Secrets of Light and

Sufi Quantum Physics

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Raheem
By M. Siddiqui , Ziad Sidawi
Towards Understanding Secret of The Prophetic Kingdom
The Nature of Light
If however reaches the speed of light, time stops completely. Light = Time
They calculated the speed of light to be 186,000 miles per second. The normal method of calculating speed in relativity is to take for example a sound wave. They noted that the wave travels at 1088 ft/second. If you are traveling at 1000 ft. /sec. and a sound wave is moving in the same direction you will observe it moving at 88 ft/sec. Likewise, to an observer speeding at 1088 ft/sec the observed speed oft eh sound wave would be zero.
Also going in the opposite direction, you would add the difference of the speeds when calculating classical Newtonian physics.
They also noted that with sound it needs a medium to travel so sound does not travel in a vacuum. Light on the other hand, does not require a medium in which to travel and unlike sound its observed speed does not change regardless of the speed or direction of the observer.
So even for someone traveling 100,000 miles/second, the observed speed of that light would still be 186,000 miles/second, the same speed as if the observer was at rest.
This is the famous theory of relativity.
This is a phenomena which is strikingly non-intuitive and in truth has not been able to be explained by scientists – only observed and built on.
It is universally accepted though incredible to comprehend, light speed is constant for all observers regardless of their speed or direction. Einstein explained that as an object increased in speed, approaching the speed of light, its physical length decreases, its mass increases. So we find a black hole has infinite mass but no size.
As the object approaches the speed of light, time slows but the speed of light remains constant. So if he is traveling at 185,999 miles/second, still light is speeding past him at 186,000 miles/second. He will never “break the light barrier” one cannot even approach it. If however he reaches the speed of light, time stops completely.
This aspect of light’s behavior left physicists stunned in wonderment and amazement: that it could adjust its observed behavior based on the one observing it.
And more on that issue later.
Mawlana explained that the Prophet is always increasing in knowledge, and moving up in levels, mithlayn mithlayn, double each moment. What this means, in the context of general relativity is that as the Prophet moves upward in knowledge, what is opening to him is yet another level of knowledge, because always light, which here represents knowledge, is moving faster than whatever speed you reach  and its speed is always the same, even if you reach a speed infinitely close to its speed.
Wa fawqa kulli dhi `ilmin `aleem
This is explained that whatever level of knowledge you reach, you find you are nowhere, still above it is another level.
This also reminds us of the role of Light and Observation in the creation of the Prophet (s) and his being Dressed by Allah under the Divine Gaze before the creation of all things. At that time there existed nothing of creation except the Light of the Prophet, al-haqiqat al-Muhammadiyya, which was turning in the Bahr al-qudra. Mawlana describes that at that time, Allah was sending His Divine Gaze on the Prophet (s) 70,000 times in every second/moment.
Today, it is known that through light one can transmit enormous quantities of information digitally in a very short span of time. Now, with the invention of fibre-optic data connections, we have seen data rates jump by many times. One can now hook up one’s speakers via fibre-optics to a stereo. Disk drives are connected optically on fibre networks as are computers, allowing information to be transferred at Gigabit rates.
And we know that awliya use light as a means of transmitting spiritual powers.
When a Shaykh wishes to bestow a mureed with his spiritual trusts (amaanat), he will gaze in to his eyes, and pour the knowledge contained in his heart to the heart of the mureed through the vision. That is light-transmission.
So when the Prophet (s) was turning in the Divine Presence, under Allah’s nadhra, 70,000 times in each moment, he was being dressed by means of the light of Allah’s Vision, with knowledge in waves. Waves upon waves, in reality oceans of Divine Light were being shone onto the Prophet’s Essence, al-haqiqat al-Muhammadiyya and in the process information was being “entered” into the Prophet’s understanding, his `aql or consciousness. Thus the Prophet (s) was being raised in every instant, level upon level of Divine Knowledge, and continues in this manner until today.
Based on this concept of general relativity, some physicists have even argued for an infinite universe in a bounded space, stating that if the speed of galaxies increases the farther they are from the center of the big bang, then as is observed, their speed begins to approach significantly close to the speed of light, their spatial dimension in the direction of motion begins to compress, flattening them in the direction of motion.
We must note that while physicists have not seen anything moving at the speed greater than light, it does not mean they don’t exist. In fact, some physicists have postulated a group of particles called tachyons, whose speed limit is never less than light and which would in fact move backwards in time.
Photons and other forms of electromagnetic radiation are timeless, since they travel at light-speed. Since they are timeless, they are everywhere along their path at once. And their path is basically the universe.
In other words once a wave is released, it exists everywhere at once. Stated in another way, everything in the universe past, present and future is connected to everything else, in a web of electromagnetic radiation that sees everything at once.” John Gribben, Physcist.
It is understood that once you emit any form of radiation, it becomes available to every point in the universe instantly, because while to the observer it takes a very long time to reach whatever the edge of the universe is, the fact is the path that it will traverse, which is in fact the entire universe, as a wave travels everywhere, and since the wave experiences no time whatsoever, it is immediately connected to each and every “corner” of the universe.
When we make Salawat/ Prophetic Chanting Praising, the sound is moving through the medium of the atmosphere, in a medium which will decrease in acoustic power, with distance. But what we know is that human brain is generating brainwaves, and that is simply the intention and command to the tongue to make the salawat. If you put an EKG on the human brain you find a wave generated by the intention to make salawat and based on the above discussion, that salawat wave is immediately available throughout the universe!
Thus, from Allah’s saying, that once you intend good, it is written for you as a good deed and it will be rewarded. It is evident from this understanding that by having a good intention, immediately that is created and transmitted to the universe, where it has become timeless and ready and waiting for you, and to reward you, upon your timely arrival to Judgment Day.
Thus it is clear then, how on judgment day the salawat are collected and presented to Allah in order that the one making them may be rewarded.
Keep in mind that whenever salawat is made, Allah has angels that repeat that salawat of the reciter and recite in turn salawat on him and make istighfaar for him – this now it is apparent can happen concurrently with his utterance of the salawat, immediately, despite their distance from the person’s location near or far.
Everything in the universe generates electromagnetic waves in order to act. This has even been show to be true of plants and even cells. All living things basically use electromagnetic waves to communicate internally from one part to another. Therefore, even the tasbih of the plants, cells and smallest living forms is in fact immediately “available” to the universe at large, once it is initiated –and this is one meaning behind the baraka of dhikr and tasbih.
[therefore is behooves the believer to be careful and conscious of what your brain is emitting for whatever is thought immediately becomes timeless and “broadcast” to the entire universe instantaneously. That is how simple it is for recording angels to take down what one has intended – it is built into the structure of the universe. Once a shaykh told his mureed, you are coming to salaat and you made zina. The mureed said, no I didn’t. He said, “Yes, you looked at that woman with desire.” So the mureed, once he made that thought, it became available to the universe and those who have the capability to “pick it up” do so. That is why on the day of judgment, that wavelength is already present, and is the shahada of your own five senses and your limbs which have made timeless their intentions through these electromagnetic emissions.]
Hadith Qudsi 16:
On the authority of son of Abbas (may Allah be pleased with them both), from the Messenger of Allah (PBUH), among the sayings he related from his Lord (glorified and exalted be He) is that He said:
Allah has written down the good deeds and the bad ones. Then He explained it [by saying that] he who has intended a good deed and has not done it, Allah writes it down with Himself as a full good deed, but if he has intended it and has done it, Allah writes it down with Himself as from ten good deeds to seven hundred times, or many times over. But if he has intended a bad deed and has not done it, Allah writes it down with Himself as a full good deed, but if he has intended it and has done it, Allah writes it down as one bad deed.
It was related by al-Bukhari and Muslim.
Thus if one takes the understanding one step further, it becomes apparent that at the  moment of creation, the big bang itself, all things were immediately connected, past, present and future to what was, is and will be for all of the universe’s existence, as if written in a book. This entire universe came into existence with the big bang, the burst of light which is in itself timeless, and which, by containing all the matter of the universe is connected to every thing completely. And, with each creation’s intention to commit an action, the emission of electromagnetic radiation has conveyed that intention, into timeless “book of deeds” which, by its very nature, reaches from the very instant of creation to its extinction, without distinction to time whatsoever. It is in this sense perhaps that one can say everything is “written” or predestined and Allah knows best.
Jaffat il-aqlām wa rafa`at as-suhuf.
Yamhullaha ma yasha`u ya yuthbit wa `indahu umm ul-kitāb.
As we mentioned there are tachyons, according to speculation, can travel faster but not equal to the speed of light, and it may be through the medium of these objects that Allah modifies the past, as in yamhullaha ma yasha`u, and Allah alone knows the veracity of this.

Duality of Light

In 1905 Einstein demonstrated that light has properties characteristic of particles and waves at the same time: the photoelectric effect for which he later received the Nobel prize.
  • Since this time, that dual nature inherent in light has become known as the wave-particle duality.
  • Through the double-slit experiment, in 1803, Thomas Young demonstrated that light passing through a single narrow slit creates a fuzzy image on a screen behind the slit, due to the diffraction of the light wave.
  • If there are two narrow slits in front of the beam, the light produces an interference pattern, such as throwing a stone in the water and as it reaches a bridge with two columns in the water, the waves will move around the columns and coming around the other side, will interact with the waves from the other column, and increase in amplitude where they are moving in the same direction and decrease in amplitude when moving in opposite direction.
  • This was the result of the experience with a stream of light.
  • Now when they used the dual nature of light, to use its particle nature, they shot one particle of light at a time, through these two slits, one at a time, alternating between the two slits.
  • As each sequential photon is fired, one would reasonably expect a fuzzy image to build up, as happened with the one slit experiment.
  • However instead, the typical interference pattern of multiple light and dark bands formed, exactly as if it was a stream of light shot through both slits at the same time.
  • So the particle, basically acted as a beam of a light, which is a wave phenomenon.
The issue here is, how did the photon know that the second slit was open or closed? Since each photon was fired sequentially one after the other. However regardless, it acts the same as a wave. This is called “communicating” in the scientific field.
E.H. Walker calculated that photons may be conscious. Gary Zukov said, “we have little choice but to acknowledge that photons, which process energy, do process information and act accordingly.”

Another experiment, the calcite crystal experiment showed

  • §         that this identical phenomena happens not only with photons, but with electrons, protons and even whole atoms act in this way.
  • §         What this means is that when an atom is fired through a slit, its behavior will be that of as a wave phenomena.
  • §         In one experiment, when they monitored the slit as a particle passed through it, either on one slit or both, say an electron, it passed through the slit as a particle and did not act as a wave.
  • §         The particle appeared to “choose” to act as a particle, and not as a wave, before it reached the slit.
  • §         In a further modification of the double slit experiment researchers placed a photon detector at one of the two slits.
  • §         With a particle detector, physicists again directed the photons, one at a time, towards the two slits.
  • §         An unexpected two-band pattern emerged, the individual photon no longer acted like a beam traveling through two slits at once, but instead each photon apparently detected the existence of the detector and went through the slits as a particle and no interference pattern appeared on the screen.
  • §         The presence of the detector, logically speaking should not alter the outcome.
  • §         The particle “perceived” the detector and as a result remained whole.
  • §         Why the presence of the monitors should cause an alteration of the behavior of the photons is unknown.
  • §         What forces are at play causing the photons to act prior to reaching the detector.
  • §         Consider that the photon has “made the decision” to act as a particle before even reaching the detector.
Gerald Schroder “the end of the line for causality. Identical conditions should give identical results. This experiment indicated otherwise.”
Gribben, “what you find in such a situation is that each electron is seen to be a particle, traveling through one hole or another. It behaves like a little bullet. And lo and behold, the interference pattern disappears. Instead the pattern on the screen is one of that produced by little bullets, sent through holes independently….crucial moment going thru the hole.” [p. 59 footnote 5]
Physicists have coin the phrase “collapse of the wave function” as a description of the change to particle behavior under observation only. Only under observation will a particle fired act as a particle.
We find that whether a single detector at one of the 2 slits or 2 detectors at each slit is employed,  that the outcome remains the same: it is the presence of any detector, not the number that cause the waves to convert to particles.
The resulting conclusion is that the fact of observation profoundly alters the outcome of the experiment.
Light remains as a wave without observation, but coalesces to a particle when scrutinized by something tuned to particle phenomena.
[summarize for text, put the experiment details in footnotes]
The 2nd experiment which demonstrates the “awareness of observation” is when radio waves are used to stimulate Be ions. The waves cause the atoms to jump from ground state, electron level 1 to level 2. By applying the radio impulses for exactly 256 ms. 100% of the ions shifted to level 2. Similarly a burst of 128 ms. Would cause only 50% to make the transition and it is a clear linear relationship between time and number of ions in level 2.
The researchers developed a sophisticated technique that allowed them to measure the number of ions in level 1 or level 2.  This technique allowed the team to assess the impact of observation without altering the methodology.
They shoot the laser device and read how many ions are in level 1. Now if the examiners observed the ions four times over the period of 256 ms of “charging” the ions under the radio frequency, at 64, 128, xxx and 256 ms, only 3/4ths of the ions were found in level 1 at the end of the 256 ms. This means that if one were able to continuously observer the ions, they would in fact never change state.
So the act of observing the ions the number of ions going to level 2 is reduced. I.e. they were able to observe the ions continuously they will never reach level 2.
John Gribben says: “If it were possible to monitor the ions all the time, they would never change, as quantum theory suggest, the world only exists because it is being observed. The world only changes because it is not being observed all the time.” Thus, a watched pot theoretically never boils.
One of the most widely accepted theories is that everything exists in a natural waveform until it is observed. At that time it “collapses” into a particle and the entity transforms into what we recognize as “reality.” As an example, the light we perceive exists in wave form, until it is observed with the eye. Somewhere between the cornea and the brain, the light wave is converted to a particle.
On a cellular level, angels are assigned to each cell, each molecule and each atom. These angles are making continuous tasbih. That angel is “observing” that object for which is has been assigned. This is what keeps that object in particle for, i.e. In existence. Once that assigned angel leaves that task by Allah’s order, that object is no longer under observation and thus is rendered back to its wave nature, or bahr al-qudra, the ocean of power, and Allah knows best.
the whole universe is under existence by Allah’s Gaze in every moment, and if Allah removes His gaze for one instant, it will no longer exist
Now awliyaullah are given the power to be in multiple places at once.
The haqiqat at-tay: could be due to the fact that awliya may move as a wave, and travel at the speed of light: because once a wave exists, it is immediately rendered into the timeless existence and render themselves into particle form and appear at a far distant place.
  • As a wave, when they move into different places, they go to different “slits” which are different locations, they are rendered into particles,
  • When Sayyidina Sulaiman said, who can bring the `arsh of Bilqees, the jinn replied that using his strength he can bring it before …
  • The one who had ilm al-kitab, that one was able to bring it via its waveform, and as the Arabic has it, “qabl an yartada ilayk tarfuk.”
  • It means instantaneously, as once the wave is created it no longer is bound by time at all.
  • Thus it may be that he rendered the `arsh of Bilqees into its waveform, and since at that time it is available at any location in the universe, he simply rendered it back to its particle form in the majlis of Sayyidina Sulayman (as).
  • ِA lady came to a saint, crying “my son is in a ship at sea, and it has capsized and he doesn’t know how to swim. Please help him.” Immediately the Shaykh reached out his hand and when he drew it back he was holding the woman’s son in his hand, and his arm was dripping wet.
  • We have already seen that with the power of light, a wali may use his wave-body to move at the speed of light. At the location of the foundering ship, the wali renders his arm into its particle form, grasps this boy and then renders himself to wave-form and move his arm and the boy to his mosque, where he rendered his arm and the child back into particle state. The essence of this is to stop the effect of observation on himself, ie. The angels of the cells of the body, continue to observer his particle but using a method similar to that of the reverse polarizer being placed at the final location, the operations takes place while the shaykh is not under observation, he retrieves the child and returns, restoring himself and the child to “particle” form.
Now how is it that he may move and appear to be static?
So like the non-polarizing effect of the beam of light in the calcite experiment, the Shaykh is able to move at the speed of light,
  • Now we see that in the night of Isra and Mi`raj, the Prophet (s) went physically, not spiritually to the Presence of the Allah Almighty.
  • We know that the body is able to move at the speed of light, in which time stops, and that is why after the entire traversal from Makkah to Jerusalem, and then to the heights of Heavens, he returned in what to an observer would have been an instant, for it is said, that as he returned, the water which he had spilled upon being woken by Jibreel (as), was still falling, and upon his return the Prophet’s bed was still warm.
  • As they were in light form, the anbiya prayed behind him in his light-body, and for that reason time had no effect. He then traversed to the station of qaaba kawsayni aw adna, traversing distances in the billions of light years or more, and yet returned in an instant.
  • And on his return journey from Bayt al-maqdis, the Prophet observed a caravan (qāfila) of the Quraysh, on its return trip to Makkah.
Multiple bodies
The comparison of another aspect of awliya is similar to the slit experiment used to demonstrate wave-particle duality earlier.
  • The case of Sayyidina Bayazid, he chose to go through 12,000 different locations as a wave at one time.
  • If you throw a stone in a pond, it will refract through all the many holes in the bridge.
  • As such the wali can render himself in different locations physically, just as the wave appears in multiple locations.
  • Now how does he coordinate between all his different physical appearances – is this not a fair question?
  • They once asked Bayazid al-Bistami, in how many places did you pray today. He said, “twelve thousand.”
  • He then said, “ask this and this person if you want the proof.”
  • This means all the 12,000 were under one existence and one consciousness.
  • This is similar to what has been seen in the experiment, that when a light beam split, each beam knows about the other part of it that was split, instantaneously.
  • Waves such as EM and light waves are limited to the speed of light. They are called local.
  • Other medium that act atemporally (out of time), are known as non-local and travel faster than the speed of light – such as visions and telepathy in human terms. Mathematicians and physicists have actually proven non-locality in the following experiment.
In 1930, Einstein, Podolski and Rosen, (EPR) collaborated in a “thought” experiment
known as the EPR experiment. They conceived the experiment as an argument against non-locality. Einstein has been an outspoken opponent of this concept as it implied that reality is in fact observer-created.
Einstein did not live to see the experiment performed. in 1964, John Bell published the first math proof known as Bell’s Theorem on Bell’s Inequality, verifying non-locality it was not until 1972 that John Clauser conducted the actual scientific EPR experiment as Berkeley.
In 1982 Alain Aspect repeated an enhanced version of the experiment. Both experiments verified non-locality.
In the experiment, a stimulated particle produces 2 photons. Each travels in opposite directions. As the photons from each pair separate they are observed to be identical in all respects except their direction of travel, including one important quality known as polarization. Polarization is the angle in which the light wave is oriented in space.
Thus if one is polarized at zero degrees, so is the other.
Clauser and Aspect used this aspect to conduct their analysis of non-locality.
In the calcite crystal experiment (mentioned above), the calcite has the property of being able to split a single beam of light into two parallel beams, so instead of two slits, researchers use the calcite to split the beam of light.
In this experiment done in 1991 by physicist Martin Sculley photons were shown to behave in one way when observed, and in a different way when not observed. After the photon beam has been split by the calcite crystal, each resultant half was directed via mirrors to a beam splitter which sends half of the light through and reflects half.
So the photon is fired, it “splits” into two beams, it hits the beam-splitter, and then from the beam-splitters will be reflected to one detector or pass through the splitter and be received by another detector. It is like a digital switch either reflect or transmit the light.
So in theory, with a single photon, it can only either reflect or transmit the photon, but not both. So there is a 50% probability that any photon fired on this path will be reflected or transmitted.
The photons were seen to travel in the above manner to either detector one or two, splitting thru the crystal into two “beams” and being reflected through mirrors to the beam splitter. From there the photon would hit either detector one or two, but never to both simultaneously.
They appear to configure themselves into the photon’s original configuration, whereby if one half was reflected at the beam splitter the other half was always transmitted.
 The act of observation was implemented using polarized mirrors, and when a reversing polarizer was placed in front of the detector at the end of the light’s path, the photon acted if is not being monitored.
The experiments then modified the experiment to that on one pathway taken by the light, a 90-degree polarizer was placed in the path. By polarizing it 90-degrees, the physicists believed that they could observed the photons, by differentiating them. Inexplicably, this monitoring tactic altered the reconstruction mechanism and the single photon now traveled both paths, triggering both detectors simultaneously.
When he placed a reverse polarizer at the end of the light’s path in front of each detector, which cancels the effects of polarization, after the beam splitter, then the photon only triggers one detector or the other.
It is this observation that led the researchers to conclude that the photon in fact has detected the change in the observational setup after it has been transmitted, meaning that the photon was made “aware” of the change, and adjusted its behavior after already traversing the circuit.
These experiments flabbergasted scientists who read the results, for it showed that photons of light were actually not only conscious of being observed but were conscious of changes in the method of observation after being “fired” from the light source.
From such observations, great minds were left stunned. Neils Bohr once remarked, “Those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum theory cannot possibly have understood it.”
The difference between the living and the dead
From all the above discussion, it is apparent that the act of observation of the angels of the cells and particles of human beings is what “activates” their existence on the plane of the
The living has a body and a soul. The dead has a soul but no body. The soul is the “energy” form, or light-body. The primary difference between these two is that the angels have been removed from the body. It is those angels, which are there in any living creature, whose act of observation cause an object to maintain its particle form. Once these angels are removed the observation ceases and the soul is rendered to its energy form and moves freely.
That energy, the soul, is still there.
Uwaisi connections
In the EPR experiment, the polarizer being placed …
In the famous incident of Sayyidina Umar seeing his commander Sariya, he was able to see what was happening across the globe. Detecting trouble, he was then able to call out to Sariya, and tell him what to do and Sariya hear him and reacted accordingly.
Now hearing is simply an act of a vibration of air impinging on the eardrum and then being converted to a “brainwave” which traverses to the hearing portion of the mind.
So we can speculate that Sayyidina Umar transmitted a brainwave from his mind as he spoke, which traversed from Madina to Sham at the speed of light and this wave was “picked up” by Sariyya’s “receiver” and converted into apparent sound via the electric signals that take place in the aural portion of the brain.
Now this is reasonable to understand from a physical point of view. But then the question is how did Sayyidina Umar see what was happening to Sariya?
At the speed of thought,
  • if you have the transmitter and receiver to receive thought-waves, then communication is done with wave transmissions, not by sound waves. 
  • So we find that Shaykhs, through the Uwaysi connection, are able to communicate with each other across distance and from one who is passed away to the one who is living.
  • In order to communicate the student Shaykh must be communicating to the wave-form, that is why if he is still not an adept, he may only receive such transmissions in his dreams.
  • But we know that typically in … the Shaykh will say, ‘wait until tomorrow, and I will sit with the Prophet and get his permission.’
  • Then there is a period of waiting and preparation, and the Shaykh will meet with the Prophet (s) in his majlis.
  • We see that Sayyidina Bayazid, after dying in the garbage dump, was able to understand the speech of animals. Was that actual hearing the dog speak, bow-wow or was it hearing the brainwaves of the dog, saying “leave that bone, it is mine.”
  • Similarly, Sayyidina Sulayman was give the gift of understanding the speech of the animals and birds, and from afar heard ant’s warning to his people…. He smiled on hearing this and thanked Allah for that gift.
  • Did the ant actually speak loud enough for Say. Sulayman to hear or was he in fact communicating via the waves of the ant’s brain to his “receiver”?
  • To speak means the brain must formulate a set of sounds and then sends the message to the vocal chords and the tongue to form the sounds of each word.
  • But by the time one vocalizes your thought, the thought has already been transmitted.
  • Verbalized thoughts generate one form of brainwave, which are relatively intense compared to the wavelengths of thoughts which go unexpressed, or which the one thinking them seeks to hide.
  • Awliya, are gifted with the ability to read brainwaves, are able to receive the thoughts of others around him and read them like a person reads a book.
  • Thus once a thought, or khatir moves through the heart of a person, the wali is able to receive it and comprehend it, even if the one thinking does not speak his language.
If a majnoon kills someone, he is not responsible. That is because his brain capacity is  below that of a muballagh, he is like a child. His brain in incapable of actions at the level of “transmission.”
Wave-particle Duality
The living is under the particle and wave duality, but only the “activated” spiritual personality is able to utilize the power in this duality. The dead is in his spiritual form, his wave-body, but if he has not activated that power in himself before death, he is still unable to use this power to move in the spiritual dimension.
It is said that the awliya, when they die, have more power than when they are in their physical forms. That is because at that time they are pure spirit and having been released completely from the physical bindings of the particle form are able to move freely.
The wave aspect of human beings has been granted to all human beings. But unless you are able to activate that aspect, you will not be able to take the advantage of it. Those awliya who have activated that aspect, are able to “turn off the observers” allowing them to travel as a wave, and in attaining their light aspect, achieving atemporal existence – present at every time and every place that the creation has reached since its advent at the Big Bang.
Haqiqat al-jazba – the power of attraction
When you feel you are being watched, and you turn and find someone looking  at you, it means that your spirit has already felt some disturbance. This sense of the spirit being attracted or repulsed is experienced by everyone. Some spirits are mutajaniseen and some are mutanafireen – you meet someone and immediately feel repulsed or attracted.
Al-arwaahu junudan mujanada.
As in physical terms, we have a large people and thin people, and each has a different mass, exerting gravitational force, the spirits also have dimensionality – spiritual mass. Thus there are “large” spirits and “small” spirits.
When a Shaykh has been granted haqiqat al-jazba, his spiritual mass becomes enormous. As in physical terms, it is shown that a black hole, which is a massive object that has become so dense that even waves of light cannot escape its attraction, so similar to the gravity of a black hole, will exert a tremendous attracting force and cause other spirits in his proximity to be drawn to him. The outward manifestation is that a person who falls under that attractive influence will be drawn to sit with the Shaykh or begin to ask the mureeds of the Shaykh “who is he? What does he teach?” and so on.
Or one may even see that a person, having seen the Shaykh in passing, within 10 or fifteen minutes is taking shahada and entering the path of Islam.
The Shaykh who is gifted with haqiqat al-jazba, is able to amplify your perceptions. He is able to excite your “electrons” from level one to level two in the quantum states. That is what causes “excitement” of the person who is attracted.
That is why when one sits in the presence of a Shaykh, even if he is not speaking or interacting, one feels energized and active. This is the effect of his spiritual energy on the “electrons” of your spiritual body.
Often this is experienced by the disciple: he comes to the Shaykh with a heavy heart from some trial or test. Immediately in the presence of the Shaykh his spirits are lifted and he feels his burdens removed. Once he leaves the presence, the burdens return, though at that time they may feel reduced.
This can be compared to the effect of the polarizer placed in the calcite crystal experiment. When the reverse polarizer is installed, suddenly the particles revert to wave behavior.
When a Shaykh hold the haqiqat al-jazba, the shaykh is continuously emitting positive energy or thoughts.
The Names
Allah ordered the angels to make sajda, prostration to Adam (as) in Paradise and they obeyed. It is extremely thought-provoking to understand the conversation that ensued between Allah and the angels at the time Allah created Adam(as).
The angels, out of curiosity or out of fear perhaps, and Allah knows best, asked Allah if He was going to create someone who would make corruption in earth and shed blood, while they on the other hand were singing His praises? And Allah, in His reply, gave a clue as to why that fadl, that khusūsīyya was bestowed on Adam (as). He replied, “innee `aalamū mā lā ta`alamūn.” – “I Know that which ye do not know.” When Allah said this, He implied, wallahu `aalam, “I am bestowing from ‘what I know’ (innee `aalamū) on Adam – and that is a gift you angels do not possess (mā lā ta`alamūn).” 
This Adam demonstrated conclusively to the angels, when upon Allah’s Command, he revealed the Names. Awliya say the names are not the names of Allah’s creations, one-by-one. Rather they are the Names which are the sources of Allah’s creations, for as Mawlana said, “each creation has its own specific and unique Divine Name, not shared by any other creation – siffat, bi lā sharīk.” It is that Divine Name which gives any particular thing its existence. These Names are not of the Essence, for no creation can contain an aspect of the Essence but are from the Descriptions and Attributes (asma’I was-siffāt).
The angels on the other hand, were at a loss to say what the Names were and confessed: qālū lā `ilma lanā illa mā `alamtanā, innaka anta as-sami`ul `alīm.
They had no knowledge of this aspect of creation – the Divine Name behind each creation.
Each creation comes into existence under the light of a Divine Name.
What is identity? Where does it come from?
We feel we are ourself, our location, our consciousness is in our brain. Our consciousness comes from what? We become conscious thru awareness – our connections to our surroundings. This begins to impact us when we are born – suddenly our senses come into play.  The infant has no sense of self, but his ears, eyes, tongue, senses are being filled with data, information every moment.
Mawlana explains that an infant has no self: he or she is still in the Divine Presence. That means the infant doesn’t differentiate his existence from creation. He is still receiving information through his spiritual dimension. He is living in the Bahr al-rahma of Allah’s Divine Mercy.
Notes on Light and the Physics of Light
Adapted from God at the Speed of Light by  T. Lee Baumann, MD.