Tafsir Surah Shams

Lataif Qalb Series
Tafsir surat Shams "91"
  • Secrets of "19" in Heavenly realities is Qaf,
Qaf waalqurani almajeed Surah "50", ( Al Quran is the Source of His {Sayedena Ahmad {S}} Power Allah Dressed Him With.
He is Sirajan Muniran, The Light .
  • Towards The Understanding of Nur -i- Ahmad {s}
By: Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani
Audhu billah min ash-shaytan ir-rajeem
Bismillah ir-rahman ir-raheem
In this session we will begin the Tafsir of Surat ash-shams, surat 91. It was revealed to the Prophet (s) in Makka al-Mukarrama.
Wash-shams wa duha'ha. Wal-qamari idha talaha. Wal nahari idha jalaha. Wal lail idha yaghshaha
Allah almighty is giving and oath and He wants to show the greatness of His creation.
  • By the sun and His glorious splendor,{ Heavenly Power} and
  • by the moon as she follows him,{ Dunya Power}
  • by the day as it shows up the sun’s glory, by the night as it conceals it;
  • By the Firmament and its (wonderful) structure. { Stars }
  • By the earth and its wide expanse.
That is what we are able to understand and you know that Allah’s word, no one can understand it. That is why scholars, as  much as they interpret Allah’s words, it never ends,. If all the trees were pens and all the oceans ink, the knowledge would never end.
Was-shamsi wa duhaaha. Why did He choose to begin with the sun?
Because as everyone knows, the scientists, if there was no sun there would be nothing living on earth.
The sun is a major source of life. { In Units of Time is The Year}
And Allah wants to show us His greatness thru highest level and coming to reach us when we are living on earth.
That is why He begins was-shamsi wa duhaaha.
And then He said, “and the moon which follows him.” And then { Moon is the 12 Months}
“by the day and then by the night.” He described the whole picture of life in those two three verses. The sun, the moon, the day in which we live, the night in which we sleep. { Day 30 Units of Time}And then he is showing the relationship between heaven and earth.
By the firmament and its wonderful structure, and by the earth and its expanse. Then he comes to us, the human being.
Then by the soul and the proportion and order given to it.,
So when Allah swt, wash-shamsi wa duhaaha. He is saying the sun. what do we understand from the sun.
  • When we pray salaat al-Fajr, how is the sun known.
  • We don’t see the sun but we see its light.
  • How is the sun known – by its  light. That is how he followed the description of the sun by its light.
  • Duha is the time when the sun rises and you can see it.
  • That is when you pray salat al-ishraq. You are praying to Allah for his greatness that he created that source of light for you.
  • That is why Awliya follow the Sunnah to pray ishraq.
  • It is a sign that you are thanking Allah for that source of light that made all life possible on earth.
And then he said, by the sun and its splendor. Splendor means what? Duhaaha is not only splendor. Dahwa. Is the appearance thru the sign of the light and establishing its strength, when something appears it takes all the attendance they say “you are the spotlight or the guest of honor” at a conference.
The main attraction.
{ To Know Sayedena Muhammad is to Understand His Light and His Gift to Creation by His Appearance.}
The sun as it appears in the sky, takes the whole sky under it, it becomes the sultan of the sky. Nothing appears there any longer. Do you see anything else there.
That means by its strength, its sultan. { Nothing is Like Unto Allah, but Understand the Best of His creation is Sayedena AHMAD {S}}That appearance is for that sun. do you see anything else. Look at the sun for two minutes, then turn your eyes, you see nothing but black. { It will snatch away your site, how dare you stare directly at Me.}
That is the meaning of the word duhaaha.
And when duha, which is why we pray ishraq, and then we pray duha, which is when it goes higher and higher, at the zenith we pray dhuhr. In between we pray duha. The highest peak of the sun is at the zenith. Like the moon going to its full. { Naqshbandi Awrad: Zuhr Prayer Read Surah Mulk, The zenith and power shows at that time by the day and night, again reading at Isha Salat. for the Two Kingdoms  Malik Hayat- Heavens , Malik Dunya-Physicality}
And ad-dahwa, and ad-duha, are two words that describing the nur ash-shams, the light of the sun. and when that light comes, every shadow disappears. { In His presence all Illusions will disappear.}There is no more shadow. Every shadow you can no longer see.
When the sun reaches the duha, the zenith. That is why at the zenith, if you put a stick, you don’t see any shadow. It is controlled. It is dominating everything. There is nothing except under its control. That is why Allah is saying “was-shamsi wa duhaaha” you have to understand that is not something simple.
Who is putting that sun millions of years, in that place with that light, that source of light giving life to unity and making the day and night to be two signs, ayataan, two miracles.{ Secret of Time}
 By making that earth turn around itself, making day and night.
Why not the sun turning about its axis? Why not the sun. who made the sun fixed and the earth moving.  Doesn’t it need something behind it? That is Allah’s greatness, saying, “take an example from my creation.” Look at the sun and its strength and its domination.
Nothing can stand in front of the sun. even if you take a big telescope it burns everything. Put a magnifying lens, it burns.
Who made that source of energy?
How much they are getting oil to make energy here, and they are afraid that after 100 or 20 years it will finish. Allah was not afraid that the sun will finish. That is the power of “kun fa yakoon.” When He says, “Be and it will be.” When He says, “Stop”, it will stop. The sun, its praising of Allah, tasbih ash-shams, is what keeps its light and its energy continuously emanating. That is from its praising to Allah swt. That we cannot hear, but he Prophet can hear.
That praising it is its source of life. { The Praise of Nur i Ahmad is what Allah is Supporting the power on the tongue of His Beloved Caliph Eternally Muhammad RasulAllah. MuHammid al Kawn}
When Allah wants it to cease, he orders it to stop praising and it stops, it goes.
Then He said, “wal-qamari idha talaha.” - “
By the moon which follows her.” Follows? Follow what?
It doesn’t walk. { The Moon Is The Physical Representative of Sayedena Muhammad {S} at all times their must be a steward of the Throne. Magam Fardani "Warith Muhammadia"}
What does it follow? “talahatalaha in what? Follow the sun in what. { The Muhammadan Representative }
by the moon as she follows him” – what do they explain here.
Allah is showing His greatness, that when the sun goes the moon comes.
Who is moving that? Who is making that change? “Wa kullun fee falakin yasbahoon.” And every planet in its orbit is swimming. Who is making the sun to go and the moon to come.
The moon is there but you cannot see it, until the earth turns on its axis and becomes on the side that is dark, then you can see the moon. Because at that time the sun does not show up, you can no longer see it as it is becoming dark.
The moon is following the footsteps of the sun.


“in kuntum tuhiboonAllah.
The sun is telling the moon “follow me” "wa tabi uni" “if you follow me you will be shining like me. If you don’t follow me, you will never shine.”
So what did the moon do? It is Allah’s Word, not our word.
The moon followed. It means follow the footsteps, behind the sun.
So when she follows the footsteps of the sun, it begins to reflect that light of the sun on the earth. { The Qawth or Muhammadan Representative will keep the True Muhammadan Light on Earth and all creation to benefit as well all the Stars which are the Souls of Enlighten Beings or Saints}
There is no light on the moon. The moon has no light of its own.
The moon has no activity on it.
There is no energy  explosions, if we want to describe it in a scientific way, but since the moon followed the way or followed the other one with its activity and energy, she will inherit or be blessed or be dressed with its light.
Although it has no light, it becomes shining. It means that a dead planet becomes shining because he has been blessed by following the footsteps of the sun and looking at the sun and taking from it. Wal-qamari idha talaha.”
That is why to awliyaullah, as we go to a different explanation.
The sun to the awliya represents the ruh, the spirit. {O mankind! reverence your Guardian-Lord, who created you from a single person RUH  WAHID }
That ruh that has the activity, the energy, the power.
The body without the spirit, is nothing.
The moon without the sun doesn’t shine.
The body without the spirit doesn’t function.
The spirit is the main source of life to that dead body.
From that the moon becomes, takes the light from the sun, then becomes like a representative to the sun at night.
  • Like a calipha, a deputy, in darkness for people to be guided by his light.
  • That is why Allah said, innee ja’ilun fil ardi khalipha
That means “I am sending him that life to make that earth alive.”
  • And Allah is describing that in surat ash-shams.
  • Thru two verses. “Was-shamsi idha talaha…
Describes the whole life structure. There is one main source, and its representative.
  • Takes from the main source and then he is dressed with what the main source sending it to humanity.
  • Then he disperses it to those around him.
  • All night you look at the moon and you will not have any problem..
  • but look at the sun two minutes and you will be blind.
  • So no one can take directly from the sun.
Wa ja`ala ash-shamsi diya`an wal qamari nuran.
  • He said, He made the sun a source of energy, diya. { Humans can not directly plug into the suns power, so Allah Ati Allah Ati Rasul wa Ulul Amri Minkum, Those Murshids which take the Energy and make it as a light for humanity to easily absorb.  The Need for  Tariqat}
  • That is a hidden energy that when the sun is exploding it makes that light.
  • They say diya ash-shams and nur al-qamr.
  • Diya ash-shams means the source of the light and the nur is the light. Nur means the reflection of the light. It is a messenger giving you the guidance.
Qad ja’akum min Allahi nurun wa kitaabun mubeen.
  • That Is Muhammad, he is described as nur. All scholars said that refers to Muhammad (s). so a human being,
  • what is the moon and what is the sun?
The moon of the human being is the place of the heart.
  • It is from the body, a piece of flesh. So qamar is a piece of a planet that has no life on it.
  • So the heart is a piece of flesh. What makes the heart to function – it is the ruh.
  • So the heart of the human being is described as the moon.
  • The ruh is described as the sun, the source of the energy.
  • When you are able to make the ruh dominate the heart, then you will be a reflector of light.
  • At that time the heart begins to reflect light, knowledge.
  • When you make the heart to dominate the ruh by the cover of the worldly life, that ruh is compressed and is put down so it can no longer come out.
  • It is under the pressure of desires of the heart, the bad desires Lusts.
  • That is why the heart is seat of good desires and bad desires. If you let the bad desires control the heart, then you have no more light in the heart.
  • That fountain of knowledge is stopped. You become connected to dunya.
When you make the heart down and the ruh up, as the sun dominates the entire sky when it appears, then every cell of your body will be reflecting light to humanity. That is what we were describing in jumu`ah, how Sahaba were able to convert people around the world in masses.
  • Because they were speaking form ruh. That light which they reflect thru their bodies which they take form the main source of energy is enough to change the hearts of people immediately.
  • Like laser light. Many sickness are healed with laser. If you keep that light of the laser, without using it, it is there, when you open it up to sick people it will heal them. You don’t need to talk. Only send that light it will take all these sicknesses away. You don’t need surgery. Only that light goes and it will work.
  • That is what Allah swt is saying, washshams wa duhaaha. With its splendor, from the ocean of power, what it is going to do to humanity when I dress them and bless them and make them calipha on earth, that earth means their physical bodies, to represent and reflect my light.
  • That is why there are not many moons, there is only one.
  • No two moons.
  • Where we are living is only one moon.
  • So there is only one Prophet, the seal of the Messengers, who can inherit that light  and give. You can take from that but you are not the moon, he is the moon.
As we said, as the moon follows the sun, “as the moon when she follows him,”
  • so too must the moon of the heart follow the spirit and the soul in order to take from its light in order to reflect anywhere.
  • If the moon of the heart, follows the ego, at that time, that heart will follow the darkness and fall completely in a dark situation and in that situation there is no light and that person will be enveloped in darkness.
Awliyaullah said, “inna as-shamsan ayyatan lil haqiqat il-ilahiyya” -Prophets Light or Ruh
  • the sun is the sign of the Heavenly Lordly perfected perfection.
  • The sun describes, it symbolizes the sign of the reality of the Lord of Heavens, where it represents the highest perfected perfection, where there is no greater perfection above the sun with its splendor, when it rises and dominates the heavens.
  • That means that during the day everything disappears, except that reality.
  • The meaning of that, is there is no reality existing except Allah.
  • Everything else is vanishing in His Presence.
  • No one can raise his head.
  • That is what is meant, “By the sun and his splendor.” Allah swt is describing the reality of that attribute of Qudra, Power. One of His Attributes is the Bahr al-Qudra, from which everything came out. He is describing one name only - a single name. Al- Qadir "Qaf"
  • { Allah Showing us the Sayedena Ahmad's  Light and knowledge has no comparison with anyone or thing in creation it is a Divine Gift, you can not say the sun is like Allah. Because their is nothing in this tiny universe or creation that can be compared to the Creator or the Universe.}
As for the moon, “wal-qamaru ayyatan lil-haqiqat il-insaniyya al-akmali al-kamali,” Prophets Physicality
  • it represents the sign of the reality of humanity’s perfection of its perfection.
  • That is why the moon represents the Holy Prophet (s), in his perfection.
  • And the sun represents the bahr al-qudra of Allah swt.
  • Since the moon was created, until Judgment Day, it is the center of focus of concentration on something.
  • The moon is the focus of the realities that the sun is dressing it with, to make the moon to reflect that light out to humanity in its darkness.
  • So it represents, since it was created until Judgment Day, the moon is in every time, every century and in every moment, reflecting the light of the sun.
  • That means the Prophet (s) is always the focus and center of Allah’s blessings and of Allah’s dressing him in every century and every moment, accompanying mankind until Judgment Day.
  • Not only from his time, but from the time of Adam (as). From that time,kunta nabiyyin wa adam bayna al-ma’i wat-teen.” “I was a Prophet when Adam was between water and clay.” { There Has always been a representative of the Muhammadan Reality on Earth like Allahs Servant Sayedena Khidr (AS), teaching Nabi Musa {S} realties.
The first that thing That Allah created was my Light.
  • He accompanied all creation that appeared on earth and he was the Seal of Messengers for them.
  • Why does the moon come out at night? Not during the day.
  • Because during the day, Allah is showing his power, 
  • But I sent a calipha to represent Me to show up in darkness.
  • That means the Prophet (s) was sent to take darkness and bring light, to take devils away.
  • That Is why the symbol of the moon Is only in darkness.
  • You don’t see the symbol of the Prophet until you are in darkness, making sins.
That is why He said, “If you really love Allah follow me.” How do people follow the moon? They follow at night. If there is no moon you are lost at night. How do you find your direction. You cannot see.
May Allah forgive us. May Allah support us.
They teach Tafsir ibn Kathir and they teach Tafsir al-Jalalayn. But al-Jalalayn is perhaps as long as the English commentary. But Suyuti has another tafsir ad-Durr al-manthur which is xx volumes. Every volume is 700 pages. They teach the mukhtasar, the abridged version, which is al-Jalalayn. So they don’t have the full information. And no one translated any of these tafasir to English . That is a big project and very difficult. Surat al-Kahf took o