Surat an-Naba
Secrets of The Heart 

1-7 , 8-9,

Surat an-Naba’ 1 -7 verses
By Mawlana Shaykh Qabbani
Allah sent that verse at a time when the Quraysh were questioning the Prophet, asking if there really is a judgment day.
`Ama yatasa’aloon - described “on what” are they disputing?
Allah is telling them “you are disputing with Me?” Telling His Prophet, “are they My enemy? What I say has to happen. What they say means nothing” - “are they questioning the greatest news, about which they cannot agree?”
It means, that Allah is addressing the people, “O people of Makkah, about what are you asking and questioning - on the resurrection of human beings another time? You think it is a big issue, but I am going to specify for you and classify for you, things you can never imagine, that I created with My Greatness. Why are you disagreeing? That on which you disagree I am going to show you very soon. Are you disagreeing on the greatest news which exceeds the circle of your mind?”
Because the knowledge of akhira cannot be conscribed by the mind. It cannot be understood by the intellect. It cannot be understood in terms of physical form. It can only be understood in one way – through spiritual power. That is why for them, who were seeing nothing in front of them but idols that they had made with their hands, physicality was the limit of what their minds could encompass. The mind cannot conceive that which it is unaware of.
Today the scientists, or these Darwin theorists, whose theories we have refuted many times, cannot understand anything outside their physical understanding of the mind. So anything outside the physical understanding of the mind is impossible for them to understand.
How then did Allah make us understand? The heart is related to spirituality and the mind to physicality. Through that which is related to the heart and to spirituality you can understand the great news that is about to transpire.
Allah is explaining to them.
He described in the question, “on what are they disputing?” On the Day of Judgment
  • how did he describe it? “An-naba al-adheem - the great news.
  • Why is it great? It is great in showing the qudra of Allah swt.
  • To bring back every human being, as the Prophet (s) said, from the smallest piece the backbone, the tiny piece of the sacrum which carries the living secret, that when it comes in the Judgment Day, when according to the hadith of Prophet, Allah showers the dunya with a special rain, every drop of rain knows to which has its sacrum piece and it goes to it and immediately a human being appears.
That is a great news that is going to happen on Judgment Day. That no one can understand. Now 6 billion are living on earth, and they are asking where will these 6 billion fit? What do you think that all these people from Adam as up to today on the Day of Judgment, Yawm al-mahshar, all people will be brought back on earth. How can they fit? Will they fit? Yes they will fit by Allah’s qudra. That is the great news - that is incomprehensible. “Wal arda madadnaaha – we extend the earth. Mad al ard. Made it as you see it, flat.
We are coming to that explanation.
That is bringing out that physicality. Even greater than that is their judgment. Allah telling them the biggest news for you is that you are going to see “whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it and whoever does an atom’s weight of evil will see it.” after I bring you back, even prophets will be trembling at that moment, even angels will tremble at that moment.
Today they are so arrogant. Look at them - they never tremble any more. Today they caught the biggest drug kingpin in Colombia. They arrested him. How was he sitting in that police car? Humiliated. Handcuffed? Why – because he did something wrong. Be what you want to be. You could be the wealthiest person here in dunya. Do something wrong and Allah will judge you in akhira. So it is better to be humble and to lower yourself to your Lord. Do not be arrogant; do not forget Him. If you forget Him, He will forget you there. Although he will forgive you with His mercy in the end, but that is after you experience that trembling.
You will be humbled, humiliated in that day, though you did your obligations, but you did not run to serve Allah.
  • “Alladhee hum feehee mukhtalifoon  - kalla saya`lamoon” - they are going to know about it.
They said to Prophet, “in hiya illa hayatana ad-dunya nuhee wa numeet.” No it is not correct. It is not like that. Qur’an applies today, as it did before.
They said humans came from monkeys. They say from fish to dinosaurs, then… what happened with the dinosaurs? They disappeared. What happened? Did they become monkeys? Why are the monkeys not producing humans anymore? Or are humans now producing monkeys?
  • “Wa ma nahnu bi mabu`theen” – “and we will not be brought forth from the graves.” That is by faith.
  • That is why one of the arkaan (pillars) of faith is al-imanu bil-ghaib belief in the Unseen. There is nothing else. The Prophet came with his message and you believe in that message. You believe with iman. Can you believe by means of something else?
Qur’an in Surat al-Baqara describes the believers as: alladheena yu'minoona bil-ghaybi wa yuqeemoona as-salaata wa min maa razaqnaahum yunfiqoon.” Because they believe in the unseen, they begin to pray, they believe in Allah, they believe in Prophet, then they begin to pray. Then they begin to spend from what Allah provided them. They have to give in the way of Allah, it is not only money, it is your body, your self. In addition to salaat al-wajibaa, you do naafila. In addition to the fast of Ramadan, fast additional voluntary days. Give in the way of Allah. Anything you give in Allah’s way is infaaq.
I like to bring that hadith to show how much love the Prophet had for his ummah and particularly for the last of his ummah.
It is long hadith in Bukhari’s Tarikh and Hakim mentioned it and it is quoted in ad-Durr al-Manthur of as-Suyuti, narrated from Abi Juma al-Ansari, who said to the Prophet (s), “Is there any people greater than us in reward? We believed in you and followed you.” [You never expect the answer to this!] The Prophet (s) said,  “What prevented you from that when the Prophet of Allah is between you and the revelation is coming from heavens by means of Jibril. [of course you will believe, don’t think it so huge]. “bal – a group of people coming after me, a book will come to them between two covers [the Qur’an] they believe in it and act according to its commands; they are greater than you in reward.”
This is showing that iman bil-ghaib is important. That is what we need today. Today, as we are getting further from Prophet, from the Sahaba, from Tabi`een, they are believing without seeing. You cannot limit the greatness of Allah swt to what your mind can grasp. You cannot dispute, because the mind is limited in understanding what Allah wants us to understand.
How are we going to believe in what is going to happen, when Prophet is telling them “no there is coming a day, which is the resurrection, there is no extinction on that day, bal there is everlasting life – either in paradise or in hell.” It is finished at that time - qudia.
“Whoever did an atoms weight of good sees it and whoever does an atoms weight of evil will see it.’
In a spiritual interpretation of this verse, ‘amma yatasa’aloon …”
  • why is your ego trying to disturb your spirituality?
  • Ego can never understand the knowledge, the enlightenment of the spirit.
  • It only runs after desires, the bad desires of the ego. It is never going to understand the resurrection the rejuvenation of the heart.
  • That will come one day, if one follows the guidance and the tradition of Sayyidina Muhammad it will rejuvenated and brought to the Divine Presence. O believers, do not let your ego play with you and dupe you, telling you to do only your obligations, and to forget about the nawaafil, the supererogatory worship, the sunan an-nabi, according to the Tradition of the Prophet (s). Why was the Prophet practicing nawaafil? Because through nawaafil Allah loves you. Hadith … eyes that he can see with…
Indeed they will come to know! – It means that there is coming a day, verse 4. “thumma kallaa saya`lamoon.” Verily ,verily they will soon come to know.”
It means that there is no escape from them  knowing that this is going to happen. When that happens, the Day of Resurrection, qiyama, will take place. Thumma kalla saya`lamoon.” 
First kallaa is repeated another time. It is mentioned twice… why?
  • The first one refers to the day of judgment that is coming. They are going to see it.
  • Then “thumma kallaa saya`lamoon”, the second one is preceded by thumma which is stretching that experience out.
  • They are going to be stretched at that time.
  • People are going to see what they never expected to see. They are going to live a period of time there, in which reality is revealed to them, before entering Paradise or Hell.
  • When the day of death comes, there is a stretched period of time, an interregnum, a longer time for them now. That is why the grave is a paradise or ditch of fire. [Hadith] death is the day when you come to know. After that day on judgment is the 2nd one.
Then the other explanation is the opposite. They are going to see Allah’s sign. Kuffaar will see heavy signs. And Muslims will be sent to paradise by shafa`a` of Prophet.
Or another explanation they will come to know the haqiqat of the resurrection and they are going to know that they accepted the Prophet or they are going to see the punishment for not believing in Prophet.
“Did we not make the earth as a wide expanse?” Mihadan –mahad. Made it flat. Look at the earth – It appears flat like a carpet.
  • We have made it a mahd – a place to be inhabited and he madd – expanded it.
  • He said He expanded it. When Allah says expand, it means it never ends.
  • So that is an indication of a scientific meaning here, they discovered lately that the earth is circular.
  • When he said he made it flat and expanded it wide – it means that wherever you move, it never ends. How can it be that It never ends? You move and you continue moving.
  • It never ends because it is a circle. If it comes to an end it will not always be stretching. To be stretching and moving outward that is not seen so the tafsir is that it means the earth is circular.
We have made it straight and still it is a circle. What kind of greatness is that? Consider! When you move from south to north, you don’t fall off. You are always standing straight. Never tilted. Put a cup on the book. Tilt the book and the cup falls. Whey does it fall? Wherever it tilts must not fall. What is stopping you from tilting, and falling? You always appear to be standing straight. Allah put gravity. What is it? Where is it? What is that power? Can you see it? Why can you not see it? Whey do we believe in science when they say gravity, but when Allah says, “I exist” we do not believe.
We believe because the cup is not falling.
Why do you live forever? What makes you die? If this dunya is not going away? What is the difference - they are made from atoms. Why do we die? The carpets do not die. Cups do not die. Shoes do not die. Rocks do not die. Why do we have to die and they do not die?
Why do I have to believe in gravity, show it to me. Not through experiments but show gravity to me.
[Someone says, “you can feel gravity”] Yes, can you not feel Allah’s presence?
Since they believe in what the scientists say, they must believe in what the Prophet said.
“Alam naj`al il-arda meehaadan.” Like a crib, a place to live on. A place that is to live on to rest in, like a crib for a child.
Wal-jibaala awtaada” – “And the mountains as pegs.
It means that if these mountains are not there what would happen. It trembles. Allah put mountains to make it very stable. Without mountains, what happens – it will shake. Allah put prayer on us like mountains on earth. In order for our self not to shake. The Prophet said, “al-salaat `imad ad-deen” --Salaat is the pillar of religions. Otherwise you will be shaking, you will be unbalanced. Prayer is to make your ego stable. Otherwise you become like Pharaoh, saying “ana rabbukum al-`ala.” - “I am your Lord the most High.”
No you are nothing. Your prayers are to stabilize your ego, otherwise it will jump out of yourself.
We made them pegs to prevent its movement. If it moves, then it is a disaster on everyone.
  • When Allah wants to destroy a place, he orders the mountains to move from inside.{ Also Awliya are Mountain of the spiritual kingdom when they move the earth quakes} Where they hammer the pegs, its roots, they shake it a little bit. He orders the angels, shake the roots of the mountains.
  • Or if He orders to make volcanoes blast forth from the roots of these mountains?
Who are the pegs of humanity? They are the prophets. Who is the greatest, the strongest, most powerful peg of humanity – that is the Prophet (s).
In al-Hakim’s sahih from Ibn `Abbas (r),  “when Allah wanted to create creation,
  • He sent the wind and it blew away the water.
  • When the water covered the entire earth,
  • He sent the wind, and it blew the water.
  • When it was blown it was first taken away from the place called the hashafa, which is below the Ka`ba. 
  • From there, Allah stretched the earth, until whatever Allah wanted it to reach from tul wal `ard – longitude and latitude. When he stretched it [mad means stretched it, keeping it circular]. And in this way [hakadha wa hakadha – and the Arabs always move their hands in curves, not in a straight line] and Allah made the mountains to stabilize the earth and Abu Qubays was the first mountain put on earth.”
So the awtad are the tent pegs for earth. And the Prophets are the pegs for humanity. And the `ulama are the pegs of dunya – al-`ulama warithat al-anbiya” - for the scholars are the inheritors of the prophets.
And Abi Sa`eed al-Kharaaz, one of the greatest ``ulama of his time was asked about Awtad and Abdal. He was asked which is higher – are the Pegs higher or the Substitutes. He replied the Pegs, because the Abdal change from state to stateAwtad they reached perfection because they are stable like mountains. A mountain is not changing, always in the same position.
[Imam Ahmad narrated from Prophet (r) when you are lost in jungle or desert, call on `ibadullah ayi`unee or aghithnee.]
Ibn `Ata said, “The awtad are the people of istiqama wa as-sidq, straightforward and on truth. The ahwaal never change them and they are in the maqam of tamkeen - stability. He level of stable perfecting.
The Awtad are 4 from human beings.
  • First of them keeps the east. His name according to awliya-ullah his name is Abdul Hay.
  • The 2nd protects the west and his name is Abdul `Aleem and
  • one who protects the north, called Abd al-Wahid, and
  • the 4th protecting the south, `Abd al-Qadir.
The Abdal are seven and some hadith say 40. Protecting and taking care thru the permission and inheritance of secrets of the Prophet (s), they are always in the dunya, one dies and another takes his place, so on repeatedly as they are always present in dunya.