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thru Muraqabah Secrets of Fusion with your Divine Reality

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From the Teachings of Shaykh Muhammad (s) Hisham Kabbani    “`Ati-Allāha wa ati`ur-Rasūla wa ulil-amri minkum” – “O ye who believe! Obey Allah, and obey the Messenger, and those charged with authority among you.” This is our message for every association: that we have to be obedient to Allah (swt) and to his messenger and to His sincere servants that will guide us to the right way. The right way is the way that everyone likes. The right way is the way that everyone wishes. The right way is the way that everyone wants for himself or herself. The right way is the way that leads us to the Divine Presence. Destruction/distraction, from the right way, will lead us to another way, which might not end in the Divine Presence. Which might end somewhere that makes you to be lost. All this Allah (swt) sent His messengers and He sent the Seal of Messengers to show us how we are able to establish ourselves and how we can heal all the pain and sadness that might occur in our lives.

Difficulties is The Rocket Fuel of the Soul:

  • Pain and sadness are important in our lives because it might bring you back to the way that Allah wants you to be in.

  • When you are in a difficulty, you remember Allah (swt); when you are in pain, you remember Allah (swt); when you are in sadness you remember Allah (swt).

  • When you are sick you remember Allah (swt). When you are in any situation lonely, you remember Allah (swt).

  • When you are longing for someone that your care for, you remember Allah (swt).

  • That is why Awliya'ullah reached the levels, the high levels, because they were always longing to reach Allah (swt) they were always in pain to reach their Creator, always sad not able to reach the door of Sayyidina Muhammad (s).

  • So that kind of overwhelming energy that comes out from the heart, when a situation arises, that makes you to feel the importance of that love that you care for, and it might lead you to the love of the Shaykh and the love of the Prophet and the love of Allah (swt).

  • If you see how much Awliya'ullah were suffering because of their intensive love to Sayyidina Muhammad (s) and they wanted to reach his door in order that they will reach the door of Allah (swt). { This is why they Obey their Shaykhs Orders knowing that it is from Rasul and knowing or not knowing if it is going to cause difficulty on them doesn't matter but what matters is understanding when Allah calling for You the fastest way to pull you soul back to His Divinely presence is when we are in Hardship for our Lords Sake. This makes physical body as if on fire and soul fleeing to safety shores of Rasul where verily hearts will find their peace}

As Allah (swt) said in the Qur’an wa law annahum idh dhalamu anfusahum jaa’uka fastaghfaru Allaha wastaghfara lahumu arrasoolu la-wajadullaha tawwaaban raheema.   “If they had only, when they were unjust to themselves, come unto thee and asked Allah (swt)’s forgiveness, and the Messenger had asked forgiveness for them, they would have found Allah indeed Oft-returning, Most Merciful.” [4:64] When the are oppressors to themselves, when they are in a situation to make them remember love of the Prophet, they come to Muhammad (s), as the Sahaba came to Sayyidina Muhammad (s), saying ya Rasulullah, seeking forgiveness, and Allah (swt) made it a condition.

  • Wa staghfara lahum ar-Rasul - You make forgiveness on their behalf. That means they were able to reach the Divine Presence that they were guided to it and longing for it. { Calling Afu ya Afu}
O believers. Spirituality is very important. Because spirituality, the state of ihsaan, and tazkiyyat an-nafs, is the way that leads a Muslim and leads a dedicated person to reach the divine presence that he wants. So Allah (swt) like the source of the light of the sun is always that source giving continuous energy that for millions of years is still exploding and more and more energy coming. Allahu akbar! How that can be.


Secrets of Fussion

  • () zawj

  • If you have an atomic nuclear reaction,{ is Fission -Forbidden Splitting of Atom Splitting of PAIRS things that are destined to be together} it doesn’t continue forever. A nuclear reaction will explode although it will hit a big area, but it will stop at one time. After one hour or two hour of explosion it is finished. And what it does, it kills people.

  • That energy is similar to what the sun is giving from one perspective – that it is a source of energy.

  • But the energy of something that we blow it up kills people. And it will end, as every evil must end.

  • But the exploding that is making the energy of the sun never ends. And it does not kill people and instead it rejuvenates people and gives them health. And it never ends.

  • Everything in dunya has an end. Sun is still glowing and exploding and giving energy and that energy is healthy for human beings and health of the whole galaxy we are living.

What are these two energies?

  • One explodes on earth and kills people.
  • The one form the sun rejuvenates people.
  • The one on earth ends.
  • The one in the sky never ends.
  • That means there are two kinds of energy.
  • One is heavenly energy, it never ends.
  • The evil energy is here and it destroys and it will destroy.
And people come and say, we are not achieving in our lives. We are feeling ourselves distracted.
  • We are praying from Muraqabah. We are losing confidence in ourselves. Then we have to look at what is going on. There are people that confess that they are losing faith and they want the faith back.
  • Those are the good people. Because always we lose faith. Shaytan is after us and we are always losing.


There are those who have no belief

in spirituality and they find that worship has no taste, it is sour. No more longing for prophets or for Awliya. They are only longing for dunya and for evil. So what happened, that evil energy has been building up in their bodies. That negative polluted energy that is coming from different kind of people. Because we produce energy and we are receiving the bad energy from evil beings the worst kind of devils. They produce energy. That is what I explained is evil energy that they produce.

So they produce that evil energy and it becomes like as shield around a human being.

So it becomes like you know the shuttle, they send the shuttle up in space. They built it so that it can be protected from the high intensity of the energy that might not make it into fire that make it blow up. Like airplanes that if they are not made of certain kinds of metals, to avoid them blowing up or they are pressurized and they are made to keep the pressure or everyone will die. Similarly the shuttle when passing down, it passes through a situation where the heat is so intense that even one brick missing in the wing made all that energy to the shuttle and caused it to burn up.

It means the scientists have built that shuttle to withstand the intensity of that energy so that they will resist and not go into fire.

many of us have built around themselves a shield of evil energy. That through your childhood, and that is what we call the Nafs at-tifl al-madhmoomat.

That is grown up in us thru childish acts.

Building up in us all kinds of arrogance all kinds of pride, to make us to lie and cheat and to forget the prophet and forget Allah (swt) and to forget the Awliya.

That becomes like a shield around us.

Like space shuttle it does not let good energy to go thru. That is why people are losing their faith and their confidence. They are coming and admitting it; that is good.

Like a sick person, has a kidney failure – so what do they do – dialysis to purify his blood.

They put a tube in his hand, so that every time they don’t have to punch him. They just connect the tube and then the dialysis tube will begin to clean the body.

Your Bayat Initiation is like Catheter

into the Heart. The Shaykh gives you the connection so that spiritual medicine can be given at specific doses in ones life}

So when you admit you are losing faith and losing yourself and losing confidence and not able to make Muraqabah, and not able to make meditation.

Yes admit it and they will make a tube for you, and that will allow the good energy to go thru that shield.

That shield you have built like a shield by shaytan and ego.

The Awliya put a small tube and let that energy that is coming form the sun, that goes thru the tube and slowly slowly destroys the bad energy that is around yourself.

For that reason, Allah (swt) said, a antum tazra`oonahu am nahnu az-zaari`oon. Surah 56 al-Waaqi`ah. Allah (swt) said in verse 62: “and indeed you have already known the first form of creation (that is the form of Adam). Why then do you not then take heed?” [56:62]

That means We Have created you perfect, without any pollution. Clean. Don’t you remember that?

Then tell me about the seed that you sow in the ground.”

It means tell me about the seed that you have grown in your body. What kind of seed have you planted there? Is it a good energy or a polluted energy?

If it is a polluted energy then you have to know that you are doing a mistake. Allah (swt) said, is it you who make it to grow or we who are the growers.

When you plant you took your decisions. According to your niyyat. If your intention was good, you will receive good energy.

If your intention is bad it will be bad energy. “Is it ye that cause it to grow, or are We the Cause? Were it Our Will, We could crumble it to dry powder.’ [56: 64-65]

If you want to put that shield and keep it,

you are going to be dry and you are going to regret.

You are going to see nothing thru your heart. You will have a dark heart.

But if you let that shield to be destroyed by good energy, that comes thru heavens through a channel.

Every person has a channel. Every human being has his own channel that Allah (swt) gave to him and the only channel that you have is for you and not for anyone else.

The only one that can channel you and guide you to your channel is the doctor that can put the dialysis machine thru that tube every three days.

Or those doctors that put the serum every few hours, they put the serum, they don’t punch you, they keep you connected.

That doctor is your guide he has to put the tube for you. If not there, then you cannot break a hole in that shield of dark energy. That doctor has to find the weak spot and drill thru that to put the tube and then the doctor begins to put the serum. After a few days he will stand up no longer sick.

Awliya'ullah open that tube and make you get that energy that is heavenly energy.

What is that heavenly energy and how it change our lives and how we can get and how we can achieve it. This we will leave for another association. But before I leave it,

I will say that that energy the only way you can receive it is thru Muraqabah. Like you are a magnifier, you put a paper under the sun and it does not burn. You put a magnifier and put the paper, and then the paper will burn.

That energy thru Muraqabah will destroy that shield that shaytan built around you. So Muraqabah is a magnifier, it intensifies the energy of the good energy and to overcome the bad energy and destroy it.

Next time we will explain that and the technical ways to understand that energy.

What is that energy;

people speak of energy and give it different meanings.

[They say it] is electric fields and electromagnetic fields and different wavelengths. What is the origin of that energy and how it works thru Awliya'ullah?

If the love Awliya have for the Prophet was to be revealed it would burn. When that love comes, they cannot control themselves, tears come. They cannot control themselves. How much they were longing Awliya, to be in the presence of the Prophet, dunya and Akhira. Addressing and seeing him and speaking with him, face to face with no veil. That can stop them from being given that blessing that Allah (swt) gave to Sayyidina Muhammad (s). O Muslims, believers, that love to the Prophet is beyond description! That what that kind of energy that can burn every other energy, can overcome every kind of energy, that makes tears in the eyes, that one tear can bring fire down. That energy that Sayyidina Muhammad (s) when you come in his presence and he dresses you with that beauty dress that Allah (swt) gave him that energy can break thru all the polluted energy, that can make Muraqabah with the Prophet with no veils. That is the experience of shaykhs thru their seclusion that is their experience in their life. That is why they addressed the Prophet thru all kinds of praising from a burning heart. That comes from the emotions of a burning heart. These tears were turned into ink, their hairs were turned into pens to write, all kinds of praises, all kinds of beauty, all kinds of blessings and manifestations, all kinds of revelations that Allah (swt) had thrown in their hearts, using the ink of their tears, to write thru every hair of their body, thru every capillary in their hearts and veins, all them writing Muhammadun Habibullah, Muhammadun Rasulullah, Muhammadun Khaliullah, Muhammadun Naji’ullah. May Allah (swt) dress us with that; may Allah (swt) bless us with that; may Allah (swt) give us what He likes and keep that connection thru our shuyukh to Sayyidina Muhammad (s) to enable us to be at his door, asking: ji’naaka ya Sayyidina ya rasulullah ji’na li baabik bil `ajza, fa laa tukhayibna `inda rabbina, washf`a lana `inda ’l-mawla al-`adheem, ya ni`ma ar-rasul. Allahuma salli wa sallim wa baarik ya Sayyidina rasulullah. Allahuma ya sayyidi ya rasulullah ya shafi` al-mudhnibeen, ya sayydi ya rasulullah. Qadimna ila… tahireen alladheena laa khawfan `alayhim wa laa hum yahzanoon. Qul ya `ibadee. Albisna bi sirr hadhihi al-ayat. Rabbana taqabal minna bi hurmati…

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