Surat an-Naba

Secrets of The Heart 

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Surat an-Naba, ayat 10-13
By Mawlana Shaykh Kabbani
We will continue, insha-Allah giving commentary on Surat an-Naba. We arrived at “wa ja`alna nawmakum subaatan.”
Today we begin with wa ja`alana al-layla libasan – and made the night as a covering. Allah swt said, “and made the day as a means of sustenance.”
This means that Allah swt, gave us, because he said, we created you in pairs, so everything is impairs, and we described this before, he says sama he says ard, he says sick and healthy, sick and healthy…
Everything is in balance. When Allah says we made the night a covering, it means he made it for you a rest, to spend time in relaxation. And layl means what? Night is what, as opposed to day. It feeds dark. Light feeds sunshine, it feed the daytime, you can see everything. At night it is dark. We have made to cover your sins, because the sins show the dark side of a person.
We are the Veiler of your sins. With that we are veiling you from committing sins, by covering you with no light, so no one can see, by Allah’s mercy. Allah is as-Sattar- he is the Veiler. He does not expose what his servant is doing wrong, but keeps covering it up. It means we have from our mercy, covered your sins. And as you repent we are building you up in spirituality, in the light of your heart, the light of awliya, the light necessary to receive sustenance. Sustenance is not only food, but whatever lifts you spiritually is sustenance.
We have made the night a covering. Covering your mistakes. Covering is like a blanket, a cloth. \I like to veil you, don’t show the dark side of yourself. Keep the dark side of yourself covered and keep the day of Islam.
Allah made blankets to cover whatever you do of evil. Marriage is half of religion. Prophet described it as ½ of religion. It is to protect you from falling into sins. He made wife a cover for her husband and v.v. without a husband the wife has no cover and without a husband the woman has no cover from sins. That dark side is pulling to sins, but with the wife  or the husband that is covered.
How to be covered  - repent from your sins.
And he made you a cover for them and them a cover for you verse. To relax and frolic with your family.
Allah made it the place of sleeping, which is the brother of death, as if you are died, he pulls away your spirit. Then as if you are in the grave, there is no one around. You are in a small narrow ditch and there is darkness there. Either your grave will be a paradise or a hole of hellfire. So that is what you must know, the symbol  of sleep represents death: no family, no children, no neighbors. At that time you are alone in the grave. What will you say to your lord? That is a place to remember your lord.
That is why night is a time for meditation when everyone is asleep. Saying “there is no one with me. I am coming to you.” If you approach Allah thru meditation at that time, he will open his light for you, his spiritual light, to build you up in spirituality and raise you in the divine presence, and we made the day a light.
He will make the day of your heart, the nur of your heart, a place to raise you up, and he made that light, a rejuvenating of your heart, which will give you new your life, your fountain of youth, which Sayyidina Khidr was seeking, and with that fountain pouring out from your heart, that will be the light of the heart and that will be your sustenance.
It is said that Allah swt said, “did not we make the earth flat for you to live in it like a crib.”
That earth al-bashariyya is your heart. That cradle-like earth is the foundation of your heart for you to know your lord and for you to relax thru your mediation that Allah gave you in your heart.
When you make your heart a crib for you, and Allah said, “and we made the mountains as pegs”, he made the earth a wide expanse – at that time when you build yourself up, he extends your heart so wide, expanding it so that at that time, he will make the mountains of your heart, the mountains as pegs, building up your good ego, and destroy the bad ego, and build up the nafs al-mutma’ina, to build up that huge mi`raj for yourself t reach the higher level from the basic found. Of the crib of the heart, then he builds those mountains like the mi`raj, to bestow His grace on your and these tajallis. That is why he said, the house of the lord is the heart of the servant. And he said, neither my heavens nor me earth contains me, but the heart of my believing servant contains me.
He expanded your heart very wide, and then built up the pegs of the heart, the mi`raj which make you ascend. At that time he said, “and we made you pairs” and at that time
  • He will unite the ruh with the peaceful soul, and that time the heart which is the male part of the person,
  • and the nafs is the female of the person, and he will unite them at that time, making them to be a pair (zawj) and he make the heat and the peaceful ego together, at that time he said, “we made for you sleep as a rest
  • At that time you will be in sleep, surrender to Allah’s will.
  • He created you in pairs, heart and peaceful ego, and he made you as one in the night of the soul’s rest,
  • and then you will achieve surrender, which is like death.
  • The symbol of sleep is to surrender to Allah’s will.
At the time you sleep we make your sleep relaxation.
  • At that time he takes all earthly desires from the heart and at that time you are surrendering in the ocean of spirituality.
  • When he takes away lusts, then
  • “I will veil you with my attributes”
  • I will veil you from those who cannot understand you.
  • I build you up and then I hide you so that no one will recognize you.
  • And make the day a sustenance, the day of the spirit, the mi`raj of the self, will be a day for you, ascending in the Divine Presence, receiving the inspirations and blessings from my 99 Beautiful Attributes and Names.
  • At that time, “I make the day as a means of sustenance”.
  • What kind of sustenance. At that time your sustenance Is complete worship and obedience and observance of shari`ah. I raise you from zero to that level of obedience.
When I raise you up, I give you seven layer on your heart.
“wa banayna fawqakum saba`an shidaada”.
And have we not build above you seven firmaments?
Abu Layth Samarkandi said from one firmament to the next is the travel of 500,000 years.
It is like domes of the building, built without any pillars or supports, each one above the other. What does it symbolize? It is the symbol for the seven levels of the heart.
1)      tabaqat as-sudur – as-sard is the chest, where you breathe. And it is the essence of the rare Islamic knowledge and understanding.
2)      Tabaqat al-qalb – level of the heart. That is the place of the essence of faith. (jawhar al-iman) jewel of faith.
3)      Ashighafa – devotion, love, Muhabat and to feel compassion for others (ash-shafaqa)
4)      Al-fu’ad – the qalb is the heart, the visible heart. The fu’ad is the essence of the heart. That is the location of vision and seeing (kashafa wal mushahada) to visualize and to see witnessing.
5)      The kernel of the heart – the smallest inside the essence of the heart. That is the specialized location for the love of Allah. There is nothing in that kernel expect love of Allah and it has nothing to do with love of the two worlds.
6)      As-suayda – the smallest kernel of the heart, then the heavenly knowledges is given to you al-`ilm al-ladunni. That is the house of wisdom. Neither the heavens and .. contains me… but the heart contains me. And Sayyidina Ali that the head of wisdom is fear of Allah. That fear is not fear of punishment but fear of being outside of His presence. That is what Sayyidina Ali meant, not that one fears Allah from punishment. But to fear losing love of Allah and to be far from him.
7)      Bayt al-`izza – the House of  “al-`izzatu lillahi. ..” honor is for Allah and His Prophet an to the believers. He gave from honor and dignity to the believer and that is why is called the heart of the two perfections. Al-dhaahir walbaatin. Qalb alkamailayn.
At this station the Divine Secrets will be given to you and you have no right to bring them out from the internal to the external. From internal to external can be brought out, except from that special place. You have no right to bring that knowledge from that hidden place to the people.
That is why Say Abu Huraraya said ”I kept from the Prophet 2 kinds of knowledge..”
That knowledge is only for you. At that time you become
 “wa ja`alana siraajan wa haaja
 make you light shining on earth with your knowledge, but with the light that comes in your heart, it shows in your face and is dispersed to everyone.
Siraajan wa haaja” is described as the powerful energy of the light produced from the boiling elements that light appeared.
  • From that light of the heavenly secrets that Allah placed in your heart, inside your heart will be a burning process from the
`ishq al-ilahiy and it will be a sign to humanity, ayat min ayatillah.
  • People will be attracted without doing anything. Without saying even one word, those people are attracted to them.
It is said, “the sun and the moon are created at the beginning of his order from the light of his throne. And on the judgment day they are ordered to return to the light of the throne from which they were created.
  • From the light of the throne, Allah created the sun and the moon to appear and give us light in this world.
  • Why is that explained so? Ikrima said on Ibn `Abbas, that he said, “do you want to hear what I heard from the Prophet about how the sun and moon were created and what happens to them.
  • They said ‘bala.’ The Prophet was asked about the creation of the moon and the sun and what Allah will do with them.
When Allah created His creation, [as we explained about big bang before], and all this universe was brought to its final state of creation. And nothing remained behind of his creation but the creation of Adam [by “kun fayakun”].
  • At that time He created two suns from the light of His throne. [he created 2 suns]. And what he wanted to leave as a sun, he left, and he created around it, huge universes, just as he crated around the earth.
  • One or them he created a universe around and the 2nd, with his Ancient Knowledge (`ilmahu al-qadim) He willed that the 2nd sun be covered from its light.
  • He created it and turned it into a moon. And indeed he created it less than the sun in size. He ordered Jibreel and sent Jibreel to it and he moved his wing across that moon’s face and thereby extinguished the light of the moon, so it no longer produces light. If he had not done that you would never have been able to calculate day and night and the months, nor when to fast and break.
  • If Allah and what is called the moon, as he created them before sending Jibreel to extinguish its light, never would we have known day from night, nor when to fast or to break and never would a woman know when here period is coming and no one would have been able to know the prayer times and no one would have known the months and years.
  • What you see of dark spots on the moon, was the effect of the wing of Jibreel. For that He said, ‘we have wiped and removed the day, and made the daytime to be seen’ by the movement of Jibreel’s wing across the moons face. When the judgment day comes and Allah separates the people of fire and paradise, before they enter their destinations. Allah will call the sun and the moon and they will come before him shaking in His Presence visible to all from the fear of that day [in which all prophet will be shaking in Allah’s presence] and when they come near the throne of Allah, they will both fall in prostration to Allah. And they say ‘O our God.
  • You now our service to you and our continuous worship to you and our speed in running to fulfill your order. So do not punish us because of those who worshipped us. [just as Allah asks Sayyidina Isa ‘did you ask the people to worship you?’ And they say, ‘You know that we never commanded anyone to worship us.’ Allah says, “ubdeeu wa u`eed.” – “I create you and send you back where I like.” At that time he sends them back to the Throne and they disappear. And they say together ‘from what did you create us’ and He says. ‘from the light of my throne’ and they return to what they were created by Allah from.”
The sun and moon carry two elements: heat and light. Whatever they have in light goes to the light of the throne. Whatever they have of heat, Allah throws back in hell to increase it in heat.
It is said that the light of the sun and the light of the moon will return to the light of the Throne and in the end their light will return to the light of the Prophet. Wa ja`alan siraaja wa haaja” refers to the Prophet, where Allah said, “siraajan wa kitaaban mubeen because it is said in some narrations that the throne and the chair are created form the light of the Prophet. In the reality they are created from the light of the Prophet and their light is connected to His light and all is his light and his light is from Allah’s light and praise be to Allah for that.
That is why some hadith of Prophet said, the sun is in the 4th heaven.
And grandshaykh said, “the sun we see is no the real sun. it is the image of the sun that exists in reality in the 4th paradise.”

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