) represents the secret  between the here & the hereafter. The  material world, which is one lam and the world of light , which is the other lam. Say. Khidr is representing a secret of the living Shaykhs in dunya and the Shaykhs who have past to the world of light.

If you have a big ship (sustenance), and you have a connection with the shaykh, when you become prosperous you might begin to think that blessing is from yourself. This may divert you from the way and move you into the hands of Shaytan.
So the Shaykh puts a hole in the ship and sinks it in order to develop your faith, so that it goes not to the satanic empire, but to the Muhammadan Empire and Sultanate.

Secrets of the Spider Web and Enneagram
are the Teachings of Naqshbandia
Al-ankabut [The Spider], Surah 29, which is the reflection of 92, which is the Prophet (s) in Abjad numerology. Always approach a reality through its reflection.
The Prophet (s) also said, "The heart of a believer is the
 house of God.

The Cave represents the Prophetic heart and the Divine Presence is hidden within. “Nothing can contain me but my believer’s heart” The Prophet (s) took Sayyidina Abu Bakr with him into the Cave and then the secret in the Prophet’s (s) heart was covered by the spider web. The analogy of the web is the secret of the number 29, and the importance of the spider that does not hunt for food but builds a web and waits.

Naqshbandia is from the highest reality, Shaykh is teaching us that your sustenance comes  like the spider’s. Some animals hunt everywhere for their sustenance while others sit and wait for their sustenance to come to them. The Spider must weave a beautiful web, and wait for a fly. Your dhikr, your awrad is your web Allah describes that web as the most beautiful of houses but very fragile.
You are with the Abdullah’s [Servants of God] who reflect and represent the Prophet (s). They represent the secret of Abdullah, the 29th name of Prophet Muhammad [s] that is the secret of ServantHood to Allah. The heart of my believer contains me. So direct yourself to those Hearts that hold the reality of the Abdullah’s who hold that secret.

The Prophet was hiding from oppressors in a cave, the entrance to the cave was sealed by The spider web, and veiled the presence of the Prophet (s) and that is why many people don’t understand it. When they looked in the cave they saw only the web and were blocked from seeing the Prophet (s). That secret blocks them from that reality. That secret – you don’t have to run after your sustenance. Your web is your Muraqabah, your prayer, your dhikr. Muraqabah is everything; it is the study of light. You cannot be ABD"ALLAH, but you can be abdunur [Servant of The Light]. Gurdjieff went to Grandshaykh and he was given name Abdunur.

When Prophet (s) opens from that opening, that vision, that what you are is servant to the nur, the light, that becomes the web. You build a beautiful web and then Allah will send you flies [sustenance]. But if you are going to be a hunter, then you will be distracted all your life walking and hunting.

That is the power of their Maqam [Heavenly Station] and their power and ability. Shah Naqshband is the 17th Grandshaykh and the 17th name of Allah is r-Razzaq [ The sustainer] , which is sustenance in dunya and akhirah.

To harness Divine sustenance and rizq build your web, then your sustenance will come easily as the flies hit it[ In this system Allah is showing us Who inspires the fly to approach the web, it is a Divine inspiration]. If it doesn’t work, there may be holes in your web; so examine your practices and be sure they are correct. Look at your awrad and be certain that your connection to The Naqshbandi Shaykh is very strong.

Mawlana will dress you and fill you and then take you to Grandshaykh.
Then you can connect directly to him. He is like the sun; you can look and you can suntan in his light, but don’t stay too long or you will lose your eyesight and you will be sunburned.
Look to the moon. The moon doesn’t own the light. Awliya are not the light, but they have been annihilated in the light. They became the perfect mirror -- perfected by shining and polishing. Whoever looks in his mirror will see Grandshaykh reflected in it. Grandshaykh says, “the secret is in me.”

The Shaykhs of old did the digging for the treasure. They did 5 years in khalwah. They waited at the tree for 7 years. They spent years in caves and in jungles, in forbidden understandings and in treacherous teachings. They got the treasure, the reality which reflects to us. Since the time of the Prophet (s) fewer and fewer people can attain those heavenly stations. Today that level they reached is unattainable. We can’t do those things; we won’t wait even 7 minutes. All we can do is love them and do Muraqaba and zikr; we just polish and polish. Then that reality it is reflected onto us.

There is a story of a King who sent for artisans to make a beautiful picture for him. Some of them painted and some sculpted, while the Persians only polished the wall until it shone. The Shaykhs of old were like those artisans -- they made the paintings and sketches. Then Grandshaykh did the polishing and they became perfect mirrors.
Grandshaykh is dressed in all that beauty. He polished Shaykh Hisham to such perfection and beauty, that he became the perfect mirror. In him you are seeing the reflection of Grandshaykh and all his secrets.

That is the reality of the number 11:
You cannot go directly to Allah without a mirror.
Shaytan says that you can go directly to Allah, and that there is no need for a mirror. So he was taken away.
But you must go through the mirror; you must go through Muhammad (s)
Once you are dressed in that understanding let him dress you with his light. Then will come the difficult part – he will start to polish and scrape, using a wool pad and pulling off all the scabs. No one wants to look into that mirror because it is the only way for you to be polished.

That is our web, the reflection of the Prophet (s), the understanding of 29, of lam Alif
If you are existing in the reflection of Shaykh which is the reflection of Grandshaykh, which is the reflection of all those before him, until you are receiving from Sayyidina Muhammad, then your sustenance comes straight to you as Allah will not disappoint Sayyidina Muhammad. If it is not coming, we have to find where in our program things are not working out. If we can build that web from all our dhikr, awrad, and muraqabah, Shaykh will bring back that boat,  that had the hole put in it!

Every night in the cave, Sultan al Awliya is with Sayyidina Mahdi [as]. You are thinking, I should be with Sayyidina Mahdi and Sayyidina Isa [as]. This is Muhammadan reality. All those who are coming in the time of Sayyidina Mahdi, are all Muhammadan – in the image of Muhammadan reality. That is Muhammadan dress.

Everyone (here) should be in the dress of Mawlana and visualize Mawlana in everything we do, in prayers, in meditation, and in dhikr. That starts the burning and scratching and that is why when we come (here) all these issues come out.

Why? Because when you are away you are worshipping in falsehood. When you worshipped your desires, you and Shaytan got along just fine. But when you begin to change, Shaytan gets very upset and sends fire. That fire is part of the battle. The other part is the Shaykh burning away all that falsehood. You see and taste everything you did. You see that every test that came to you was something you did to someone else and you taste that bitterness. You may think it was not so bad, but it was. You will feel the pain of what you did to others, and what they felt at the time. That is how Shaykh brings out all your bad character.

When you are dressed as the Mentor, you don’t exist, you have no right to exist. Nothing exists except Shaykh. Then when you are hit by a stinging test, you can say, “No matter how much you test me, I am you . That is the ship of safety; otherwise you will run from Tariqat. We stay here seeking refuge in the cave where it is safe. Many people, when they are hit by testing, run away because they don’t have the basic tools to succeed.

The Shaykh says, “When you are successful, you are me, and I will feed you and give you whatever you want.” And if you are not him, either you won’t get what you want or you will be more oppressed

Station of oneness. --
Muhammadan RasulAllah.
You don’t exist in la ilaha ill Allah.
You exist in the ocean of Muhammadan RasulAllah. He is only one in that ocean, wahid. You have to be Muhammadiyoon to exist in that ocean. The only way to be Muhammadiyoon is to be Haqqaniyoon . Then you will see sustenance begin to come to you.

The secret of Sayyidina Maryam is that your sustenance comes.
As soon as you deviate, you start tearing holes in your web, the flies begin to fly out When your web is broken you cannot catch flies any more. There is some deficiency in your program. You left something and now your web is messy, full of patches and not beautiful anymore. You can’t catch anything in it. You need to find the problem in order to rebuild the web.

The Shaykhs raise the ship so that sustenance can come. In that perfection they send the flies in the amount we need, not what we want but what we need.
We must then respect and love and appreciate what we have, and not focus on what we wanted. We may want many things; Mercedes, fancy clothes and money, but this distracts us from being thankful for what we have.

The 2nd test is destroying the bad character of the child. This pattern of the way doesn’t deviate from the cookie cutter. You must work with other students. You may hear people say, “Since I took bayat my sustenance has dropped.” “I was a teacher, I lost my students,’” “I lost my house, they repossessed my car.”
Have you not seen those whom we take their sustenance and give them Paradise in exchange? This is the best of deals.

So the Shaykh is going to eradicate that bad character. All your memorization and all that dhikr and awrad are all based on bad ego. The only thing that has no pride in it is meditation, because you do it by yourself when you are all alone. It is a hard practice to maintain and perfect because the Shaykh comes and chastises you and tells you “you did this wrong.” However, it is this chastising that removes the naughtiness of the little child who always wants to do what is corrupt.

The third test is to uncover the hidden treasure. That is Abu Yateem, father of orphans is the Prophet (s). Prophet (s) has hidden a tremendous secret in the hearts of his followers. Mawlana’s duty is to preserve your secret so that Shaytan doesn’t take it. When you take Bayyat, that secret is yours.
So don’t go to anyone but your Shaykh. They are just covering the treasure while we are trying to reach the amanaat / trust. Shaykh is holding that trust for you.

When you connect and meditate you reach a connection with him.
We must remember to contemplate and be patient in seeking sustenance.

The most important reason we are here is to perfect our relationship with Shaykh; to dress in his reality while he is amongst us; for us to be annihilated and for nothing to exist except Shaykh. How can you be punished if you are in the dress of the Shaykh ? If you are in his dress how they can hit you[ metaphorically speaking in regards to life’s tests? That is our safety; our whole life’s protection is based on that. May Allah give us endless forgiveness and forgive our difficulty .Shayateen are fighting us intensely, but Mawlana Shaykhs power is great and we hope in the end he takes us to annihilation in his heart and saves us from the difficulties which are coming.