The Birth of  Prophet Muhammad (s)


is the Birth of Creation

Why the 3rd Lunar Month , 12th Day is Important
3- Represents
  • 3 Ism Husna is Al-Malik (The Absolute Ruler)
  • 3 Ismu Rasul is Hamid ( The One Who is Praising}
  • This Three Dimensional Kingdom is under Authority of Malik Hamid {Flag and Ruler of Praise}
  • 3rd Veil of Kindness, Dhikr of that Veil Subhana man huwa da’im, la yaqta (Glory to Him who is perpetual, who never ends).
  • 3rd of the "Nine"   3x9-27 Surahs AnNaml Ant 27th   about Sayedena Solomon Mulk Power of BismiAllah and the Kingdom.
12- Represents
  • 12 is Mirror for 21 which equal 7+8+6 equals Bismala . All Quran is 30 Juz, all 30 juz is 7 Verses of Fatiha, all Fatiha is Bismala. Rasul (s)  is Walking Quran.!
  • 12th of Rabbil  Awwal The "3" Month in Lunar Calendar is His birth. "3-12"
  • 12th is complete
  • 12 Veils in which His light was Dressed by the Divine
  • 12 constellations
  • 12 months
  • 12 tribes and 12 imams
  • 12 is mirror for 21 = which is 786 = The Bismala = Whole Quran
  • 12- 1plus 2 = 3
  • 3- Ism Allah is al-Malik The Absolute Ruler, 3rd Name of Rasul Hamid
  • Malik Hamid , The one whom will Praise Allah on judgment day to save creation from torment.
Taken from Shaykh Hisham Kabbani's lectures
Prophet's (s) every breath is for the `ummah; {Nafas al Rahma}
Insha`Allah we will be continuing from Grandshaykh's manuscripts – from the notes and sayings of Grandshaykh Abdullah al Fa`izi ad-Daghestani and Sayyidina Shaykh Sharafuddin ad-Daghestani. 
Nur Muhammady (s)
We have already spoken about Nur Muhammady (s) – the Light of Sayyidina Muhammad (s), explaining some of the meaning of the verse "Allahu Nurus Samawaty wal Ard – Allah is the Light of Heavens and Earth."  We also described the meaning of the lamp that Allah (swt) established in a glass, and how that lamp was like a source of light, and that was the reality of Muhammad (s), and how he sweated, and what came from a drop of that blessed perspiration, and how there was condensation all over the inside of this glass under the tarbiya of Allah's Gaze, and how that Gaze was sending him that light, from blessings on that lamp. 
The reality of Prophet (s) felt shy in that light, and it began sweating.
Prophet's (s) Every Breath is for the Ummah
The present subject is the meaning of the saying by Allah (swt) about Prophet (s):
Wa ma yantiqu 'anil Hawa`in Huwa `illa Wahyul Yooha
(Surat ul Najm 53 {Ahmad-1+8+40+4 adds to 53}) – He doesn't open his mouth to say anything that is not revealed to him from Allah (swt). 
Prophet (s) doesn't speak out of his desire or speak out of anything that has no sense.  It means that even Prophet's (s) breathing is revelation. 
  • In every inhalation (for which he must open his mouth), there must be revelation. 
  • In every exhalation (for which he must also open his mouth), there must be revelation.  The purpose of inhaling air is to take in clean oxygen, to clean our system.  Therefore inhalation is a cleansing process. Breathing out is throwing out the poisonous element Carbon Dioxide from the body. 
Wa ma arsalnaaka illa Rahmatan lil 'Alameen
You were not sent except as a Mercy to the Worlds.
If you put these two verses together, Prophet (s) is Rahmatan lil 'alameen, and he never opens his mouth to inhale or exhale by his own desire. 
  • Therefore his every breath in is inhaling on behalf of the whole ummah. { Creation}
  • Inhaling what needs humanity and exhaling what is bad for humanity – throwing it out.  As soon as he breathes, he is receiving so much knowledge and mercy carried to him by angels.  When Jibril (as) used to come with Wahyi, he would come to Prophet (s) accompanied by more angels than you could possibly count.  And angels are the source of any movements or action on this universe.  (Even the leaf of a tree will not fall without an angel bringing it down.) 
So when Prophet (s) is inhaling on behalf of an angel, he is taking all these oceans of knowledge that Allah (swt) is giving to him, and he is representing every one with belief in him – he is taking in "air", and putting it in him trust for that person.  He is taking, and putting in a trust.  Taking for him, putting in a trust, taking from him, putting in a trust.  Then when the time comes, he will give it to him.  He never took anything for himself. 
Wa ma yantiqu 'anil hawa `in huwa `illa wahyun yooha –
Never did he say anything or open his mouth except from Revelation. 
When we inhale or exhale, we have to open and close our mouths. 
  • Never except on behalf of the ummah and it is revelation from Allah (swt).  He is carrying these angels. 
  • First these angels come to him then he distributes them to his ummah. 
  • Every angel is distributed to one person.  That angel will be praising Allah (swt) until Judgment Day, and it will be written for `ummatun Naby (s). 
Not every person can understand 'uloomun Naby (s). 
Even those who are his inheritors can understand only what Prophet (s) wants them to understand
  • We explained before that there are 124,000 prophets; from that 124,000 there are 313 messengers. 
  • At the feet of each prophet is a Wali `Ullah.  Prophet (s) said Al 'ulama warathatul `anbiya.  `Awliya `Ullah are the inheritors of prophets.  Every inheritor, every 'alim, every Wali `Ullah, is standing at the feet of a prophet.
So it depends – what you can inherit depends on whose feet you are standing at. 
The one who is standing at the foot of Prophet (s) inherits from him
  • Among those who can inherit from Sayyidina Muhammad (s) are `Awliya `Ullah who are in the Golden Chain; they take directly from the heart of Prophet (s) through that chain –  each drip of knowledge descending one by one, one by one, from Prophet (s)
  • to Sayyidina Abu Bakrin as-Siddiq (ra), and through each link in the lineage of 40`Awliya `Ullah. 
  • Those people are the ones who can take from the reality of Prophet (s), directly from his heart, from Haqiqat Nabi (s).
Everything has a meaning.  `Awliya `Ullah can take meaning from everything in front of them.  And what is in front of them is not like what is in front of us.  Allah (swt) raised them to high levels, so they can take from Haqiqat Nabi (s), and Prophet (s) can take from the Reality of Allah's Attributes. 
`Awliya `Ullah reach a level where they can cannot understand anything anymore.  We in dunya reach a level sometimes where we cannot understand, we have to study deeply in order to understand.  For instance you are an engineer; if you speak now about physics I might not understand because I have not studied it.  Just so, `Awliya `Ullah reach a level where everything becomes confusing for them. 
Although they reach a high level of knowledge, some knowledge is just not open.  They have knowledge, and yet it's like ignorance for them.  They don't understand.  And this is one of the highest levels. 
They have a kind of ignorance, but it is ignorance because they are not able to understand a huge new area of knowledge with which they are confronted.
Sayyidina Aba Yazid al-Bistami (Q) on the Shore of an Ocean,
Sayyidina Shah Naqshband (Q) on the Other Side
Aba Yazid al-Bistami is one of the biggest `Awliya `Ullah.  Many scholars accepted Aba Yazid al-Bistami.  One time he said,
"I am standing on a shore of an ocean that no one reached before me.  I am standing on the shore of an ocean that no one was able to reach." 
That is a big ocean, an Ocean of Knowledge – no one can reach it.  Another Wali, many years later, answered him. Sayyidina Shah Naqshband – in the presence of Prophet (s) and in the association of `Awliya `Ullah, answered him:  "Ya Aba Yazid, you said you have reached the shore of an ocean that no one reached because you didn't cross to the other side – you would have seen me there."  This is the highest station that Aba Yazid (Q) had reached.  So because it was for him the highest level, its ocean was unknown to him, confusing, he didn't understand what it was. 
But for Shah Naqshband (Q), it was not a mystery.  He was there – he had reached it.  So even from one Wali to another Wali, there are differences of understanding depending on knowledge and depending on how he received it from the reality of Prophet (s).
Shah Naqshband (Q) said, "Ya Aba Yazid, that ocean that you are standing in is from al 'ilm Al ladduni – (Heavenly Knowledge).  You are standing on the shore of that heavenly knowledge – you cannot go in and express it because there is no word to express something that relates to heavens.  It can only be related by heart, not by tongue.  The tongue is helpless to explain such knowledge. 
The Light of the Essence of Sayyidina Muhammad (s)
He said, "Ya Aba Yazid, Allah (swt), before He created the Reality and Essence of Sayyidina Muhammad (s), Allah created a Light. 
  • That light is similar in a way to the sun – it is a light that goes up and goes down – in a circle.  In every moment it is going up and going down, spinning. 
In every moment it was spinning 24,000 times.  That Light has a sunrise (or what is to it like a sunrise) and a sunset -- you can see it and then you cannot see it.  See it, cannot see it, see it, cannot see it – it is alternating, spinning. 
  • And Allah (swt) made that light to spin 24,000 times in every moment for 70,000 years (Allah's years).  As it was spinning at that huge speed (our "light-year" of our light is like "light-second" of that Light of the Essence.)
Before Allah created the essence of that Dharratun Nabi (s) (the Essence of Prophet (s)),
  • He created a light that is spinning – from that huge spinning, particles of that light coalesced together to become the Essence of Muhammad (s). 
  • After 70,000 years of that light spinning 24,000 times in every moment, Allah created the Essence of Rasul Allah (s) – Dharratun Nabi (s). 
  • And that light was created from the Essence of the Attribute of Beauty – al-Jamal, of Allah's Beauty. 
And Sayyidina Shah Naqshband says that if one dharra (particle) of that Light came into this universe, the whole universe would completely disappear – there would be nothing left from it because of the beauty of that light; everything would collapse – from one particle of the Light of Sayyidina Muhammad (s). 
  • From the spinning of that light, Allah created the Essence of Sayyidina Muhammad (s). 
  • Sayyidina Shah Naqshband (Q) is explaining this to `Awliya `Ullah, especially to Aba Yazid al-Bistami. 
  • That Essence has been taken from the heart of Muhammad (s) – he was receiving that knowledge.
That light has been coming and going.  In that 24,000 times it was spinning – it comes, it goes, it comes, it goes. 
  • Where does it go?  When it comes out, `Awliya `Ullah can see it, when it goes, it disappears.  They wanted to see where it goes. 
  • They used to say that we can see the moon, but we cannot see the opposite side of the moon, so we want to go and see what is there. 
  • Is that not right? What did they see there? They were not able to see.  They say they saw something that they can imagine, but in reality they didn't really understand it until they went there. 
Haqiqat Nabi (s), that spinning, it's like a sunrise, coming to the highest point, then it goes.  Where does it go? 
  • Sayyidina Shaykh Sharafuddin is explaining that from these 124,000 `Awliya,
  • only 25 `Awliya are able to know –
  • 25 `Awliya are able to know where that light would go when it is invisible to the other `Awliya.  They know. 
  • When they say they know, it means they looked inside.  When they look inside, they can take knowledge out.
  • What did they see? This Dharratun Nabi (s), spinning, is before creation. 
Before creating creation,
  • Allah created the Light of Muhammad (s), and from the spinning of that Light,
  • Allah created the Essence of his Reality. 
  • And this is even before the creation of creation, before you heard Allah's Words – there were no words to hear. 
  • Everything was in Allah's Presence. 
  • Only 25 `Awliya among all the `Awliya were able to go inside and look at this knowledge. 
  • They found that that light, that encompasses the Essence of Sayyidina Muhammad (s), when it was spinning into sunrise and then sunset, sunrise and then sunset,
  • when it went into sunset and could not be seen, it entered back into the Divine Presence,
  • where it mixed with the Divine Attributes with which Allah wanted to dress His Holy Prophet (s).
In Holy Qur`an, Allah (swt) describes Sayyidina Muhammad (s) as
Harisun 'Alaykum bil mu`mineena Ra'ufun Rahim
  • – it means he is concerned about the believers, and then Allah uses the words Ra'ufun Rahim to describe Prophet (s).
  •  Ar-Ra'uf is Allah's Attribute!  And ar-Rahim is Allah's Attribute
  • Allah called Muhammad (s) Ra'ufun Rahim in Holy Qur`an. 
  • So this is a proof that there are some Attributes that Allah (swt) has given Prophet (s) to carry, and has blessed him from the light of these Attributes. 
  • Every "sunset," that light was going there – Allah was blessing him, dressing him with these and other Attributes, and then that light was going and coming from there so many times, mixing with different Attributes.  It means Sayyidina Muhammad (s) was disappearing into complete annihilation in Allah's Attributes.  Maqam ul Fana`I fil Lah.  No more! . 
When he was in "night," he was in annihilation, { Huwa is Existent Non Manifest Being } not in any way seeing himself. 
Rather he was in complete submission to Allah (swt).
Then he said that when Allah (swt) created the Essence of Muhammad (s) from that light, Allah showed him all the secrets `ilal (`Asghar?) – He showed me the secrets, wal Hikam, and the wisdoms and the realities that have been accumulated together in that Essence. 
"And Allah showed me why that light was spinning at such a speed coming up and going in, coming up and going in, coming out and coming in. 
And in that Ocean, I was able to enter – Sayyidina Shah Naqshband is telling Sayyidina Aba Yazid al-Bastami –
"When Prophet (s) was in that state, I was given by these 25 `Awliya permission to enter and learn the secret that Allah (swt) granted His beloved Prophet Sayyidina Muhammad (s).  Whatever Prophet (s) wants you to get of these secrets and knowledges,
I was learning for myself. 
"And Prophet (s) showed me the reality of that light, but I was not able to see beyond it.  Until now, that light is still spinning, 24,000 times in every moment, and in that spinning, Allah is raising His Prophet (s) more and more, more and more, and I am looking at that." 
That is Sayyidina Shah Naqshband – saying to Sayyidina Aba Yazid, you are on the shore and I am on the other shore – I have crossed it, I saw the whole ocean. 
You have not yet seen the whole ocean.
And that's why Allah said to His Beloved Prophet (s),
Wa ma yantiqu 'anil hawa `in huwa `illa wahyun yooha
Sayyidina Muhammad (s) never said anything from his desire,
only when it was revealed to him. 
Innahu Rasul, la yantiqu `illa bil Kalam – bil Kalam an-Nooraani
He never says anything except from Allah's Light transformed into words. 
Those words are revealed to `Awliya `Ullah from the tongue of Prophet (s),
Therefore Prophet (s) never emitted one drop of a word from his own desire – everything he said was what Allah (swt) taught him, from when there was no time until there is no time, from beginning to end, when there was no beginning and no end, Prophet (s) is receiving in every moment these realities, and he is being dressed with them. 
These 25 `Awliya `Ullah can understand and see that reality, but they cannot go into it completely in order to bring out that different kind of knowledge.  Allah only gave it to them to go into five different levels of that reality.  They cannot exceed that – not more than five different levels. May Allah (swt) teach us, and may Allah give us the barakah of Sayyidina Muhammad (s).
Sayyidina Shaykh Sharafuddin is saying that after Allah created Prophet's (s) Essence from that spinning Light, which until today is spinning, Prophet (s) never thought about himself.  Rather he always asked for his ummah.  He is saying, `ummaty, `ummaty ("my nation my nation"), and he never wanted anything for himself.  He is a sincere servant to his Lord.  He is the only servant whom Allah will ask on Judgment Day on behalf of the `ummah. 
Grandshaykh said, may Allah bless him, that on Judgment Day, Allah will call His beloved Prophet (s), to ask him on behalf of the whole `ummah, and that is the meaning of
Shafa'ati li ahli kaba`iri min ummaty
That's why Allah is giving the shafa'ah to Prophet (s), intercession – he will be asked, representing the whole `ummah.  And Sayyidina Muhammad (s) will answer on behalf of all those who said "La ilaha ill Allah Muhammadur Rasul Allah" (s).
May Allah make us from them.  May Allah (swt) grant us the shafa'ah of Sayyidina Muhammad (s), and send us to Paradise.
Wa min Allahi at-Tawfiq, bi hurmatil Fatiha.
We are a nation that is not able to understand we in heedlessness.  So insha`Allah Allah forgive us and Allah give us the barakah of this night and the barakah of every night, from Sayyidina Muhammad (s), bi hurmatil Habib, bi hurmatil Fatiha.
So Allah (swt) will send to his servant whatever He wants.  And Allah doesn't send except good – Allah never sends bad.  Bad is from us.  When Sayyidina Adam (as) ate from the tree, he said, "Ya Rabbi, that is from me, I made the sin."  Iblis, what did he say? "You made me to do that." 
So it means, you never come to Allah (swt) and say of something bad, "Ya Rabbi, You did that to me.  If we really love Allah, we follow the way of Sayyidina Muhammad (s).  Sayyidina Muhammad (s) always submitted to Allah's Will. 
Listening, humbly.  Our duty is to listen and obey.  If a young person comes to you and tells you (answer?), my advice to you is say "Yes!" 
Don't say "This is a little kid, doesn't understand."  Say "Yes."  You are not losing anything.  Who made that little kid speak?