Sultan Muhammad{s}
What's in a Name
Secrets of -Dalail ul Khairat,
By Shaykh Hisham Kabbani:
At his birth were three ladies taking care at the birth of Sayyida Amina {as}. Sayyida Hawa {as}, Sayyida Asya {as}, and Sayyida Maryam {as} were taking care of Prophet Muhammad's birth. And she saw an angel that told her when he is born giving the name Muhammad.
4 40 8 40
MHMD see Abjad table
  • MH is Maha a Crushing Force, Rasul name is Mahi- The Effacer is the 7th name. 7th Surah is 7 Al-Araaf "The Heights "206 verse.
  • MH- Malik al-Hayat MH is from Akhirah.
  • MH- 48 Surah is Al Fath Victory "48.1 Verily We have granted thee a manifest Victory:" 48:10 Indeed, those who pledge allegiance to you, [O Muhammad] – they are actually pledging allegiance to Allah. The hand of Allah is over their hands. So he who breaks his word only breaks it to the detriment of himself. And he who fulfills that which he has promised Allah – He will give him a great reward.
  • MH-48 add to 12-
    • 12th of Raby Awwal is His birth.
    • 12th is completion ,
    • 12 constellations
    • 12 months
    • 12 tribes and 12 imams
    • 12 is mirror for 21 = which is 786
    • 12- 1plus2= 3
    • 3- Ism Allah is al-Malik The Absolute Ruler, 3rd Name of Rasul Hamid
    • Malik Hamid / King of Praise, The one whom will Praise Allah on judgment day to save creation from torment.
  • Next is MHM plus silent Meem. 3 Meems and a Ha see secrets of Bismala
Is the Spinning Oceans of Power,
We Call Bahr Qudra/ Atomic Oceans of Power.
  • MHM-88- Surah Al-Gashiya "The OverWhelming""88.1 Has the story reached thee of the overwhelming (Event)? "Ghayn".
  • MHM-88- 8+8= 16 16th name of Rasul is 16. is Rasool (Messenger), 16 Ismullah- Al-Wahhab " Giver of All"
  • 16- 1+6= 7 Back to Rasul name is Mahi- The Effacer is the 7th name. 7th Surah is 7 Al-Araaf "The Heights "206 verse. Allah's Ism over all this is "Al-Muhaymin 7 The Guardian".
Next is Dal- 4 everything in creation is linked to "4", 4 Element -Fire, Water, Earth, Air.
Secrets of -Dalail ul Khairat,
"157. Dalail' ul-Khayrat (Guide to Good Things)" PDF FILE
  • DAL is the Dalail " The Guide" His responsibility to bring you back to Muhamma or Bahr Qudra , then efface all badness and return you in your pure state to your Creator.
  • Rasul Name for the Dalail is "157. Dalail' ul-Khayrat (Guide to Good Things)" PDF FILE
  • Dalail' ul-Khayrat (Guide to Good Things)" is the way to Return to Muhamma back to the Ocean of Atomic Eternal Power.
  • What does Allah tell us about Dalail' ul-Khayrat 157"(Guide to Good Things)"
"Surah Araaf " 7.157
"Those who follow the apostle, the unlettered Prophet, whom they find mentioned in their own (scriptures),- in the law and the Gospel;- for he commands them what is just and forbids them what is evil; he allows them as lawful what is good (and pure) and prohibits them from what is bad (and impure); He releases them from their heavy burdens and from the yokes that are upon them. So it is those who believe in him, honour him, help him, and follow the light which is sent down with him,- it is they who will prosper."
  • 157 Dalail' ul-Khayrat 157"(Guide to Good Things)"  - Rasul is going to send down a rope of salvation by reciting Dalail' ul-Khayrat 157"(Guide to Good Things)"  The recitation will change your light into the Muhammad Reality. His [s]  light will purify you . How?
  • Reciting Dalail' ul-Khayrat 157"(Guide to Good Things)" 157- 1+5+7= 13,
  • 13 will dress you with .
  • 13 is the value of Nur- Noon Waw Ra =256=13
  • 13th Name of Rasul is "Mutahir (the Purifier)" Mutahir will cleanse you to dress you with 1+3 = 4
4th Name of Rasul . Mahmud (the Most Highly Praised),
Dressed by Allahs 4th siffat al Quddus "The Pure One"
Subuhun Quddus Rabul Malikati wa Ruh.
  • Day of Judgment all will run the Sayedena Malik Hamid, Asking for Him to make the Hamd of Allah and to Intercede for Them.
  • When Allah accepts that Hamd- The Dress of Al-Quddus is Emanating the Malik Hamid.
  • Then The Most Highly Praised dressed by Allah. is Malik Mahmoud.
  • Allah invites us  to Maqam al Mahmud.
Surah Al-Isra
{Ascent to the Kingdom}
17.79 And pray in the small watches of the morning: (it would be) an additional prayer (or spiritual profit) for thee: soon will thy Lord raise thee to a Station of Praise and Glory! Maqam Mahmoud.
17.80 Say: "O my Lord! Let my entry be by the Gate of Truth and Honour {Siddiqeen}, and likewise my exit by the Gate of Truth and Honour {Siddiqeen}; and grant me from Thy Presence an authority to aid (me)." {ladunka sultanan naseeran}
Surah Al-Lail " Night" Ahkfa Point Non-Manifesting Existence
92.18 Those who spend their wealth for increase in self-purification,
92.19 And have in their minds no favor from anyone for which a reward is expected in return, 92.20 But only the desire to seek for the Countenance of their Lord Most High;
92.21 And soon will they attain (complete) satisfaction
Because he is the center of HAMD and Muhaamid al-kawn.
  • The entire universe in constant praise of Allah without stopping. [ Scientist call this Resonance and String Theory]
  • Any movement that occurs in this universe, as a scientist, it means any wave, how many wavelengths are there. It is continuous.
  • There are x-rays, microwaves, long wave , short wave , etc.
And all of them are because of a movement or a sound, anything that shows that it has a life. Wavelength shows that it has a life.
Now if they want to examine a diamond they put on it a machine that measures the reflective wavelength. Even in a stone there is a wavelength that they measure. How was that instrument able to measure without a wavelength coming out form that . and that is the meaning of wa in min shayy'in illa…
So that means every smallest particle that you can imagine as a scientist must have a wave that shows its existence. Without a wave it cannot exist. Because it has to give something out. And Allah said to amina thru the angel, when he comes name him Muhammad, because he is the center of HamdAllah.
He is the center of the HAMD. It means all hamds have to cross section thru that center. They have timeless and timelessness have to go thru that birth that amina is giving.
There Is no Muhammad before and no Muhammad after him. And his name is made of two Meems, not one.
  • Muhammad mim and mim.
  • So it also gives a significance.
  • One mim that is described the HAMD, of a section and the
  • other described the HAMD of another section.
  • The first is mim hah [Mulk Hayat] and the second one is mim DAL [Mulk Dunya]
  • The 2nd is Mulk ad-dunya – the whole universe.
  • Thru the mim of Muhammad all HAMD that comes from dunya has to go from that first mim. Mulk ad-dunya.
And the second one is Mulk al-Hayat, Meem Ha. That is the eternal life, the one that is never gone, it is entirely energy.
  • These two circles, one describes the dunya and one describes the Akhira.
  • That is why the first that describes the Akhira comes first, always the higher level comes before.
  • As we described the verse of pilgrimage, muhalakeen ruusihim aw mukassireen. That is the reason the Prophet (s) shaved, the higher level.
So there is Muhaamid al-Hayat and Muhaamid ad-dunya.
Muhaamid al-Hayat are the praises that are timeless.
  • They have to go thru the first part which is the …center of that point..
The 2nd ones, Muhaamid ad-dunya are also going thru Prophet (s) but they go thru that part that is related to time. [Dunya Form]
  • And Akhira, dunya is included in the ocean of Akhira.
  • If we say Akhira we think life that comes after this life. {The Realm of Light Has No Time}
Akhira means eternal life.
  • It means there must be life before that life.
  • Pre-eternal. [ Is Non Manifest Silent Meem in Muhammad]
  • Pre-eternal and eternal are the same, no time.
  • Dunya is in between.
  • It is between these two, so it means time that is gone to Awliya.
  • Because the Awliya can connect pre-eternal and eternal.
  • So the present doesn’t mean anything.
  • Pre-eternal means in the day of promises when Allah created the soul and eternal . but both are eternal.
  • So what comes in between is like a bridge a junction, not connecting.
  • Coming here and then going to the same origin.
  • Inna Lillahi, we are from Allah, pre-eternal and we go back to him wa inna ilayhi raji`oon. And Muhammad is the connector.
  • That is why the angel said, call him Muhammad.
So she called him Muhammadur rasulullah, thru that we know pre-eternal and eternal. It has to cross section there.
That is why to Awliya, as you explained scientifically.
  • Timeless { Station of Light} and
  • Timelessness { Black Hole not even light can escape it. Existent non-Manifested  / Falaq}.
  • They are the ocean. As soon as they enter the ocean they become the ocean. As soon as they free themselves the Prophet (s) connect them and it become timeless and timelessness. [ Form-To, Soul /Light,  Fana in the  Falaq" Qul auzu Bil Rabbil Falaq']
To the name of the Prophet (s) is Muhaamid al-Hayat and Muhaamid ad-dunya. So it cross sections there, like drawing of 2 circles, they overlap at one place. Anyone who can enter that intersection can enter the heart of the Prophet (s).
One time Mawlana Shaykh caught hold of my hand and he said, look professor. The orange tree is saying something to you and he was not referring to the oranges in the tree. Alhamdulillah what you say today is bringing all these things together.
You looked at the orange tree and it was saying something to me.
Mawlana: you didn’t say what it was saying.
Every living thing has a wave traveling out of it. When it is  observed the wave becomes a particle that travels to the speed of light. So all of Allah’s creations extend itself to us by means of these particle-waves. Then it is as if we accept that and his existence extends his hands to us.
Awliya'ullah never take their gaze off of existence to for them it is eternal.
Every question is difficult, like an engineer, you are asked a question, so you begin to concentrate and to put together source to formulate an answer.
With Mawlana Shaykh it is as long as you are not seeing yourself and you are seeing the Shaykh and accepting completely the importance of the Shaykh in your life and in your work and express it to the people who are listening, not as if it is from you because it was from you or you were clever or you were educated, then the answers come from the main source that is because you say, I cannot answer these questions as long as there is no support from the main source and as long as you know that you are worthless and you have to  prove that to the people for you, then as long as you speak they open to you. And they open to the standard the listeners. As much as people thirsty you give. It depends on each association. Always they give to the level of the most advanced one in the meeting. They are not going to give basic.
For that sometimes Mawlana Shaykh gives meaningful high caliber lectures and other times he gives very basic lectures.
In recent years, today, Mawlana Shaykh always giving lectures from a very basic level. Before in the 70s and early 80s he was giving very deep lecture, very intellectual lectures in spirituality. Which he is not giving anymore. Because the average level of the people is lower now.
Because of the question you asked before, is it a latifa. The knowledge of people is not up to 100%. That is why he doesn’t give to a high level except in private meetings, where he gives them what he wants them to say. Now as I said, it depends on how the listener’s belief and how much they want to take, he sends. It is not me that I know or you that you know, but how much he is inspiring thru his channels to his heart or that heart.
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